What are the best templates

What are the best templates

One of the eternal doubts of every digital entrepreneur when he starts in the world of blogging is usually what topic to choose or what is the best blog template in WordPress.

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This is also one of the most repeated questions among those who contact me through the contact form on my website, to consult me ​​about any difficulty that prevents them from moving forward with their en línea project or business.

Thus, I have been collecting information for quite some time.analyzing and testing premium WordPress templates, to offer you some light in this regard.

With this, what I am looking for is that, once you start creating your own blog, you do it with the security of having installed one of the best templates on the market and the one that perro offer you the best performancebased on your goals.

For this reason, today I want to share with you my knowledge in this area and, once you read this article, you come to a conclusion regarding this question:

What are the best WordPress templates for my blog?

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Let me tell you that perhaps this question is somewhat abstract, if you formulate it in a “generic way”, since it is impossible to give a single answergiven that, depending on the characteristics of your project or business, it may be more appropriate to use a WordPress theme or another.

Most likely the answer lies in, firstly, analyzing all the aspects of your project related to web design, its size and how scalable you want it to beaccording to your goals.

And from there, you could start to value one or the other and go to the platform of ThemeForest or another afín one and buy the premium theme for WordPress that best suits those business objectives.

Based on these initial premises, I have prepared an exhaustive list where you will discover in depth:

25 premium WordPress themes to create an unstoppable blog!

But, before going on to espectáculo you which are the best templates or themes for a blogI would like to clarify something for you, which will surely reassure you:

As time goes by and these or other WordPress templates evolve and improve (or not) their features, I will update this guide, since as you know, I always like to recommend the best.

And when I say “the best”, I orinan those WordPress themes that I would use myself for my own digital projects and which I consider the most optimized in every way.

That being said, I would like to start this guide by putting myself in your place, if you have just started in the en línea world, you want to create a blog that, sooner or later, you will be successful and there are still some concepts that you do not master.

Therefore, I cannot ignore the fact that you probably still do not know what exactly a WP template or theme is:


What is a theme or template for WordPress?

A WordPress template It is the programa that serves as the basis for the design, customization and arrangement of all the elements that are part of a web page designed with the CMS WordPress.

Clearly, in view of this definition, I think it is clear the importance of choosing a good template for your WordPress blog, since as I mentioned before, this will have a lot to do with the success or failure of your web project.

In the especial case of this CMS (Content Management System) or content manager, it is important that you know that, if you opt for WordPress to start your blog, you will be betting on an intuitive platform, optimized and highly regarded in the eyes of Google plus, in terms of SEO positioning.

The latter is something to take into account, without a doubt!

Also, if you have just started in the world of blogging, surely you do not master more advanced topics such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript code.

And, although WordPress emplees this type of coding and language internally, buying one of the premium templates or themes that I am going to present to you, you don’t have to know how to program in these or other programming languages.

In any case, if with the passage of time you acquire some basic knowledge of HTMLit wouldn’t be bad, since if you want to do something more advanced, you perro do it by implementing a few lines of code on top of your original template.

Why should I choose a paid WordPress template and not a free one?

This is probably one of the most repeated questions among those who begin to give their first steps on the internet with his own blog, mainly for economic reasons.

And it is that most of those who undertake this wonderful adventure fear deep down that, after a while, they will have to leave their personal project for whatever reason, having invested some money in buy premium templates from which they will not get any profit.

This is such a personal dilemma, that you and only you are the one who must assess whether it is worth doing a small investment in payment themesto create a professional blog on WordPress.

However, if you want my opinion, I will always recommend that you go with a paid template, because this will be the base of your project and, as would happen with a house, if the foundations shake, the house, sooner or later, will end up falling.

These are just some of the reasons why I recommend you opt for paid WordPress themes:


Professional and attractive design

One of the most important reasons that lead a person to choose a paid WordPress template for their blog is the incredible design that many of them present.

Furthermore, it is such existing competition nowadays among theme developers, who increasingly strive to improve even those details that make a blogger opt for one or the other.

And if we add to that the number of elements that you perro include, to make it more professional and add functionalities, there is no doubt that the paid themes come out on top, compared to the free ones.


These templates are usually 100% customizable

With almost any paid WordPress theme you perro control all aspects related to design, customization and, in general, all the template configuration options.

If what you are looking for is a platform that fits you and your preferences like a glove, choosing premium templates will allow you to capture your own personality on your blog.

Although when you start design your blog You get to entrar the control panel and it seems to you little less than the control cabin of an airplane, then you get used to it and understand that its hundreds of options will allow you to customize it to the millimeter.


Technical support

Like everything new in life, learning how to use a premium WordPress theme requires a learning curveduring which a thousand and one doubts will arise.

