What are the best ideas or themes

What are the best ideas or themes

Are you convinced that you want to create a blog, but you still perro’t find ideas or topics What to start writing about?

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I must say that I was also in your place and, for your peace of mind, I think that this is a subject that torments almost all of us at the beginning, when we need ideas for a blog in which to write about what we are passionate about.

For this reason, today I wanted to clear the way for you and clarify some concepts for you.

But above all, I would like you to understand the importance of making a decision about what topics you are going to talk about when you escoge to start your own website.

Why is it so important to choose the theme of your blog well before starting to publish content on the Internet?

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Choosing the general theme on which our personal blog will revolve is one of the most important factors if you want to create a successful blog, since, if we rush into said choice, you run the risk of leaving it abandoned sooner than you cánido imagine .

And it is that, believe it or not, around the 95% of weblogs are abandoned before they are 1 year old of life.

The question here is: do you want to be part of that vast majority?

As I am sure that you want to make your blog a success, whatever your claims, here I bring you 15 good ideas for a blog, which I hope will at least inspire you.

Do you want to meet them?

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15 topics or ideas to start your blog

1.- Google plus

Google plus will always be there for people to get the most out of it.

A blog explaining the latest news on how to better position in Google plus, how to get out in the first position, how to get out of penalties, etcétera.

All the news from Google plus are of great interest to millions of people around the world, especially professionals and SEO enthusiasts.

It is true that to touch on this subject you do have to be a true specialist in the field.

Here it would not be worth too much to follow what others publish before you.

In these cases, the saying “who hits first, hits 2 times» is more true than ever, since the first to report a change in the organic positioning algorithm in Google plus and explain it is the one that will get all the visits.

The others who come behind, will not even take the crumbs.

2.- Popular Networks

Popular networks came into our lives a little over 10 years ago and, since then, they have not stopped evolving, to try to improve usuario experience.,

And, why not say it, the pocket of the owners of said popular networks.

Currently, there are millions of users of any of these popular platforms, but most do not use all the features they have, either due to ignorance or the habit of using only those used by the majority.

If you are a lover of these channels, a good iniciativa for a blog could be one that helps other users to get the most out of popular networks.

Surely you will have a few thousand almost guaranteed visits per month.

Here you could focus your blog in 2 directions:

  • Take step-by-step tutorialsto explain to users how to open or create an account in each of them, also step by step, in the “guide for dummies” style.
  • On the other hand, publish news that are appearing and explain how to implement them in your personal or corporate accounts.

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Although at first it may seem complicated, there are already people who make a living from their travel blog and earn money while traveling around the world.

Most of these professionals articulo on their blog the experiences that they themselves have lived in first person, such as true digital nomads.

With a computer and an Internet connection, they may be making money as they detalla what they see, what they feel, and what they think about the different sites they visit.

The most recognized and most experienced usually travel anywhere in the world.

But, if you escoge on this blog iniciativa, you cánido start by espectáculo the closest routes to your locationFor example.

You have to work with what you have and what you know, so if you perro’t go to Hawaii or the Caribbean and tell others about your experience, you could start by making a complete usuario guide, with different articles.

In them, in each one of them you detalla perfectly everything a tourist should know who is planning to visit your city.

» Examples:

  • Traveling Intelligence (Antonio G.’s blog, which tells of his experiences while traveling the world)
  • La Cosmopolilla (blog by Patricia Rojas from Granada, who travels “so that life does not escape her”)
  • Paco Nadal’s blog (through this blog owned by the newspaper “El Planeta”, Paco reveals the most surprising details of his trips)


Blogging about events

If you focus on a specific ámbito (weddings, hunting, marketing, marathons, etcétera.), a good iniciativa for a blog could be to collect all the most outstanding events of that campofor informational purposes.

Needless to say, if in addition to being a seguidor of attending them, you are a Public Relations professional or a professional in organizing this type of appointment, you should start creating a blog today to promote yourself professionally.

If you focus, for example, on typical Spanish festivals, you could make a blog in which you publish a list of the most important fairs and events at a regional or national level.

