What are the best free courses

What are the best free courses

The best en línea training without spending a single euro!

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In this mega guide I present a complete list of free en línea courses on en línea marketing, which will help you strengthen your knowledge in digital subjects.

I have selected for you a list of courses, both for the unemployed and for active workers, which you perro easily do en línea.

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Most of these courses are completely free, although I have also included some paid ones, so that you cánido consider both possibilities.

If you are looking to learn about marketing, popular networks and everything that has to do with popular media and new technologies, you may be interested in one of these free courses that I present below.

Contrary to what one might think, free en línea training perro also be of qualityAlthough if you spend the money on a paid course, you perro generally think that the content and the amount of things you learn and skills you acquire may be greater.


Are you looking for free courses for the unemployed? These en línea courses are for you!

If you are unemployed, you should be aware that you need to find a job as soon as possible.

Many times, when you lose the job you had, you need to recycle professionally. The problem is that at that time, your economic situation is not going through its best moments, so you cannot afford any master’s degree or paid courses.

For this reason, you have probably thought about go to free courses for unemployedwhich are undoubtedly the best way to recycle and renew your sintetiza, providing that knowledge that you always wanted to have or that the current market requires.

“Live as if you will die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever” (Mahatma Gandhi)

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The best 100% free en línea training on En línea Marketing and new technologies

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Whether you are looking for courses for the unemployed or courses for active workers and finally want to dedicate yourself to some 2.0 specialty, digital marketing, popular networks or new technologies such as Big Data, then I will list those that for me are the Best free en línea courses that are currently offered en línea.

I will feel satisfied if, thanks to any of these free courses, you have left unemployment and found a new job.

I will also be happy if you find a better job and that makes you happier for having completed one or more of these training courses.

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1 – Twitter Flight School

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Twitter Flight School is a platform where you cánido take several free en línea courses and where you cánido learn to use Twitter professionally and from home.

Twitter’s free training is made up of two modules:

  • Executive Leadership: Ideal for businessmen and executives who want to learn how to manage their company’s or brand’s Twitter account.
  • Marketing Leadership: focused on creating and improving your en línea marketing strategy on Twitter, if you are a digital marketing and popular media professional.

At the end of each module you cánido also obtain, free of charge, the certification that accredits you as an expert in the tool, which you cánido add to your sintetiza.

With this free portal training easy classroomyou will be able to know all the characteristics that define each of the main popular networks and their applications to create marketing strategies.

It is divided into 29 lessons, with which you will be able to solve for free such important questions as: which popular network to use for each client or how to create your personal brand en línea.

3 – How a brand perro do Marketing on Tumblr

If you still don’t know the Tumblr popular network, with this presentation/course uploaded to the slideshare platform You will be able to know the techniques that you perro use if you are thinking of including this popular network in your en línea marketing strategy for your company.

> You perro see the presentation in this backlink: How to do marketing with Tumblr

Made by the Community Manager Alicia Baltanás () and a server.

The Fanta success story is included, where we explain how they have succeeded in their digital marketing campaign on Tumblr.

through the IIEMD (Spanish International Institute of Digital Marketing) you cánido enjoy this free vídeo course on popular networks and digital marketing.

This course is 100% subsidized, so it will be a totally free course for you.

It is created to get you started on subjects that are so necessary on the internet such as popular networks, personal branding and the creation of web pages.

It is a equipo of free en línea vídeo courses, organized by the Hootsuite Academywhich has created these vídeos so that you perro learn at no cost about how to do en línea marketing on the main popular networks of the moment.

This free en línea course is the beginning of many others that the Hootsuite academy has. The rest have a cost, but you cánido obtain the prestigious official certification in various areas of popular media.

To put a “but” to this free en línea course, we must say that its vídeos are in English, so you must have at least an average level to follow them.

Course included within the training offer of the platform OpenIEBS School, a very prestigious business school that has quality en línea courses.

Despite being a free course, the teachers tutor you at all times and ensure that your learning is of quality and that you end up with a good knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of popular networks.

At the end, you will obtain the certificate that certifies that you have completed this free en línea course.

If you have ever taken courses en línea, you will surely know the Coursera platform.

In it you perro find this free course, with which you perro learn about popular networks, if you are still a little green and do not master how it works.

It only lasts 5 weeks and the teachers will give you all the tools you need to understand how they work, to move freely in them.

The training platform Miríadax and the UPM (Polytechnic University of La capital española) teach this free en línea course.

You will be able to know how the main popular networks and the main popular media management tools used by Community Managers, who are responsible for its proper functioning within the company.

Is one of the most successful free courses, with thousands of people who have already done it. They are already in their 4th edition.

Belonging to the Udemy training platformwhere through a multitude of vídeos, you cánido carry out this free training from home.

It is very focused on Start-ups, SMEs and small businesses, who want to learn about how to do internet marketing and popular networks.

You already know that vídeo is a trend in digital marketing of the new times.

Therefore, what better way to comfortably take a free en línea course than watching it in this wonderful series of 17 vídeos created by Juan Adsuara Segarragreat expert in commercial management and Marketing

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It is a magazine training program Entrepreneurs and the Rey Juan Carlos University (URJC).

This en línea course is taught by Manuel Moreno, founder of ThirteenBits

It has a very low-cost and you cánido obtain the certificate of having successfully completed this course.

The Spanish Association of Community Managers and Popular Media Professionals (AERCO-PSM) teach this intensive en línea course.

It has a lot of multimedia material with which to learn the different functions carried out by digital marketing and popular media professionals.

You have 2 years to finish it, so you perro take this course en línea quietly from home.

Its training program includes training in Personal Branding, popular networks and Community management.

The Best Free En línea Digital Marketing Courses

Free en línea courses on Digital Marketing

1 – Free Basic En línea Digital Marketing Course

Maybe you think that most of the free en línea courses they are not of quality.

The professionals of Google plus Activate and the IAB Spain (Interactive Advertising Bureau) will make you rethink this iniciativa, since this free course offers you many possibilities.

Through 14 modules you will be able to learn basic concepts about SEO, SEM, digital marketing, y también-Commerce, web design, analytics and mobile aplicación development.

Upon completion, Google plus will issue a diploma like this:

3 – 365 Mkt, the Free and 100% En línea course of Digital Marketing leaders

365 Mkt is a Comprehensive free en línea course with which you perro learn everything you need about Digital Marketing, Popular Media, Blogging and Personal Branding.

This free course is organized by Miguel Florido, director ejecutivo of Marketingandwebalong with 43 other leading professionals in each of these areas of digital marketing.

The en línea course is designed to be carried out in 12 modules, for a whole year. Through dirección de correo electrónico you will receive weekly the agenda of this magnificent free en línea course.

You will learn in this free 365 Mkt course to create a successful blog and the blogging techniques that you must apply if you want to earn a living with your blog.

4 – Free course on How to create a Marketing Plan

again the platform easy classroom gives us the possibility with this 100% en línea free course to learn what a Marketing Plan is and how to prepare it.

You will know what you need to write and present to your client and potential buyers a complete plan with budgets, objectives and marketing audits necessary to be able to succeed with the product that the brand offers.

5 – Introduction to En línea Marketing Course EDX

This free course is taught by edx and the University of British Columbia (in English).

It will serve as an introduction to the most used tools in popular media and you will learn how to create a digital marketing strategy from scratch.

This and all the free courses available on the platform are usually training endorsed by North American universities, so they will be in English.

However, if you do several en línea courses of this type, over time I think you will get used to it and the language will not be an impediment for you. What’s more, in addition to learning digital marketing, you will achieve practice your english levelthat surely you had something forgotten.

6 – En línea Marketing course for companies and entrepreneurs

This free en línea course on Videomarketing is organized by the tutellus platform.

You will understand and understand the importance of vídeo in current marketing and how it perro help your business and improve conversions with your company blog.

The Vlog technique (vídeo blog) It is widespread among the en línea business marketing strategies that are currently succeeding on the Internet. With this free course, you will also review how you cánido apply it in the popular networks with the most engagement of the moment.

7 – How to create your Digital Marketing Plan in 6 Steps

On the same platform Tutellusyou cánido create an effective digital marketing strategy with the help of this other free en línea course.

In only 6 primordial steps and 35 vídeo tutorials. If you do not have previous training, do not worry, because this en línea course will train you from a very basic level in the techniques that you will have to use to be able to move your business forward.

It includes the necessary steps so that you cánido perform a full SWOT analysis of your business and apply them easily.