However, due to the fact that it is paid for and has many more options and is more complex than free templates, its developers usually give you a period of time with free access and free to their own forums, so you perro ask them anything that prevents you from moving forward.

And if they do not have discussion forums, they will always provide you with a contact dirección de correo electrónico, so that you perro also ask them your questions.



Paid themes are much safer against possible threats or hacksSince they are regularly updated by their developers, you cánido be sure that your blog will be safe from “digital intruders”.

These continuous updates are precisely security patches, which will prevent any unwanted attack.

Therefore, I recommend you update the template every time you are notified that there is a new higher version.

Also, as far as security is concerned, my recommendation is that you work with a top quality hostingwhich offers you the guarantees of being able to recover any information that you lose at any given time.


Free of all kinds of contenido publicitario

When you get a theme purchased from a serious and premium platform, you are making sure that once it is installed, it does not include contenido publicitario backlinks or no malicious codethat cánido eventually canalla your aspirations as a blogger.

Your peace of mind in this sense is priceless and you will be able to sleep peacefully, knowing that the development of your template is created in a clean way and that it has gone through several antispam filters.

In addition, you will be able to have greater control over the comments of other users who entrar your blog, since on many occasions they could leave you backlinks, at least, fraudulent and that will not benefit you at all.


Premium templates are SEO optimized

If you choose a free theme from any platform or even one of the ones that WordPress has installed by default, it will be a valid option for an unpretentious personal blog that you want to create as a fácil hábito.

However, if the blog type that you intend to start will be a professional with whom you work on your personal brand, that of your company and that you also offer your services, you will want to obtain a good SEO positioning with the content that you are generating.

In this regard, the professional WordPress templates that I propose below are very well optimized for this and Google plus will know that, when deciding what position to give your blog.


These WordPress themes are usually responsive

For a few years, Google plus has been looking closely at those websites that are not responsive, that is, that do not adapt perfectly to mobile devices.

And precisely this is a aspecto that you ensure 100% by buying a template of this type.

On the other hand, if you escoge to install a free theme on your blog, when you entrar your own website from your mobile you could be in for a not too pleasant surprise.

25 Premium WordPress Templates to Create a Successful Blog

Once you have already been able to assess the advantages of starting to create a blog from a premium template for WordPress, I am going to espectáculo you which are the best on the marketdepending on the type of blog and the objectives that you have equipo with it.

I wanted to divide them into several groups, according to their type or the type of en línea business you have or are thinking of creating:

  • Premium «Multipurpose» templates.
  • Themes for a corporate blog in WordPress.
  • Templates designed for an eCommerce or en línea store.
  • Final gift! Premium template «Bridge».

Once you have assessed and analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of each of these topics, you will be closer to having…

The Best WordPress template for your blog!

Within this list you will find a backlink to each one of them, so you cánido go directly to buy it or see an interactive demo that will espectáculo you an example of what it will look like.

7 Best Premium Multipurpose Templates»

Multipurpose or “Multipurpose” templates are WordPress themes not designed for a specific type of en línea project, but have been created with a more generic nature.

Has as main advantage that, once you buy it, you cánido install it in different digital projects, no matter how different they may be, since it has a multitude of “demos”, 100% adaptable to any type of web.


Divi by Elegant Themes

Divi is a premium theme from Elegant Themes.

Personally it is one of my favorite WordPress themes and one of the most used by most beginning bloggers.

So that you perro see for yourself how easy it is to use it, I leave you with a vídeo tutorial of Oscar Fernandezwhich will help you to follow it step by step, in case you choose this WP theme:

It is a “multipurpose” theme, with which you cánido create any type of website or blog.

Some bloggers who install this theme are so happy with it that they never change their template again.

Also, this template has a great visual builder, such as “DiviBuilder»of the «Drag&Drop» type, something that makes it very easy to use, even if you do not have much knowledge of web design.

It also has the divi libraryin which you cánido find some predefined layouts or you cánido also use it to save your own layouts.

Here are some examples of websites made with Divi.

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Avada | Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Avada is one of the most habitual and downloaded themes from ThemeForest, the well-known premium marketplace for WordPress templates.

They also sell many other elementos.

Its dozens of demos make it adaptable to the type of business you have, be it a gym, a personal blog, a veterinary center, etcétera.

Currently, the Avada theme has more than 393,000 sales.

It is a very habitual theme among bloggers and companies, due to the versatility it has to adapt to any type of website.

It comes accompanied with the constructor «FusionBuilder» and Slider Revolution.

To put a hitch, its enormous fame and the amount of time it has been in the WordPress template market, could make you, once you design your blog with it, find other weblogs with a very afín appearancewhich will subtract that point of originality.

[button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] SEE A DEMO [/button] [button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] GO TO THE AVADA TEMPLATE [/button]


Enfold – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Enfold is another of those premium WordPress themes with which you know you won’t have gone wrong, in case you escoge to buy it, since it is suitable for both creating corporate and personal weblogs, as well as other types of websites.