When one of these fairs is close, you could publish a list of the sponsoring firms or artists that will attend, hotels to stay, nearby restoranes to eat, etcétera.

In the event that you cánido attend that Birthday Party or afín, you could publish content about what you found most interesting or interview exhibitors and visitors.

After that appointment, you will be able to publish your impressions and those of the attendees about that event.

And focus on the next one.

Do not rule out that they cánido contact you brands or town halls to promote your appointment and thus have more visibility through your digital blog.

» Examples:



The world of entrepreneurship and the concept of financial freedom and living what you are passionate about is very fashionable and, certainly, it is a theme for a blog that you could bet on.

In fact, only having had the great iniciativa to create your own blog and writing about what you ultimately choose is, in itself, a good way to start an en línea business.

Therefore, you could tell your personal experience:

  • How you decided to retrain yourself professionally and open a blog to demonstrate your talent.
  • How to live from what you are passionate about and make money with it.
  • Tutorials on how to use one or another tool, etcétera.

Every day there are more entrepreneurs motivated by creating ways to improve people’s lives, both personally and professionally.

» Examples:

  • Digital Entrepreneurs (blog by Jose Miguel García, marketing consultant and author of the podcast of the same name)
  • Javier Pérez Soriano (blog of this entrepreneur advisor, convinced that you cánido earn money traveling)
  • More and Better (Isa and Juanmi’s blog on entrepreneurship, high performance and productivity)


Listings and rankings

Once you are clear about the main theme to which you are going to dedicate your web space, publishing lists or rankings of “best…” on your topic is something that you always like and, in addition, it provides a lot of value.

Listings or rankings that are well worked out and with good prior content curation is a great iniciativa for a blog, since it will be of interest to those users who are looking to buy a product or consume some type of content and want to know which are the best in the industry. moment.

The best mobile applications, the best cars, the best bloggers of your campo, the best tools and so on to an endless number of other possibilities.

There may not be many topics where you cánido get your list or top every week, but this type of publication is of interest to many users, because you are making their work easier, you are saving a lot of hours of research or wasted time testing. aplicaciones.

In general, this type of blog is very useful and the users demonstrate it.

In addition they usually leave your own opinions after testing your recommendations and that will give you the possibility to write again on the same topic, including the opinions of your readers and users.

This way you will gain authority and it will be easier for your website to get more readers.


Current weblogs

Some of them look like real newspapers and even a true en línea magazine.

We use them every day without knowing it, believing that they are newspapers, when they are only opinion weblogs, where a series of people publish news that has appeared in other media.

But what is habitual in these weblogs is for the author to criticize or analyze some current news in the campo that the media focuses on.

Until a few years ago, it was only about politics and economics, but today, the variety is very large and you cánido focus it on whatever you want (marketing, electronics, computer, technology tutorials, etcétera.)

It could also deal with the news of your town and thus you keep informed all those countrymen of yours who had to, for whatever reason, leave town and seek their lives far away.

» Examples:

  • Xataca (technology and electronics magazine)
  • Mens & Beauty (beauty consejos for men)



There are already hundreds of thousands of bloggers who, taking advantage of their Passion for photographyhave already been encouraged to share the snapshots they are taking throughout their travels through the most remote places on Earth.

In addition, the photographs that you espectáculo on your blog will be your best letter of introduction, if you want to find work as a photographer in an agency.

If, on the other hand, you are looking to carry out this work independently, you perro espectáculo your work here as a portfolio or sell them to an image bankchoosing yourself the digital rights to apply to them.

» Examples:

  • Photographer’s blog (collaborative blog created by Mario Pérez for lovers of this ámbito)
  • Quicoto blog (Ricard Torres espectáculos us, through his street photos, part of his experiences in different parts of the world)


Fashion and trends

What girl does not like to buy clothes and then espectáculo them to her friends or family? Well, the truth is that men too, although sometimes we do not recognize it.

One of the most widespread ideas to start a blog in recent years, especially in the case of women, is to start showing their new “outfits” on the Internet for new seasons and thus equipo trends.