It is a free en línea training course on strategies in popular networks, focused on non-profit entities.

It is organized by the en línea training portal Miríadax and certified by the Abat Oliva CEU University from Barcelona.

Depending on the ámbito to which the business belongs, in this free course you will learn the tools to use in each of the popular networks.

They explain how the creation of a blog cánido help you in your strategy. Likewise, you will learn to manage the factors that influence the SEO and SEM positioning of your company.

9 – Free en línea course: Create your En línea Marketing Plan Step by Step

Again as a step by step tutorial udemythis course will allow you through free en línea training to create your own en línea marketing strategy.

You will know the keys that make your business not just take off.

Surely this free course will mark a before and after in the way of managing your company on the Internet.

10 – Energize your Marketing. free en línea course

The school En línea School of Marketing of en línea training courses organizes this free course for entrepreneurs 2.0.

Through the vídeos of Professor Marc Centelles, you will be able to know The 10 most common mistakes that entrepreneurs often make en línea when they start their business.

This en línea course is free for a limited time.since its real price is almost €300, with which I recommend that you sign up as soon as possible or recommend it to your friends.

En línea paid Digital Marketing courses

1 – How to achieve your goals with a blog (Course + Mentoring)

This course has been created by the great professional and reference in Digital Marketing, Miguel Florido de MarketingandWeb.

It is a very personal project, in which a team of leading professors in Marketing and Popular Media guide you in a personalized and tutored way, so that you cánido achieve all your goals if you have an en línea project.

It is oriented for:

  1. Professionals who want to work on their Personal Brand.
  2. Companies that want to get more visibility through the internet and y también-commerces that want to get more sales and customers en línea.
  3. People who want to earn money through their blog content

2 – Master in Digital Marketing

It is one of the most complete Masters in En línea Marketing. imparts it CM classroomone of the most prestigious Communication and Marketing schools in La capital española.

In addition to its face-to-face courses, it has en línea courses so that you perro complete them remotely, in case you are not from La capital de españa, which make up this magnificent Master.

Some of the referents of Digital Marketing that are succeeding today have come out of this school. In addition, they organize every year the Annual Encuentro of Marketing Agencies.

The Best Free En línea Dirección de correo electrónico Marketing Courses

Free En línea Dirección de correo electrónico Marketing Courses

1 – Vilma Nuñez’s free en línea course on Correo electrónico Marketing

The excellent professional Vilma Núñez offers you this free en línea course on Correo electrónico Marketing.

It is made up of 4 Dirección de correo electrónico Marketing lessons, several design templates and a 140-page correo electrónico marketing ebook, which includes tutorials to make your marketing strategy easier.

You cánido download this training for free from their website. In addition, it has many free en línea courses in addition to this one, so you perro learn from its knowledge. Without a doubt, to say Vilma Núñez is to say quality assured.

2 – Free Aweber course to create your own Correo electrónico Marketing campaigns

In this free en línea course you will learn how to use the Aweber autoresponder to create your own Dirección de correo electrónico Marketing campaigns. It is organized by coursepedia.

With Aweber you cánido create a personalized subscriber list from scratch for your website or content blog and send automated messages to your objetivo audience.

3 – Free course: Correo electrónico Marketing, the most likely way to sell on the internet

The platform Prezis It offers you the possibility of knowing all the most important aspects to focus your correo electrónico marketing strategy towards conversions.

Whether it’s increasing your blog’s subscriber list or increase salesIf you have an en línea store, with this free course you will be able to improve your ability to sell en línea.

4 – First steps in Correo electrónico Marketing and automation with Y también-goi

The en línea course will allow you to fully automate your Correo electrónico Marketing, mensaje de texto, Push Notifications, Voice Calls, Popular Networks, etcétera.

It is a free en línea course created by udemy. Learning to segment your list of contacts and subscribers will no longer be a problem with this course that you perro take comfortably from home.

5 – Inbound Dirección de correo electrónico Marketing Course + Official Certification

The Web udemy It also has this free course for you, with which you cánido train in a specialty that may be a bit special but very effective.

You will know in a practical way what are the keys to make your subscribers fall in love with your dirección de correo electrónico lists. Dirección de correo electrónico Marketing not only serves to inform your audience of news, but also to create relationships and create engagement with those who are interested in your content.

This en línea course delivered by Hubspot professionals, the company specialized in web analytics and Inbound Marketing. It is a 100% free course, so what are you waiting for? Seize it!

6 – Free course to learn how to create your first newsletter

Through the prestigious IEB School of businessyou will learn to create a professional newsletter and perform the main measurements required by Correo electrónico Marketing.

At the end of this free en línea course they also teach you how to avoid all kinds of correo electrónico contenido publicitario.

7 – Free Dirección de correo electrónico Marketing Course

The company specialized in Correo electrónico Marketing, AcumbaMailoffers you the possibility of taking a course completely free, just by entering your correo electrónico in its database.

Of course, you should know that you will become part of their subscriber list. However, perhaps it will help you learn this marketing technique and its methodology from scratch and you will also receive their latest news.

8 – Free Correo electrónico Marketing Course: create a successful strategy step by step

Within en línea training web platform For promotion of free en línea courses, tutorials and free manuals, you cánido find this practical en línea course on Correo electrónico Marketing.

It is a very short free course (approx 1 hour) with which you perro easily master sending your correos electrónicos to your contacts from home.

9 – Free en línea course: Tactics to get subscribers by Correo

It’s a totally free en línea course by Frank Scipiona benchmark in en línea marketing, specialized in transforming your blog so that you perro earn a living with it and thus transform it into your own business.

You must leave your correo electrónico to access this free en línea course and others that Frank Scipion has prepared so that you cánido sell your services on the Internet with your own blog.

10 – Correo electrónico Marketing Course: Effective Strategies

It is a free course MasterWork Traininga center that teaches quality en línea courses.

You will learn the different strategies that you perro apply if you want to make your correos electrónicos more effective and attract more buyers of your product or generate more leads.

They estimate that it requires only about 25 hours to complete. It’s a very fácil and intuitive en línea course.

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1 – SEAS Dirección de correo electrónico Marketing Course

He SEAS Campus offers you technical training that is 100% en línea and of rigorous quality.

Through this en línea course on dirección de correo electrónico marketing you will learn everything you need about this effective en línea marketing technique.

They have live classes through Webinars and also the great advantage of being able to carry out business practices at the end of this magnificent en línea course of 150 hours.

2 – En línea Advanced Correo electrónico Marketing Course

With this en línea course from the entity Business Initiatives You will learn strategies for the design, creation, management and measurement of correo electrónico marketing campaigns for your company or business.

In a serious training entity specialized in training for businessmen and executives.

The Best Free En línea Inbound Marketing Courses

Free En línea Inbound Marketing Courses

1 – Free en línea Inbound & Content Marketing course

again the great Vilma Nunez brings us a free en línea course. In this case about the exciting technique of Inbound Marketing or attraction marketing.

In this free course, you will learn the main concepts that are involved in an Inbound strategy and you will know the techniques that you perro use to create your buyer persona. Within this free training you will learn how content marketing influences your attraction strategy.

2 – Inbound Digital Marketing Course + Official Certification

In udemy We cánido also train with free en línea courses like this one, where at the end you cánido get a official hubspot academy certificate.

Through vídeos in English, you will be able to learn what an Inbound marketing strategy is based on and how to apply it to your business or client, in case you are a trabajo independiente.

And all this you cánido get it with a free en línea course! Surely it is the course that was missing from your curriculum.

3 – Free en línea Inbound Marketing course (with HubSpot certification)

The prestigious company hubspot has prepared for you the official certification of Inbound Marketing.

With this free en línea course you will be able to obtain the official hubspot badgewhich you perro display on your website, in your dirección de correo electrónico signature, on your LinkedIn profile, or you perro print and hang in your office and on your desk.

4 – En línea course: Inbound Marketing. Techniques and strategies to attract customers

Again thanks to the IEB School of Business You cánido take free en línea training courses like this one.

Tea You will become familiar with the forms of Inbound marketing that exist in other countries and how an effective attraction marketing campaign is carried out and that helps you convert your visitors into potential buyers.

5 – Free en línea guide-course: How to launch an Inbound Marketing campaign

This en línea course is a great Inbound Marketing Guide that the company offers you as free training Inbound Cycle.

If you are looking for a way to apply this fashionable marketing technique in your company but you don’t know how, download this ebook. You will see that you will learn much more than you think.