It is a very habitual theme on ThemeForest and currently has more than 143,000 downloads.

It is developed by a WordPress developer with the nickname “Kriesi”, who has rave reviews.

This theme also comes with a drag&drop editor, making it easy for you to design pages.

[button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] SEE A DEMO [/button] [button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] GO TO ENFOLD TEMPLATE[/button]

Its more than 160 demos make the name “multipurpose” more meaningful than ever with the Jupiter v6 template, due to its adaptability to any blog or web page.

It has payment plugins that, if shopping jupiter v6 You will not have to buy them separately, such as: Visual Composer, Layer Slider or Slider Revolution, among others.

It is very interesting to read some of the comments from bloggers and professionals who have already used it, as they affirm that it is one of the most visual templates for WordPress that they have tried.

[button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] SEE A DEMO [/button] [button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] GO TO THE JUPITER TEMPLATE[/button]

6. “Total” – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

The “Drap&Drop” system that this theme has is, together with its fast and visually pleasingtwo of the great reasons why more bloggers choose it every day.

It comes with the famous “Visual Composer” builder, another great advantage, since you won’t have to buy it separately and spend money on a complemento of this type to layout your pages.

The creators of the “Total” premium template They offer you updates almost every weekwhich means they are always on the lookout for potential vulnerabilities and contenido publicitario.

[button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] SEE A DEMO [/button] [button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] GO TO THE FULL SQUAD[/button]


BeTheme – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

It is a great alternative to the other WordPress templates that I have just presented to you previously, whose characteristics in terms of graphics and appearance are afín.

Dispose of more than 300 predesigned demoseach with a different design, depending on the touch you want to give to your blog.

If you like any of the demos that it comes with by default, all you have to do is select it and exchange the images and options for the ones you want to insert.

[button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] SEE A DEMO [/button] [button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] GO TO THE BETHEME TEMPLATE[/button]

4 Best WordPress Templates for corporate weblogs

In the following list of WordPress themes, I espectáculo you several examples of ideal templates for corporate or business weblogs, due to their versatility and visual elements.

8.X | The theme

[button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] SEE A DEMO [/button] [button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] GO TO THE TEMPLATE X THE THEME[/button]


Monstroid by TemplateMonster

[button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] GO TO THE MONSTROID TEMPLATE[/button]

[button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] SEE A DEMO [/button] [button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] GO TO THE SQUARED TEMPLATE[/button]


Plus by Elegant Themes

plus is another Elegant Themes theme , as is the case with “Divi Theme”, which I showed you earlier.

It emplees the Divi Builder constructor too, although this theme is visually more afín to use to create weblogs for brands or companies.

I personally have already used this theme twice to create customer weblogs and the result was fantastic.

In addition, both customers were delighted.

If you purchase a license from Elegant Themes, you will get access together with Divi and Plus.

And you will also get access to premium Elegant Themes plugins such as Monarch and Bloom.

[button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] SEE A DEMO [/button] [button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] GO TO THE EXTRA TEMPLATE[/button]


Karma – Responsive WordPress Theme

With the Karma template you won’t have to worry about looking for a web builder with which to design the pages of your blog or website, since it includes its own layout designer: «Karma Page Builder«.

In addition to this, it includes Visual Composer, Layer Slider, Revolution Slider, WooCommerce and XPML certified, which perfectly complement everything you need to build a professional website or blog for your business.

[button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] SEE A DEMO [/button] [button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] GO TO THE KARMA TEMPLATE[/button]


Modernize – Flexibility for WordPress

With more than 16,000 downloads, this is one of the most downloaded templates today, among the “lesser known” themes, but which are fácil, effective and intuitiveas you perro see in the following vídeo:

[button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] SEE A DEMO [/button] [button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] GO TO MODERNIZE TEMPLATE[/button]


This is undoubtedly the best template for WordPress Which I call “newly created”, since it has only been on the market since 2016.

Proof of its quality is that it is the template with the best ratings by users to create corporate weblogs.

With the possibility of layout with Visual composer, a hyper-optimized design for SEO and a 100% customizable configuration, it becomes a theme worth at least trying for a professional project.

[button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] SEE A DEMO [/button] [button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] GO TO COMPOSER TEMPLATE[/button]

BIG – WordPress Theme for Any Business Iniciativa

It is possible that your business iniciativa does not go so much along the path of empathy and the visual, but rather by the elegance and sobriety.

For this, this WordPress template is ideal, since it handles these 2 concepts like no other.

It presents a graphic quality that symbolizes character and personalityjust what you are looking for if you have a business where you want to inspire professionalism and dedication.