The phenomenon «fashion blogger» or «fashion blogger» is spreading so much that some of them are already becoming authentic Influencers in the digital world, especially thanks to instagramthe popular network that is propelling all these new bloggers to stardom.

» Examples:

  • Dulceida (fashion blogger and one of the biggest “influencers” in this campo in recent years)
  • Lovely Pepa (fashion designer and one of the Spanish fashion bloggers with the most followers on Instagram)
  • Cheridan Style (Sandra Marchante’s fashion blog, about office looks and seasonal trends)


DIY weblogs or “do it yourself”

Through vídeo-tutorials or simply content based on written guides, many users start on the Internet explaining step by step how to do almost anything yourself.

This is the famous “Do it yourself” technique.

Precisely for this same reason, this type of personal blog cánido cover almost any topic that exists and may exist, depending on what your passion or talent is.

Websites that espectáculo how to create your own crafts with fácil materials and within everyone’s reach are very common,…

Do you dare to give free rein to your imagination?

11. Motherhood and childhood

If there is a special time in the life of every person, and especially women, it is pregnancy and everything related to the conception of their baby.

Have you thought about the entire repertoire of ideas that you have available to write if you start a blog around this endearing theme?

Every day more parents start their own blog about motherhood and upbringing, recounting their experiences with their “little ones”, from the happy moment they are born to how to cope with those eternal sleepless nights.

» Examples:

  • Enjoy (Blog about motherhood and parenting by Laura De roma and Alberto López, two parents “in diapers”)
  • A Mother like you (Vanesa Piñeiro’s blog, where she recounts the day-to-day care of her children)


This could perhaps be said to be one of the most fashionable professions in recent years, since today we have coaches for almost all the problems you perro imagine or difficulties that we may encounter.

If you have always practiced this discipline sin conexión, now you have at your fingertips a great iniciativa to start a blog: Create your own consultation 2.0 on coaching vía Skype, Hangouts or another afín platform.

If you have not yet finished taking off as a professional entrenador, perhaps this is a good way to succeed in your profession, thus adapting your business to the digital landscape.

13. Sports and free time

You don’t have to be a professional athlete or a mega-expert to focus your personal blog around sport and everything that surrounds it.

Most bloggers who start writing about this topic do so because they are passionate about one or more sports and want to share their experiences.

If you like some ideas for a sports blogyou perro take as a reference some of those that have been causing a escandalo for a few years and that every day have more practitioners and entusiastas, such as:

  • cross fit
  • running
  • Yoga/Pilates
  • Body-Cómputo
  • Cycling/Spinning
  • Hiking

And a classic that never fails: soccer.

Without a doubt, it is still the sport most followed by the majority.

The negative point of the latter may be that it has too much competition in the blogosphere.

Also, when you have been with your soccer blog for a while and want to position yourself among the other weblogs in this same niche, it will be somewhat more complicated, precisely due to that competition.


Technology and mobile telephony

Without a doubt, technology has been part of our lives for many years now.

We spend a large part of the day checking dirección de correo electrónico, trying to manage our popular networks correctly or simply playing with the thousands of aplicaciones available for our móvil, iPhone or tablet.

So, if you are a technology lover and have special skills in handling this type of mobile device, why not start out as a technology or electronics blogger and share your consejos and tricks with the most “dummies” of users?

» Examples:

  • Gizmodo (blog about technological news and digital culture)
  • Microsiervos (web portal on science, technology and Internet news)



Are you a “cooks” and do you like the iniciativa of ​​sharing all your culinary secrets on your own blog?

If you think about it, this might be one of the best ideas for a blogsince eating is a primary need and that we all practice, on average, between 3 and 6 times a day…

There are times when you may want to surprise your partner with a special dish that is different from what you are usually used to trying.

Think that during the year there are many dates marked, in which there are special dishes for those dates.

Also, another iniciativa for your cooking blog perro be to start with something fácil:

Why don’t you start by sharing the typical recipes from your region either autonomous community?

This is, without a doubt, an inexhaustible source of content to write and make vídeos for your own blog.

Don’t let indecision equipo you up for failure before you start.