So You just have to register on their websitewith your dirección de correo electrónico and your name, to be able to download their training for free on your computer, in pdf format.

6 – What is Inbound Marketing and why do you need it?

The well-known agency popular mood offers you this very complete guide on Inbound Marketing for free, where you cánido learn primordial, but essential concepts such as:

  • What is Inbound Marketing
  • Inbound vs. Outbound
  • Inbound Marketing as a philosophy
  • How Inbound Marketing works
  • Tools for Inbound Marketing

7 – Free en línea course: The Inbound Marketing Elabora

If doing free en línea courses, despite having no cost, seems boring to you and you prefer libros electrónicos where you perro learn everything you need, Articulo agency offers you this Inbound Marketing ebook.

You perro download this course as an ebook, save it to your tablet or móvil inteligente, and learn about Inbound anywhere you go.

It is an en línea course aimed at all those companies that want to attract new customers and establish lasting relationships through a win-win (win-win), where both obtain benefits.

8 – Free Inbound Marketing University Course

The free training platform CursosGratuitos.eu and the Antonio de Nebrija University has this course among its en línea training offer.

You will learn to establish effective and lasting relationships in time with your customers and how they will help you maintain and improve your business.

If in addition to learning about Inbound Marketing you are doing oppositions, this course is worth considering and you cánido get a lot of benefit when it comes to getting your place.

9 – Inbound Marketing Course for Community Managers

It’s a Floqq free courseanother of the best-known entities of free en línea courses.

This training is a 39-minute vídeo, where you will get clear a multitude of ideas that you perro apply to the Inbound Marketing strategies that you carry out on popular networks if you are a Community Manager.

It is highly valued by users who have already done it.

10 – Free Inbound Marketing Course: Learn the Inbound methodology

It is organized by Inbound Mediaand is made up of a 45-minute master class.

In it, you perro solve all your doubts regarding the following topics:

  • Application of the Methodology in the Digital Strategy
  • The four stages of Inbound Marketing: Attract, Convert, Close and Delight
  • SMART goals
  • buyer persona

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Inbound Marketing En línea Paid Courses

1 – En línea Inbound Marketing Intensive Course

The quality of the courses is assured when we talk about Popular Mood and its director ejecutivo Lucas García.

If you are from Barcelona or the surrounding area and perro take this intensive course, you are in luck, since with Lucas García you will be able to learn the aspects and tricks that you have always wanted to know about these topics related to Inbound Marketing:

  • Digital Marketing professionals in general
  • Popular Media Professionals
  • Communication Directors
  • Marketing Directors
  • SEO professionals
  • Planners
  • Content Managers

2 – En línea Specialized Course on Inbound Marketing

The ICEMD-ESIC (Institute of Digital Economy) teaches this prestigious en línea specialized course on the subject of Inbound Marketing.

This en línea course is designed in a very strategic way, focused on senior managers and managers of companies who want to train in attraction marketing.

In addition, you will see other related topics, such as blog utilities, Branded Content, Fb strategies and Google plus Analytics.

The Best Free En línea SEO Courses

Free en línea SEO positioning courses

1 – Free SEO course in Digital Marketing

The platform edutin offers you this fácil but at the same time practical free en línea SEO positioning course adapted to digital marketing.

You will know all the tools that cánido make your SEO tasks on popular networks easier and you will easily handle the SEO criteria that influence your website made in WordPress.

All this in a totally free course consisting of 35 lessons.

2 – Free en línea course: SEO Natural Positioning

Free en línea SEO course, taught by the OBS Mediterranean Box.

You will know in depth what are the most important factors that influence the positioning of a web page in the main search engines, such as Google plus and the importance of palabras clave in your en línea marketing strategy.

3 – Master in SEO, SEM and Search Engines

The Web Tutellus He provides us with another of his free en línea courses. In this case, a Master in SEO positioning, which alternates SEM and web analytics.

It is an en línea training that you perro complete from home on all aspects related to Internet search engines in its different facets: information retrieval tools, privileged means for en línea marketing and competitive intelligence

4 – 75 Steps to do SEO and improve your search engine positioning NOW

I have rescued what is for me one of the best articulo about SEO that exists at this time on the internet. This is a reference articulo on Bruno VD’s blogCommunity Manager and great expert in SEO positioning.

I know you are going to tell me that this is not a free en línea course, but if you start reading each of the 75 steps and factors that Bruno details in his blog, you will understand that it is more than just a course.

5 – Free en línea course: Basic principles of SEO positioning on the internet

The Web coursepedia brings us this en línea SEO course, taught by Professor Ronald Vásquez.

It is a free en línea course where you will learn techniques to improve web positioning, through search engine optimization.

Basic SEO concepts such as the choice of palabras clave (key words) to optimize weblogs.

and websites in general. Also, you will learn with this free course on how to make an Action Plan within your en línea marketing strategy.

6 – Free SEO course: how to reach the crest of Google plus

Within the free courses 2.0 that I present to you, Dotcom Marketing offers you this fantastic guide where it gives you the essential basic notions that you should know if you want to win the sympathy of Google plus.

If you are creating your website in WordPress, here you will find several plugins with which you cánido improve your positioning very effectively.

7 – Free webinars to learn SEO positioning

on the website of SEMrushyou cánido find practical free courses in Webinar format, where various SEO experts answer all kinds of questions on this matter.

In addition, you will know the seo tricks who use these cracks en línea marketing and the tricks that have worked for them in their years of experience handling aspects related to search engine positioning.

8 – Free Google plus course on SEO and web optimization

All the free courses created by Google plus are guaranteed quality assurance and this was not going to be less. next to the gate udacity have created this practical free en línea vídeo course.

even though this free en línea course It is in English, surely it will not be an impediment for you, if you do not have a good command of the language. The teachers explain the syllabus with graphic examples, which means that you perro follow it perfectly.

9 – Free course of initiation to organic SEO positioning

Created by the Google plus Administradores de páginas web. This educational ebook is the genesis of SEO for Google plus, since it tells you what SEO positioning is based on from scratch.

It is appreciated when you see that things are explained to you in an en línea course with fácil language and clear examples. This free course is also in English.

10 – Advanced SEO Tactics and Strategies

This free course perro be found on Udemy and is taught by MOZ.

When we talk about MOZ, we talk about guaranteed quality and in this en línea course it was not going to be less. The guys at MOZ have prepared for you, for 1 hour, a masterful vídeo where they tell you how to optimize your website to improve search engine positioning.

You will learn the algorithms that influence SEO and the tactics you cánido employ to make Google plus like you better.

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1 – Free en línea course on Advanced SEO

The platform bloonder academy offers you a very complete en línea course for a very low price.

It is especially intended for professionals who already have prior knowledge of SEO positioning.

Includes aspects of On-page SEO and libros electrónicos with more than 30 practical examples of how to apply SEO in a real business.

2 – SEO en línea course: search engine optimization

If I had to choose one of these en línea SEO courses, I would choose this one.

It is the SEO course taught by the School CM classroomin its en línea version.

they teach it leading professors in en línea marketing of our country: the Sala CM teachers themselves and also external teachers, such as Miguel Florido (Marketing and web), Jose Facchin, Javier Gosende and Luis M. Villanueva.

The Best Free En línea SEM Courses

Free en línea SEM courses

1 – Free Display Marketing Course: Banner Marketing Expert

From coursepedia They have created a free course on paid positioning, with which you perro carry out display marketing strategies and develop retargeting, vídeo and mobile display strategies.

The degree you obtain with this free training is certified by Euroinnova Business School and is endorsed by the Higher School of Professional Qualifications.

2 – Basic course of Fb & Instagram Ads

Vilma Núñez teaches this course free totally en línea, where through its training platform, you cánido learn about how to advertise on these two popular networks:

  • The importance of investing in advertising on Fb
  • The terms you have to master advertising
  • The basic functionalities of Fb & Instagram Ads

3 – Free En línea Advertising Course – Instagram, Fb, Youtube, Twitter and Adwords

On the Bloonder en línea training website you cánido learn how to advertise on the main fashion popular networks.

You will be able to give more visibility to your business. It is taught by leading teachers, such as Clara Ávila and Vilma Núñez.

4 – Free En línea Google plus Adwords Course

It is a totally free course and also en línea taught by Luis M. Villanueva, a great expert in SEO, SEM.

You will learn to handle the tool like a professional and you will be prepared to answer these questions that at first brought you to the head:

  • What advantages does Google plus Adwords have for my business?
  • How do Adwords buttons work?
  • How do I create a campaign?
  • How do I analyze my competition?