[button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] SEE A DEMO [/button] [button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] GO TO THE BIG SQUAD[/button]

3 Best Premium Templates to Create an En línea Magazine

One of the collaborative blog concepts that you perro also create is that of a digital magazine, made up of content generated by a varied group of professionals, on one or more related topics.

This is the case of the magazine of which I am a co-founder: «Today’s Marketers«, to which I personally invite you to visit whenever you like, if you want to be up to date with the news of the en línea world and learn about digital marketing.


Blogger Pro – Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

This premium theme is one of the most effective and dynamic ThemeForest, for design an en línea magazine professional.

This WordPress template also it is 100% responsive (coincidente and adaptable to all types of mobile devices) and works wonderfully with the WooCommerce complemento.

It is another of the WP themes suitable for weblogs or en línea magazines, where you cánido also enjoy payment plugins such as Slider Revolution, AP Popular PRO and Autox box.

[button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] SEE A DEMO [/button] [button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] GO TO THE TEMPLATE X THE THEME[/button]


Grand Magazine, WordPress for Magazine

Grand Magazine is another WordPress template suitable for creating en línea magazines.

It is a subject with a great visual load and attractive elements the reader.

It is capable of integrating any type of predefined demo into your collaborative blog or magazine in just 1 clic, with which you perro periodically change the configuration of your magazine, without causing a headache.

[button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] SEE A DEMO [/button] [button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] GO TO THE GRAND MAGAZINE TEMPLATE[/button]


Newspaper is a great template for all kinds of publications and collaborative platforms, such as en línea magazines, digital newspapers, and corporate weblogs with current news.

is totally SEO optimized, since it presents a totally clean development code and without unnecessary frills.

In addition, it is coincidente with modules adapted to integrate Google plus Adsense into your blog.

[button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] SEE A DEMO [/button] [button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] GO TO THE GRAND NEWSPAPER TEMPLATE[/button]

Best WordPress Templates to create an en línea store

IF you have a website or blog, where in addition to sharing and promoting your content, you need to sell your own products or those of other providers, you will also need a powerful template that meets your needs.

For this, you have these topics that, without a doubt, will make your work much easier as a person in charge of the digital business:

The Retailer – Premium WooCommerce Theme

This template gives you the security of always being coincidente with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce, since it is continually being updated, since it is one of the most downloaded from ThemeForest.

It includes Visual Composer to make the layout of your content and has a amazing amount of options customization, so you cánido “make yours” each en línea store you design with it.

Flatsome | Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Flatsome is ThemeForest’s number one WordPress template for en línea stores.

It currently has almost 60,000 downloads, which perro give you an iniciativa of ​​its potential.

Premium WordPress templates usually have 30 or 50 predefined layouts, but in almost no case do they reach 300.

And this theme comes with more than 300 predefined demoswith which you cánido have your blog or your eCommerce website just to your liking, by being able to choose from such a number of predefined styles.

[button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] SEE A DEMO [/button] [button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] GO TO THE FLATSOME TEMPLATE[/button]

A template that inspires a very modern and up-to-date atmospherewhere special prominence is given to the products you want to sell in your store, because, unless you want to change it manually, white backgrounds predominate.

It is quite well optimized for SEO and includes barras deslizables that will automatically display your products to the usuario and increase the chances of getting sales.

[button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] SEE A DEMO [/button] [button link=» color=»silver» newwindow=»yes»] GO TO THE ATELIER TEMPLATE[/button]

UX Shop – Responsive WooCommerce theme

If you like websites where the visual, modern and even the eye-catchingthis may be the template that best suits your needs.

Of course, you perro integrate a blog, in addition to selling those products that you want to offer in an original and colorful way, since this will be the trigger that stands out in this WordPress theme.

Ideal for businesses such as:

  • En línea shoe stores.
  • Fashion and trends.
  • Bicycle shops.
  • Furniture.

Final gift! Start creating your blog with this premium template totally free

As I know that beginnings are never easy and we don’t always start our en línea projects with as much budget as we would like, today I want to ask you a very special giftwhich will undoubtedly push you to start off on the right foot.

to this template I have a special affection for himsince it was with which I began to take my first steps as a blogger during my first 2 years of en línea presence.

► Bridge – Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

It is a fairly minimalist WP theme, but with so many customization options that it allows you to “tune” your blog or web page to unsuspected limits.

It has more than 260 demos, which means that you cánido create with it from a fashion and trends blogeven a marketing one to work on your personal brand on the Internet.

Despite the fact that in ThemeForest it usually has a price of around $39, due to its intuitive design and ease for you to start with your own blog from scratch, today I would like to offer it to you totally freeso you cánido start off on the right foot in the world of blogging:

[button link=» rel=»nofollow» type=»big» color=»blue» newwindow=»yes»] I WANT THE FREE BRIDGE TEMPLATE![/button]

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 What are the best templates
  What are the best templates
  What are the best templates

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