There are as many ideas for a blog as there are people in this world, therefore, indecision is the real problem which many people come across when they escoge to start a blog.

In addition, the influence that society has today on our decisions means that we are conditioned when it comes to taking one or another professional path.

And let’s not talk about popular networks that, for better or for worse, sometimes make us succumb to the temptations of trends and fads that perro blind our goals, if we are not alert and listen to our inner “little voice”.

Thus, before starting to write lightly, it is convenient that you ask yourself a series of previous questions to be clear about the purposes and themes of our future blog:

5 key questions you will have to face if you want to come up with ideas for a blog

Having understood, as I already mentioned in previous articles, what a blog is for and the benefits that having your own blog cánido bring you, it is time to think about what you will do.

Now is not the time to sit in front of the computer and start writing your first content like a “possessed”, as if there was no tomorrow.

Deal with the “blank paper syndrome”

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Before that you should face what I call the syndrome of the paper or the blank sheet.

To do this, take a pen and start to write down those topics that you would be interested in writing about, as «brainstorming«.

You should dedicate the blog to one or several specific topics (although related to each other), since people will look for you for the topics you cover.

It is difficult that you cánido find an author who on his website talks one week, for example, about how to find a job en línea and the following week is dedicated to explaining how to make his latest cooking recipe.

From here comes the first of the questions you should ask yourself to find ideas for a blog:


What are you really passionate about?

In this life, we all must know a little about everything.

In the same way, we all have one or several topics that we could be talking about for hours and hours without stopping.

And not only because we are not tired of the subject, but also because we know what we are talking about, we have knowledge that not everyone knows and we cánido add value to others.

In addition, almost without wanting it, each one of us knows how to give it that point of originalitywhich is what makes us different from other specialists or experts on the subject.

Therefore, the first thing you should write down on that blank page is a list of everything you are passionate about.

And I’m not just talking about hobbies.

Perhaps you are enthusiastic about politics, doing crafts, beers, watching soccer matches, dancing bachata, reading books about entrepreneurs and their success stories, raising snails, etcétera.

In short, anything that you cánido spend hours and hours reading and researching, to continue informing yourself and learning.

Here only you rule!

So now you know, take advantage of your creativity and ask yourself what are your biggest concerns in life and what innately arouses your curiosity.

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What is your greatest talent?

We all have one or several talents in which we are unique and really good.

Therefore, you should use that talent to your advantage and make it the best blogging iniciativa.

But, what to do if you still do not know what is that talent in which you are special?

It’s more common than you think to hear”I’m not good at anything” either “there is nothing that stands out».

But let me tell you that everyone (absolutely everyone) has a special talent.

The problem is that sometimes it doesn’t take much of our lives to realize it.

Here my advice is to ask yourself the following questions:

What things would you be able to do even without charging for it?

On what subject do people always come to ask me to solve their doubts?

What things made me feel unique and special when I was little?

Regarding the latter, I am firmly convinced that this is where the root of all your answers lies and it is in the question where you should place more emphasis.

For example, in my case, when I was 13 years old I won the spelling bee several years in a row and writing from my high school, still competing with young people much older than me and almost college-age.

And now, as you perro see, I have a marketing blog where, among other things, it is necessary to have an almost perfect writing, since generating content that possibly hundreds and even thousands of people read, at least for me, requires spelling and written expression. almost perfect.


What do you want to learn?

Generating content requires, in addition to a lot of perseverance, spending hours and hours looking for information and collecting data.

Therefore, this question is essentialsince all those hours of study before writing the first word of an article are vital.

If after a few minutes of research you are already bored, unmotivated or too tedious, you will not do anything with your blog.

Therefore, a few weeks after starting, creating content for your blog will orinan little less than a “punishment”, which will be increasingly difficult to face and bear.

On the other hand, if you escoge to write about something that does interest you and for which it is worth learning, do research every day, discover the points of view of other professionals,… writing in a blog will be a real delight for your senseswhich will hook you and become addictive in you.

Then will come the comments, the followers on your popular networks, the business proposals, the monetization,… or not.