5 – Web positioning SEM, Adwords and SEO

This is a very interesting en línea vídeo course, directed by coursepedia and the Pompeu Fabra University.

Aimed at students and professionals who want to learn the keys to web positioning, get to know web analytics in depth and become experts in search engine marketing.

In addition to focusing on Google plus, the main search engine at the moment, he analyzes SEM positioning on Yahoo.

6 – Free En línea Google plus Adsense Course

This is a free course that offers you Alex Navarro from Vivirdelared.comwhere you will be able to learn the tricks that work for Álex on how to register with Adsense and earn money with this Google plus tool.

You’ll find market niches very interesting and you perro also discover your own, through the tools presented by the author.

7 – Free en línea course of SEM Specialist: Fb Ads + Google plus Adwords

With this free en línea training course from the platform Cursosgratuitos.eu and Euroinnova BSchoolyou will become prepared to know in a broad way the tasks that you must perform to optimize the SEM strategies in the companycoming to specialize in Adwords and Fb Ads.

It is very oriented towards the work of these tools applied to your own business and it is also an en línea course that you cánido complete for free from home.

8 – En línea course on En línea Advertising: Campaigns on Fb and Adwords

This new free en línea course is taught by Miríadax and the entity ESAN.

It is created to meet the needs of the digital age in which we live, where advertising basically needs to work on the Internet, which is where the objetivo audience of almost all brands is.

You’ll learn how to advertise on major popular networks, as well as in Google plus Adwords. This free en línea course is directed by Alfredo San Martín, a professor at the ESAN business school.

9 – En línea vídeo course: How to plan your Google plus Adwords Campaigns for 2016

You perro complete this curious vídeo course created by Allan Valdezexpert in Adwords and digital advertising.

It is a webinar vídeo tutorial of just under 1 hour and with this free en línea course you will learn the techniques that this teacher espectáculos us to increase sales with your business, as well as learn about the changes that have transformed internet advertising with Adwords.

10 – En línea course on En línea Advertising using Fb

If patience is not one of your strong points and you think that most free en línea courses are too long, this is the one for you. The Floqq platform presents you with this en línea course on how to advertise effectively on Fb.

There are several quick, clear and concise vídeos, where you will learn step by step how to create your ads to succeed with your publications on this popular network.

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En línea payment courses on SEM

1 – SEM En línea Course: Official Title Google plus Adwords

With this en línea course organized by CM classroom about Google plus Adwords and SEM positioning, in addition to learning to create, organize and optimize your Adwords account and payment campaigns, you will be able to take the official exams.

Throughout the course you take the 3 exams main of the Official Google plus Adwords Certification: fundamentals of advertising, search advertising and display advertising.

2 – Google plus Adwords en línea course + Certification

The ISDI en línea training academy presents you with this magnificent course that you perro comfortably complete en línea, with all the primordial aspects you need to know about Google plus Adwords.

It has a simulator of preparatory questions for the official Google plus exams, where they prepare you for:

  • Pass the exams Google plus official certificate.
  • Create and optimize campaigns Advanced for search engines.
  • Launch campaigns on Google plus multi-device advertising.

The Best Free En línea Courses on Design and Digital Content

Free en línea courses on Design and Digital Content

1 – Mini design paquete for Marketinians (Create, editar and publish)

One of the repeats in this list of cFree en línea courses is Vilma Núñez. He could not miss the opportunity to exclusively offer you another of his best en línea courses.

In this case, with this free course with downloadable material you will learn about digital photography on the internet. Aspects as important as these are those that Vilma includes in her en línea course:

  • 10 commercially licensed HD photos
  • 20 blog headers with illustrations
  • 20 Fb headers
  • Power Point and Keynote template with an infographic chart and 35 vector elements

2 – Free Disney courses on Digital Animation

The training school khan academy With the sponsorship of Disney Pixar, they have created this super free en línea course on Digital Animation.

Learn how clay models are transformed into digital characters, created using weighted averages, and see how computer-created cartoon characters come to life.

Surely this free en línea course will seem very entertaining and intuitive.

3 – Fundamentals of digital photography. FUNED en línea courses

The UNED Foundation has a great free en línea course where you cánido reinforce what you already know about digital photography.

You will learn to solve the main problems that arise for those who love photography. Those unwanted aliasing and signal-to-noise problems.

4 – Free Photoshop CS6 Course

It is a free en línea course that offers you Classroom and Edutinthe internet portal with thousands of en línea courses at your disposal.

Specifically, this one has 59 classes on vídeo, about different aspects of the Photoshop CS6 program. It is a free en línea course ideal for people who are starting out, since it starts from scratch and also has practical examples so that you perro do exercises en línea yourself.

5 – En línea course on processing SVG images for the web

This that I present to you below is a totally free en línea course of the en línea academy Acamica and the digital agency Aerolabover SVG vector images.

These types of images are widely used in current web pages, since they perro be modified to suit the usuario without pixelating or modifying their visual quality.

6 – En línea initiation course: Essential Photoshop

The programming and design platform academic also has free courses on Photoshop.

In this case, I present this with a “dummie” character, for those of you who are starting to use this tool and do not have much knowledge about graphic design.

You will work with layers, gradients and curves.

7 – Free Adobe Illustrator CC Vídeo Course

In this series of vídeos that he proposes to us Aulary As a free en línea course to do en línea, you will be able to learn aspects of the most varied Illustrator CC program.

From interfaz, bitmap, vector, RGB, CMYK, drawings, rule management, guides, text and fonts, drawing tools, vectors, preferences, basic configuration, panels, interfaz or magic wand, among other functionalities.

8 – Free vídeo course on Logotipo Creation

Again Aulary offers us the possibility of creating our own logotipos, using Illustrator, in this free en línea training course.

You are going to learn that depending on the type of colors you use in the creation of your logotipo, it will orinan a certain thing and you will be expressing different feelings.

9 – Creation of Professional Vídeo Tutorials with Camtasia

In Camtasia you perro create your own vídeo tutorials. This free en línea course is offered by the portal teachlrwhere you cánido professionally create tutorials on the subject to which you dedicate yourself.

It is an en línea course where you will learn to create your own vídeos in a super professional way.

10 – Complete free course in Spanish and vídeo on Adobe After Effects CC

With this free vídeo course you will be able to handle this complex editing tool and be a crack at articulo-production. It is available in the WhyFilm Youtube channel.

It is made up of 30 vídeos, where in each lesson you perro learn some of the tricks and features of Adobe After Effects CC. Sit back and enjoy this complete 100% free course.

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En línea payment courses on Design and Digital Content

1 – En línea course in Multimedia Graphic Design

The distance learning platform DEUSTO Training Among its training offer is this en línea course on Graphic Design.

In this course you will learn all the fundamentals of banner design, advertising, graphics, etcétera. and with access to the most demanded tools on the market: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, and other Adobe Creative Cloud programa.

2 – En línea vídeo editing course with AVID

With this magnificent en línea course presented by the entity CPA En línea (SEAS Campus)you will be able to editar those vídeos to which you have always wanted to give your personal touch and impregnate all your Personal Brand.

Some of the advantages of this en línea course over the AVID editing program are:

  • It is a degree of the Saint George University
  • Employability: Guaranteed internships in companies
  • 100% En línea + face-to-face seminars + live classes with the teacher vía Onsync
  • You will study in a Own Virtual Campus specially developed for en línea training

The Best Free En línea Community Manager Courses

★ Before deciding on a Community Manager course, I recommend you read these criteria:

Free en línea courses on Community Manager

1 – FREE Community Manager Course

It is a completely free course courtesy of SoloMarketing.

You only have to register on their platform to obtain this free course and start training in the profession of Community Manager.

It is made up of 10 modules, where you will learn how to manage the main popular networks of the moment and you perro also take this en línea course wherever you want, since its modules are downloadable in PDF.

2 – AEPROSOME Community Manager free course

The Spanish Association of Popular Media Professionals (AEPROSOME) gives you the possibility of doing this free and en línea training and thus obtaining the final certificate of Community Manager, endorsed by this institution.

In addition to reviewing the popular networks that your audience requires or client, you will learn essential concepts to manage your Branding and you will know create your own content blog.

3 – Free and open course on En línea Marketing Strategies for the Community Manager

This free en línea basic course is organized by Miríadax and the CEU Cardenal Herrera University.

It will focus on the skills that every Community Manager should know to face the marketing technologies of the 21st century.

They cover alternative aspects, but that every Community Manager should know, such as SEO, professional Twitter management and en línea advertising.

4 – The art of being a Community Manager through good and bad examples

Through this free summer course, Professor Antonio Rodríguez Ruibal, from the UDIMA University, presents us with this curious en línea vídeo course as a presentation.

It is a very curious course, since it reveals several tricks, practical examples and curiosities about this 2.0 profession. Surely it will not leave you indifferent and you will find it fun.

Press play on this free en línea vídeo course!

5 – Free en línea course: Growing your Community

The training academy Hootsuite Academy has developed this free en línea course, where you will learn to energize the popular community of your business or your own, if you are a trabajo independiente worker.

You have practical tricks that will allow you to learn the tools to grow your followers on the main popular networks. At the end of this en línea course, you will be able to take an exam and get certified.

6 – Free initiation course to the profession of Community Manager

You have before you a very complete PDF manual that you cánido read on any device and learn about the main functions that a Community Manager must perform within a company.

It is organized by SoloMarketing.

Contains a complete vocabulary of concepts related to digital marketing, which you should know if you want to become a Community Manager.

7 – The business of being a Community Manager. free course 2.0

It is a free course in the form of a presentation, which has been created johnnan oropeza and that you cánido enjoy in this same articulo.

After all, the profession of Community Manager is a business and is part of the value chain of any company that has a presence on the Internet and popular networks.

8 – The Community Manager in the communication strategy

The Autonomous university of Occident presents us with this free en línea training course, which focuses on the communication strategy that you must have if you want to become a Community Manager or already are.

9 – Free Community Manager course: Management of Virtual Communities

The training team AERCO-PSM has created a free book-course, where you perro learn all the aspects related to popular networks that you must control yes or yes when you work for a company or business.

The en línea course is available to be downloadedso you perro take it with you wherever you go.

Practical en línea Community Manager course course catcher and taught by GDO Business Schoolwith more than a thousand students already enrolled.

It focuses on the Popular Media strategy, which all Communitys must have when publishing on popular networks.

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Community Manager en línea paid courses

1 – Community Manager and Content Manager en línea course

This fantastic en línea course is organized by the Bloonder platform and taught by Vilma Núñez.

You will learn all the techniques related to content marking and why it is so important in your popular media strategy as a Community Manager.

Throughout all the vídeos of this en línea course that Vilma presents to you, you will be able to learn the tricks that she recommends to build loyalty with your community on the internet.

2 – Community Manager en línea course

Is the star course of Sala CMthis time in its en línea version, where more and more professionals are trained.

More and more want to acquire all the necessary knowledge to be outstanding with popular networks, content marketing and create a professional blog with WordPress, which represents them and is your best sintetiza when presenting your candidacy in any company.

The Best Free En línea Courses in Web Analytics

Free en línea web analytics courses

1 – Free ONLINE Web Analytics course from Google plus Activate

This piece of free en línea course is organized by Google plus and its platform Activate, in association with the EOI (School of Industrial Organization).

It is a course (like the others in Activate Google plus) that will motivate you more and more as you progress, since they will give you some medals (badges) that at the end of the entire course will become your official certificate.

2 – Marketing Analytics: Products, Distribution and Sales

It is another course in English EDX and the University of Berkeley (California)but that you will find interesting, since it remembers that in other countries they are more up to date than us in 2.0 matters.

It is a free en línea course, but at the end of your 7 weeks of learning, you have the possibility of acquiring the certificate that accredits you with the knowledge passed in web analytics and this has a cost. In any case, it is a free course that is worth it.

3 – Digital Analytics Higher Program

Through this Digital Analytics Course You will learn everything you need to be a great professional in digital analytics and en línea business.

Many Adobe end customers and partners, such as Havas, Everis or The Cocktail, are also partners of the school and constantly complejo turístico to it to meet the high demand for qualified analysts required by the campo.

Is about one of the professions with the most future of the digital age, given the demand that exists from companies to fill positions related to data analysis.

The analyst must turn all the data generated through the actions carried out in the en línea environment into useful information. The role of the specialist in Digital Analytics is recommend and advise on optimization of digital strategies.

Several of the factors that cánido make you opt for this option are:

  • 92% of alumni work as analysts.
  • GUARANTEED practices. You will enjoy a Scholarship like the one you always dreamed of.
  • Google plus Analytics Certification.
  • The only official Adobe Analytics certified school.

More info:

Have you taken a look at the Free web analytics course?

4 – 100% en línea course on Analytics and Data applied to Digital Marketing

belongs to the portal academic en línea training.

It comprehensively addresses all the aspects to take into account in terms of managing the daily analytics of your website and tracking the objectives equipo within it.

5 – Basic en línea course on digital analysis with Google plus Analytics

The Google plus Analytics employeesexperts in this tool offer you in vídeo some basic notions step by step on how to use it.

This free course created by the Google plus Analytics Academy is very complete, which deals with everything from the simplest concepts to the analysis of conversion funnels.

6 – Free course: Use data from Google plus Analytics to improve your website

From jimdo have created this free webinar on how to use Google plus Analytics to improve aspects of your website.

The daily analytics of your website cánido give you certain clues to improve the design of your website, depending on the interpretation you make of the data obtained.

7 – Google plus Analytics for Android. free course

Free en línea portal course udacity and endorsed by Google plus, which will allow you to know through several vídeos, the keys to knowing how to correctly interpret the analytics of your Android application.

You cánido interpret and optimize your application, according to the statistics that your analytics espectáculo.

8 – Free Course: Google plus Tag Manager Basics

Another totally free super en línea course from the Google plus Analytics Academy.

In this case you will learn about Tag Manager, the Analytics tool for tagging and monitoring your popular and internet goals.

9 – Free course Training in Analytics

The FormacionOnlineGratis network offers us the possibility of taking a free and very practical course en línea, to prepare ourselves to finally take the Google plus Analytics certification exam.

10 – Search engine marketing and web analytics: the 4 pillars of Google plus Analytics

Your content marketing and your positioning will improve considerably if you apply the concepts and utilities of web analytics.

For them, you perro take advantage of this presentation as an en línea course created by Guillermo Vilaroig, to analyze if you are already using all the analytical techniques that you should or if you are missing some.

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En línea payment courses of web analytics

1 – Master in SEO, SEM and Google plus Analytics – Google plus Official. MGA

This en línea Master perro be done by the center CICE (Professional School of New Technologies)which also gives you the possibility of doing it in person, if you live in La capital española.

Among other web tools that you will learn to use, with Analytics you will be able to collect all the information that users provide when interacting with our website, for later analysis of a en línea marketing campaign.

2 – Postgraduate in Digital Analytics INESDI

With this postgraduate degree in web analytics from the INESDI Business School You will learn all the secrets of web analysis and the most common tools.

the figure of Digital Analyst He is the person capable of seeing the project as a whole, measuring the effectiveness of the campaigns and knowing the behavior of the users and is currently essential for companies.

The Best Free En línea Y también-Commerce Courses

Free en línea Y también-Commerce courses

1 – Free en línea course of Y también-Commerce by Google plus

It is another of the courses Google plus Activate and the EOI (School of Industrial Organization).

Through 8 modules, you will be able to be aware of what you need to equipo up your business on the Internet, if what you want is to have your own en línea store.

In addition, the professionals who explain their tricks to you step by step in this free course are very knowledgeable about the Internet and the difficult profession of Y también-Commerce.

2 – 100% free course in Electronic Commerce for entrepreneurs

The platform UniMOOC has created a free en línea course on electronic commerce especially focused on entrepreneurs and start-ups.

During 5 modules you will learn about Dropshipping, effective en línea sales techniques and with practical examples you will put yourself in the shoes of real y también-commerce owners.

3 – Guide to create an En línea Store with WordPress in 2016

The expert web designer Ernesto G. Bustamante He offers us within his blog a magnificent guide where you perro find everything you need to create an en línea store.

In this case, with the WooCommerce complemento for WordPress You will be able to create your own business on the Internet to your liking, since Ernesto explains the procedure to follow step by step, so that you do not get lost at any time.

4 – Course to Create your En línea Store: without Knowledge and from scratch

Through this free en línea vídeo mini-course, Rubén Molinero and Coursepedia They offer you the steps to follow for someone like you, who wants to move your physical business en línea.

It is just over 1 hour of vídeo tutorial, where the author explains from scratch how you cánido generate sales with your Y también-Commerce, so that you don’t have to hire anyone and you perro do it yourself.