But you will be doing something you like, you will be writing about something you like, each article you write will make you a little more knowledgeable, more expert.

And that personal satisfaction from doing something that you really feel and enjoy is a very pleasant feeling.

I assure you first hand.

In short, if with each content you generate you feel that you have learned something new, you will be leaving an indelible mark that will remain forever.

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What do you really want to achieve with your blog?

If we analyze the possible topics or ideas for a blog according to the purpose you have in mind for him, these cánido be as diverse as your mind perro imagine.

And depending on what it is intended for, this should be the tone and the way of presenting the contents of your blog.

Depending on whether it is a professional or personal blog, the way of communicating cannot be the same.

In fact, it shouldn’t.

It may be a free download blog, with which you intend to earn money by including affiliate backlinks or adding Google plus Adsense advertising.

Being important, this question however is not primordial.

You may start the blog simply to espectáculo the world how you decided to restore the first car your father bought, and by the way, let your siblings also see your achievements every week.

With this, you may end up agreeing to advertise tools or vehicles or you may end up getting paid to restore other people’s cars.

A blog is something that is as alive as you are and cánido evolve just like you do.

The important thing is not the beginning, but that you know how to adapt the theme without radically changing the subject.

If you start creating parenting content Because you have been a father, it is habitual that 12 years later, you are not still talking about diapers, but now you are probably talking about how to better understand them when you reach adolescence.

In this case, your blog theme evolves as the years go by and your son gives you topics to talk about.

How to choose a blog that others want to read?

That being said, now we would have to do a last thought:

All of us, by creating our own content, want to be read to and reach as many people as possible.

Therefore, since your website will be public and accessible to anyone who wants to entrar and read the content that you publish there, if you want reach more people possible, you will need to focus on issues that interest a large majority.

That is, we need to find a theme with a market niche.

Or, put another way, we have to research what topics are of interest to the people.

And, as if this were not enough, we must take into account something even more important: what topics are people interested in? for the longest amount of time possible.

I’ll give you an example: a blog about the first edition of ‘Big Brother’.

Sure, during the broadcast of that first edition of a new and groundbreaking program, the blog could have been a success of visits, but after, what?

Once the program is over, you could lengthen the blog by talking with the winner, with the first expelled, about how they start their lives after passing through the program, etcétera.

But seriously, who now remembers Ismael Beiro? And above all, who cares now about the lives of all those who participated in the program?

This theme could be very interesting and have many readers, but have a very specific beginning and end.

And weblogs are born one day, but they don’t have to have an expiration date (at least, they shouldn’t).

Taking all these premises into account, you perro begin to cross out ideas that do not fit too well with this.

So, your theme for the blog will begin to take shapeeach time you mentally review the 4 questions that I have asked you previously and backlink them to what people are looking for and interested in over time.

You will see that many ideas for weblogs that seemed great to you are not so great.

And others that were there without pain or glory become a main iniciativa.

And so until you find THE IDEA and you begin to plan your articles, as well as the way in which you are going to promote your contents so that they have the maximum possible visibility.

But, in case all the advice that I have given you so far has not been very useful, I want to leave you with some themes that work very well.

These are issues that the general public is willing to search for, read, comment on and share content about.

They are just a few ideas for you to finish clarifying and start with yours, giving it the focus and especial visión that you want to give it.


I do not want to extend much more, since there are many themes and good ideas for a blog and all more or less valid to start sharing content on your own website.

You only need 2 ingredients: passion for what you do and a great deal of constancyto maintain a publication rate that allows you to make this a medium/long-term project.

My final advice, whatever theme you choose, is that you should find your own style.

Besides, try to specialize as much as you perrosince there are a lot of people writing about the same thing, although most of them do it in a generic way.

Management of corporate weblogs

Position your Brand on the Internet, gain organic visibility in search engines, get more customers and retain current ones.


Are you thinking of starting your own blog and have doubts about whether the chosen theme will be a good iniciativa?

Tell me your iniciativa in the comments! I will be happy to help you and advise you on your project and that you become a successful blogger in your field.

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