5 – En línea course of Expert in Creation of Virtual Stores and Web Portals + SEO for Y también-Commerce

It is a free and completely remote training course Comprehensive Academycenter of new technologies.

It focuses a lot on the Joomla CMS, so if you use this content manager, you should take a look at this course to create en línea stores.

It also reviews such important aspects as the SEO of your Y también-Commerce and they send you home at no cost several CDs with practical examples.

6 – Create an En línea Store With WooCommerce (from Scratch)

With this en línea tutorial course organized by the web udemythe teachers will make you see that if you have a brand or physical store, you should also have it on the internet.

Currently to create an Y también-Commerce in some sites they make you see that it is very complicated and you need to handle HTML code. In this free en línea course you will see that it is very fácil.

7 – En línea training course: Y también-Commerce Analytics

In the Google plus Analytics Academy also have that course that you are looking for on the analytics of your en línea store.

In this free en línea course to learn how to analyze your Y también-Commerce statistics, you will learn which URLs your users and potential buyers get stuck on and which sections you should change to expand the sales funnel.

8 – 100% free en línea course of Electronic Commerce

It is created by the company Comandia by CORREOS and it is a very practical and easy course to complete, where they teach you, among other things:

9 – The 7 keys to building an efficient en línea sales process

In StoreCloud They have developed a very concise and straightforward free course: 7 keys to succeed with your en línea store on the Internet:

  • How to build trust with your customers
  • How to provide good customer service
  • How to charge for your products
  • How to send your products
  • Return policy
  • Keeping in touch with your customers
  • acquisition strategies

10 – Free en línea training in Creating an en línea store with WordPress and WooCommerce

The Web LievanoSan organize this totally free en línea tutorial course for you, where they help you configure the Woocommerce complemento from the beginning.

You will be able to create your own en línea store with your WordPress website and this complemento. They also give you the tricks to manage very personal aspects such as returns and payment methods.

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Y también-Commerce en línea payment courses

1 – Higher University Program in Digital Marketing and Electronic Commerce

Center EAE Business School has developed, together with the Rey Juan Carlos University, this advanced y también-commerce program focused on digital marketing.

The following topics are covered in this training plan:

★ You will implement en línea marketing plans, strategies and campaigns

★ You will master the techniques and tools to manage y también-commerce projects

★ You will delve into issues of web positioning, CRM and popular media marketing, among others

2 – En línea course in Higher Technician in Y también-Commerce

He IIMN (International Institute of Marketing) has prepared for you this super en línea course on creating en línea stores, with which you will also obtain the degree from the Abat Oliba CEU University.

There are 2 large blocks where they explain in detail from why CMS to escoge to start your business on the Internet to how to interpret the analytics of your Y también-Commerce.

The Best Free En línea Web Design Courses

Free en línea web design courses

1 – Free course Introduction to Web Development: HTML and CSS

In the training offer of Google plus Activate This comprehensive course on web design is also included, in conjunction with the University of Alicante.

In these 4 modules, the two great advantages of this en línea course are: that it is taught by computer experts; and that you will be able to learn about HTML5 and CSS3 code to create responsive pages. Besides, as you cánido imagine, obviously another advantage is that it is a completely free course, with which you perro obtain your Google plus accreditation diploma.

2 – Free web page design course with HTML and CSS code

If you already know how to create web pages with CMS like WordPress but you still don’t know how to editar the elements in HTML and CSS, with this free course that offers you khan academy You will know how to handle it with ease.

Now the customization of your website will have no secrets with this free training course.

3 – Free Joomla En línea Courses

The guys from Webempresa surprise us again with this other en línea course so that you perro learn to use Joomla for free.

Among other things, you cánido create your website from scratch with this CMS and it is also a very short en línea course and you cánido complete it in just 1 hour.

4 – Creation of web pages from scratch in a paid Hosting

As you know and have already verified in the free en línea courses that I imagine you have completed so far, you cánido create a website without hosting, although I always recommend hire a paid hosting.

easy classroom gives you the possibility of taking this free course with which you perro learn step by step the procedure to hire your own hosting.

5 – Free en línea course and vídeo on Advanced CSS

It is a free training course academic to learn advanced CCS.

At first you may feel lost, but with this step-by-step en línea course and applying it to your own website, you will be able to editar it completely.

6 – Super guides on WordPress by Ernesto G Bustamante

In Ernesto G Bustamante’s blog You will find not one, but a multitude of step-by-step guides to design your own website, with consejos and tricks from a professional with many years of experience.

7 – Free en línea PrestaShop course in Spanish

It is another free course created by the authors of the hosting manager Webcompanywhere they give you all the keys to design your website with Prestashop.

The Webempresa PrestaShop en línea course consists of 6 chapters, each with a help vídeo.

8 – Master in Web Programming with Dreamweaver CC + HTML5 + CSS3 + PHP + MySQL + JavaScript + JQuery + Ajax

It is an entire 850h en línea Master organized by I am looking for courses for free that you cánido’t miss, since it reviews from beginning to end all the aspects of web design that you need to know.

During these 850h you will be able to practice with your own website, in order to become a professional web designer, whether or not you are a computer scientist.

9 – Free En línea WordPress Course

A list of 11 vídeos make up this free en línea WordPress course, where Webcompany It espectáculos you keys, tricks and vídeo tutorials, where you cánido completely create and modify your website designed with this CMS.

10 – Creation and management of dynamic websites with WordPress and without programming

In udemy They are determined that we all learn easily to create our own web pages, even without being computer scientists or experts in digital marketing.

To do this, this free en línea easy course gives you step-by-step tricks to be able to design it yourself.

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En línea paid web design courses

1 – WordPress en línea course

It is an en línea course CM classroomwith free tutorials and live classeswhere these leading teachers in digital marketing and web design help you design your own website yourself and move forward with your own project.

2 – WordPress Multisite En línea Course

It is an en línea course on WordPress taught by the digital marketing expert Joan Boluda.

Among the 3 en línea courses that you have available on your website, I have chosen this one, due to its more advanced nature. You will learn things that other professionals still do not know how to do.

Complicated complemento configuration and payment templates are some of the things you will learn with Joan Boluda.

The Best Free En línea Personal Brand Courses

Free en línea Personal Brand courses

1 – Personal Productivity Course in the digital age

This course of Google plus Activate and the Santa María la Real Foundation It presents you in 8 vídeo modules everything you need to effectively manage your Personal Brand on the internet.

You will learn what you need to know about how to improve your time management and you will lose stage fright that prevents you from giving brilliant presentations.

2 – Free course: Personal Branding and Personal Marketing for beginners

Managing the personal brand in a single course is very complicated, but in easy classroom You perro learn about each of the important aspects involved in the process of managing your own brand.

From your main photo on popular networks to the actions you must take sin conexión.

3 – Free Content Matters course: The importance of Branded Content

The teachers of Tutellus They tell us and analyze the Branded Content itself, what characteristics define it and what examples we perro include within what is called ‘Brand Content’.

You will have a clear and practical example, with which you cánido draw conclusions and apply them to your own business or your own brand as a professional.

4 – Free en línea course #BuildYourBrand TVE

Another one of those downloadable en línea courses courtesy of the Distance University of La capital de españa (UDIMA) and Spanish Television (TVE).

It’s great that you go over all the most important aspects of managing and creating your personal brand en línea. It also has vídeos in which Víctor de las Heras lectures us on how to build a good own brand.

5 – Free course on The importance of Branded Content

Through this free en línea course Foxize School You will discover the importance of Branded Content for brands.

Marketing managers of recognized brands such as Banco Sabadell will give you a clear and practical example so that you cánido be easy and intuitive en línea course and understand the importance of creating backlinks between the brand and the consumer.

6 – The state of health of your PERSONAL BRAND. The “spider method”

In this new free en línea course of Jorge Jimeneza great expert in en línea marketing and en línea personal branding, you will be able to learn about his method: “the spider method”.

With it, you will be able to know the state of health of your Personal Brand and the ways you have to improve it.

7 – Free en línea program «Thinking Positive”

It is a series of vídeos (you also have it in podcast format) where the entrenador Sergio Fernández on Antes de CristoPunto Radio Presents you in each of them a topic related to overcoming, positivism and the motivation to know oneself.

Through an en línea course, you cánido learn to know what your most hidden talents are and, ultimately, reinforce and enhance your personal brand, the one for which you are unique and have incalculable value.

You cánido also access recorded espectáculos live on your Youtube channel PositiveThinking1.

8 – Free course and conference on Personal Brand

Again the entrenador and speaker Sergio Fernandez They will surprise you with this series of face-to-face conferences that he gives throughout Spain, and that you cánido enjoy as a free en línea course with his recorded vídeos of said presentations.

You will learn to develop your own brand and use it to get what you deserve, both professionally and personally.

9 – Course/Webinar by Andrés Pérez Ortega: Personal Branding

Without a doubt, when it comes to saying Personal Brand, one of the most destacable references that comes to mind is Andres Perez Ortegawhich in this case gives a free webinar at the OBS School (En línea Business School).

The presentation is great and I recommend that you have a text document nearby on the computer or a sheet to take aprecies.

You cánido view the presentation in two ways:

Personal Branding Vídeo Webinar

Presentation of the paper on Slideshare

10 – Free Personal Brand Course: You cánido take the first step right now

In this free course on personal branding that offer us the initiative Eloquent (Let’s talk human)where after registering on the portal you will be able to leave this en línea course with a more professional and corporate visión of the specific objectives that you have initially equipo for yourself.

Through your values ​​and emotions, you will further humanize your brand and be more focused.

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En línea payment courses of Personal Brand

1 –University Specialization Diploma in Personal Branding. Communication Strategies for Personal Brand Management

It is a specialized program in Personal Branding, taught by the leader in Personal Branding, Jordi Collell and the Ramón Llull University.

This intensive en línea course will help you to obtain personal and professional skills in these areas:

  • Acquire knowledge related to the theory of personal marketing and the motivations of individual positioning in any popular field
  • Work on the necessary skills to investigate, diagnose and develop the objectives, the real needs and the client/brand strategic plans.
  • Acquire the techniques and develop the tools to manage client/brand visibility

2 – Training for entrepreneurs: Develop your talent and succeed

In this training program Entrepreneurs Magazine and the Rey Juan Carlos University (URJC) It is taught by top-level professionals in talent management and Personal Branding.

Andrés Pérez Ortega, José Medina and the renowned entrenador Pilar Jericó teach this super intensive course en línea and also at a very low price.

The Best Free En línea Courses for Entrepreneurs

Free en línea courses for Entrepreneurs

1 – Free en línea course on Entrepreneurship Activate

The free en línea itinerary consists of a series of modules and lessons developed by UniMOOC for the training platform of Google plus Activate.

There are 26 modules in vídeo presentations where they encourage you to undertake and you will know everything you need to know if you want to launch your own business on the Internet.

2 – Lean Startup: develop your business model

Another free and high-quality course on the platform UniMOOCwhich in this case through Professor Steve Blank, allows us to discover Lean Startup techniques.

He Business Model Canvas It is the system that is revolutionizing business models and is used by most of the technology startups around the world.

With this free training course for entrepreneurs you will be able to learn this technique.

3 – Tools to undertake

Following the series of platform training courses UniMOOCin this case you will know all the tools and resources that the internet puts at your fingertips and how you perro adapt them to your business on the internet.

The professors who teach it are great professionals from Spanish multinationals.

4 – En línea course on Digital Business for Entrepreneurs and Digital Transformation

From udemy They present us with this free en línea training course to transform our business through illustrative vídeos.

It consists of 5 audiovisual blocks of barely an hour and a half, where you cánido quickly obtain good keys to undertake.

5 – Starting a business in Silicon Valley

UniMOOC and the California-Spain Chamber of Commerce educate us on the true importance of networking and how it cánido help to create important backlinks for the growth of your project.

It is a quick and fácil training course, where in 5 hours you will learn the importance of professional Networking. The method they use is the same as in Silicon Valley.

6 – Your springboard to undertake. Free en línea course

He project yuzz is trying to make Spanish society aware through free en línea training courses for entrepreneurs like this one that we must have an open and entrepreneurial mindset.

In this training it is proposed that your own project It could be your best business proposal if you develop it correctly.

7 – Being an Entrepreneur (Training Shuttle Itinerary)

It is a free course shuttle project and the UniMOOC course platform for entrepreneurs.

You will know all the keys you need to launch your personal project and make it come true. This platform firmly believes that entrepreneurial-minded professionals are needed.

8 – Management tools that will make you happier

This is another one of those free training courses Vilma Nunez that will change your way of seeing entrepreneurship and management resources. It is organized by bloonder.

If you are tired of working for someone else and you need reasons to undertake and make your ideas come true, but you feel that you need a lot of money and resources to carry it out, in this free remote course you will be able to motivate yourself.

9 – Modular teaching mini-vídeos to design a MOOC

This free vídeo course is created by the UNED Foundation. It comprehensively reviews teaching from the point of view of MOOC training.

Perhaps it will make you change the concept you have of the audiovisual material that characterizes this type of en línea teaching venture.

10 – 100% free course on Creativity Techniques

It is an en línea course on creativity, that hidden treasure that we all have and organized by Miríadax and the UC (University of Cantabria).

In just over 2 months, you will be able to develop and improve your creativity to unsuspected limits and carry out all kinds of projects that perhaps one day you thought were impossible.

A free en línea course that is definitely worth it.

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En línea paid courses for Entrepreneurs

1 – Training Program: Prepare to succeed

An en línea course with Josef Ajram as a teacher and guide, within the training program of the magazine Entrepreneurs and the Rey Juan Carlos University (URJC).

In this magnificent course, Josef prepares you so that you psychologically believe in yourself and have the winning philosophy that has made him successful.

Divided into these modules:

  1. believe in yourself
  2. Create the right environment
  3. A winning strategy
  4. Control your environment

The Best Free En línea Big Data Courses

Free en línea Big Data courses

1 – Introduction to Big Data for business

This free course on Big Data is included within the training offer of UniMOOC and endorsed by Lucentia Lab.

Through a great guide and practical examples, it is intended that you train yourself in what it is and the applications that Big Data has in the professional world.

2 – Big Data in Marketing

A totally free course Open2Study. It is in English, but with little command of the language, you will understand the lessons without problems.

This free course aims to bring you closer to the concept of Big Data and its applications in the world of Marketing. It is organized into 4 modules of several vídeo tutorials each.

3 – Big Data: the added value of data in your business. free training

Through this free MOOC course from Miríadax and the UCAM (Catholic University of Murcia)you will learn about Big Data technology and the ways to increase the value of our business.

Data mining is another of the important factors that you will learn, in addition to the costs involved in implementing big data in a company.

4 – Applying data analysis: selected cases

the website of Coursera has created this free en línea training course together with the Centro Tecnológico de Monterrey, to satisfy the great demand for Big Data professionals today.

It aims to train you above all in the ability to synthesize the most up-to-date digital information, so that you perro obtain exploration and predictions made with your data.

5 – Free Data Collection and Exploration Course

Through practical cases of leading companies and their real cases, Coursera and the Tecnológico de Monterrey train you about the importance and way in which this data is obtained, manipulated and used and that these cánido define the failure or success of these organizations.

6 – Free training taller: Big Data Business

Despite the fact that this course is not en línea, but face-to-face in La capital de españa, I have heard quite a few good reviews about it and I think it is important that you take it into account if you live in the capital and want to take a Big Data Business training.

There is the possibility of 25 places to attend en línea through a free webinar. Organized by Culture Labs.

Next call: November 2016

7 – Free course: “Machine Learning” (ML) and machine learning

This free course EDX and Caltech teaches us about the basic theory of Big Data, algorithms and their applications.

It places special emphasis on concentrating on learning and understanding, and not staying only on knowing and seeing.

Despite the fact that this free course on Big Data is completely in English, the teachers, due to their accents, are not native speakers of the Anglo-Saxon language, so their accent is easily understandable.

8 – Big Data and society

Another free and en línea quality course created by edx and the prestigious MITx (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

With a duration of one week, this en línea course on Big Data helps you understand the ins and outs of this tool in the business world. Big Data does not stop advancing.

9 – Fundamentals of data analysis for decision making

This 100% en línea course Technological Institute of Monterrey and Coursera It will allow you to identify, evaluate and take advantage of the different opportunities that data analysis presents to you to generate value in your organization.

10 – Hadoop and Big Data practical en línea course in vídeo. Build a cluster from scratch

The company Apasoft Training has created this 11-lesson vídeo course on the Hadoop program within the new Big Data.

With this en línea vídeo course we will learn, among other things:

  • Basic concepts of this technology
  • How to download and install Hadoop manually
  • Installing a Hadoop cluster with Ambari
  • Working with HDFS to understand archivo management in Hadoop
  • Installing and configuring Map Disminuye and YARN

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Big Data en línea payment courses

1 – En línea Master in Big Data and Data Analysis. MBIG

This en línea Master is taught by the center CICE, School of New Technologies.

It is an en línea training specially prepared for you to become a big data expert and know how to solve all the problems related to macro data storage and its correct processing.

Some of the professional opportunities that you will have with this Master in Big Data will be:

  • Big Data Solutions Architect
  • Administrator and/or developer of Big Data systems
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist

2 – Big Data Technologies, from UNED

This en línea Big Data course is a title of the UNEDwhere you will learn in detail technologies such as Cloud Computing, Mass Storage, Big Data Analysis Architectures, Open Source Technologies (Hadoop).

Likewise, in this magnificent distance course, the four phases of the Big Data value chain: generation, acquisition, storage and analysis of data.

After completing this training, you will obtain a title like the following:

The Best Free En línea Courses on Mobile Applications

Free en línea courses on Mobile Applications

1 – En línea course: Entrepreneurship in the area of ​​mobile Aplicaciones

The training platform for entrepreneurs UniMOOC and the University of Murcia They organize this fácil but useful course for free, where you cánido get a different and more business point of view of mobile applications.

There are 7 complete lessons where we perro learn the steps to follow to launch a mobile aplicación on the market.

2 – Development of mobile applications with Android

It is an easy en línea course created by videotutoriales.com.

You will be able to create a mobile application, or at least know what requirements and what programa you need to be able to generate a complete aplicación for teléfonos inteligentes.

You must have advanced knowledge of computers and programming to take this free en línea course.

3 – Development in HTML5, CSS and Javascript of Web Aplicaciones, Android and IOS

Miríadax and the UPM (Polytechnic University of La capital española) offer us the possibility of taking this en línea development course in HTML, CSS and Javascript totally free.

There are 10 very interesting modules, if you still do not master these programming languages.

4 – Introduction to Mobile Application Development Course with Windows Phone

It is a very practical free course that serves as an introduction to the creation of mobile applications.

It is based on the Windows Phone operating system, working on the basis of the powerful Microsoft Visual C# programming language.

Organized by Miríadax and UFG.

5 – Free course on How to create an application for Android

The platform udemy presents us with this attractive en línea course to learn how to create a mobile application for Android.

It is made up of 7 lessons and is presented in vídeo format.

6 – Free course on Google plus Aplicaciones and Google plus’s visión of Cloud Computing

It is an informative and quite interesting presentation of Google plus Aplicacioneswhich deals with the applications that Google plus has in the market and what we cánido achieve with its use.

It is very possible that some of these aplicaciones that are presented to you in this en línea course you do not know yet. Now is your oportunidad.

7 – ONLINE Mobile Aplicaciones Programming Course

This is another of the 100% free and en línea courses of Google plus Activate and with which you perro get a certificate for your sintetiza and also learn to program mobile aplicaciones.

In 8 modules you will be able to see all the types of mobile aplicaciones that you will be able to create with the indications that the Activate teachers will give you in this free vídeo course.

8 – Getting started with Android

The portal academic has released a completely free course that explains from scratch and step by step how you should proceed to start being an Android aplicación developer.

9 – FREE Course: How to create Android applications easily

On the en línea training website floqq They are convinced that you yourself perro acquire enough knowledge to be able to create mobile applications on Android with this easy en línea course.

There are 3 vídeos in which you have all the necessary information.

10 – Playing with Android. Learn to Program your First Aplicación

Free en línea training course EDX and Autonomous University of La capital de españa.

In this case, you will learn to create your own mobile aplicaciones in a fun way, since you will practice with examples of videogameswith which you will find it much less technical and theoretical than other free en línea courses on mobile applications.

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En línea payment courses for Mobile Applications

1 – Master in Development of Applications and services for mobile devices

Taught by the Polytechnic University of La capital de españa (UPM)this Master prepares you to be a true virtuoso of mobile application development.

It prepares its students to deal with the aspects of Programa Engineering necessary to develop projects related to the development of mobile aplicaciones, from its beginnings to its final sale.

Undoubtedly, a reference title to take into account.

2 – Mobile Application Development Course

This is a distance and internet course of Deusto Formationwhich will allow you to create, manage and position cross-platform applications on mobile devices.

Without a doubt, this training course will boost your career, if you want to dedicate yourself to the field of mobile application development.

The Best Free En línea Copywriting Courses

Free En línea Copywriting Courses

1 – Writing for the web, from Open2Study

It is a course on Copywriting specialized in those of us who want to develop our career in the field of blogging and internet marketing.

Organized by Open2Study and structured in 4 modules, you will be able to write persuasive texts for your blog or for articles on other websites.

2 – Free En línea Copywriting Course “One Week Copywriting”

It is a totally free course that offers you Javi Pastor on his blog. Javi is one of the greatest experts in Copywriting in our country, who will help you sell with your texts.

You will learn to write persuasively all the texts on your website in just 7 days. Just by leaving your correo electrónico you perro have this magnificent Copywriter course for free.

3 – Free Copywriting course, which will mark a before and after in your way of selling yourself

A totally free course Maider Tomasenaperhaps the queen of Copywriting in our country.

This en línea course is organized in five weeks to begin to achieve greater clarity and security in the texts you write.

4 – Texts that make your Client fall in love in a single free course

The digital marketing expert Xavier Corderois convinced that Copywriting is one of the activities that most impact the Internet marketing of your business in a key way to attract customers.

Through practical examples from day to day, Javier will teach you how to make your client and your users fall in love so that they end up becoming that, final clients.

5 – Free course: The 5 keys to copywriting

A super free en línea course lupe calvoexpert Copywriter.

You will learn valuable tools and techniques, such as:

  • who do you write for
  • How to write your message
  • How to write catchy headlines
  • How to focus on the benefits you offer
  • How to excite your reader

6 – Writing texts on the Internet

The portal Coursesites and University of Navarra They have created a free en línea course for you to learn everything you need to know about writing texts on the Internet.

You cánido see some brushstrokes of the course in this backlink with the teacher presentation Ramon Salaverria

7 – En línea course of «Copywriting Success». Success stories

This free en línea course that offers you Diego Artola It is a great opportunity to learn how to reach the heart of your client by discovering their motivations and desires to sell more.

You will learn to transmit the value of your company and overcome your competition with the power of persuasive texts.

8 – FREE seminar. Transcreation and copywriting

This free en línea course on translation, transcreation and copywriting has been created for you Tragora Formation.

It is a course for translators, with the aim of publicizing the possibilities of the campo and reviewing the most important issues of this type of translation/adaptation of promotional materials, slogans, advertising campaigns and content writing in Spanish.

9 – Free course: Impact Copywriting

A free en línea course superbloggerwhere he will guide you through the difficult task of writing to sell through your business on the Internet, be it your services or your en línea store.

10 – Wiki Editing Course

Again superblogger He surprises us with this curious 100% free en línea course on his website. It unravels the enigmatic task of editing a Wiki text.

Also in his course he analyzes the ways you have to insert interesting backlinks that perro give you a lot of benefit.

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En línea paid courses on Copywriting

1 – COPYWRITING Creative High Performance Program

The prestigious center Barcelona School of Creativity offers you this training program that will make you get out of your comfort zone in terms of creativity.

Firm in their iniciativa that texts are the soul of communication. Words sell a lot. And copywriting is the best way to prove it.

2 – HOME COPY. Create a scandal front page yourself

Again Maider Tomasena has prepared an en línea course that will come in handy if you want to create a main page for your website that captures each and every one of the users who entrar it.


I hope you liked this mega list of free en línea courses and at least it was useful.

I certainly think is a list of activities forms that you should have on handsince as professionals we must be continuously training and doing training courses to improve our skills in digital marketing and new technologies.

To finish and speaking of training courses,… I leave you with some of the best phrases about training that have been pronounced by some well-known characters.

They have certainly not succeeded because they have been lucky in life, but because they have worked hard and, of course, they have been trained:

[et_bloom_inline optin_id=»optin_1″]

“Education does not change the world, it changes the people who are going to change it” Paulo Freire

“Try not to become a successful man, but to become a man of value” Albert Einstein

“Just as iron rusts from lack of use, inactivity destroys the intellect” L. Da Vinci

“Start once and for all to be who you are, instead of calculating what you will be in the future” Kafka

“You start to get old when you stop learning” Chinese proverb

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