What are the best aplicaciones to earn

What are the best aplicaciones to earn

Learn about the best aplicaciones to earn money in Venezuela, its different payment methods and operation.

Each one gives you multiple options and rewards to generate plus income today.

The best aplicaciones to earn money in Venezuela are those that offer payment guarantees.

Also, that they give you the opportunity to generate plus income in exchange for a fácil activity.

For example, fill out surveys, invite friends, watch vídeos or ads on the internet.

Anywaysit is possible to earn money in Venezuela with applications.

How to do it with such a slow internet? Easy! The activities do not require as much connection and you perro do it in your spare time.

But how to receive the money? Through numerous virtual payment platforms, in currencies or gift cards.

If you live in Venezuela and want to earn money with aplicaciones, charge weekly between 20 and 30 dollars; Next, we will tell you everything you must do to achieve it.

  • MobileXpression: Turn your mobile use into rewards

What are aplicaciones or applications?

An aplicación or application is a computer development coincidente with mobile devices, better known as teléfonos inteligentes.

They are downloaded, installed and run on this platform making their use completely mobile.

Besidescánido be integrated with computer peripherals and broaden the experience; for example, the camera, the microphone, GPS, among others.

There are official and unofficial markets where you perro download mobile applications.

However, for greater security, it is better to download these aplicaciones from authorized sites, for example, Google plus Play Store (Android operating systems) and Apple Store (iOS operating systems).

The applications have developer houses that send updates periodically, in case of changes or improvements. Some of them work without internet connectionwhich makes them accessible at all times.

The applications cánido be given an informative, creative, collaborative, sports, lucrative use, among others.

Also, these developments perro be downloaded in different parts of the world, including countries like Venezuela.

How do these aplicaciones work?

The applications work very automatically.

That is, they are downloaded and installed on the mobile and once the process is finished, you cánido entrar them.

Depending on the purpose of the aplicación, you may have to register, grant certain permissions, create a usuario, among other options.

In the case of aplicaciones to earn money in Venezuela, start with a usuario registration and verification process.

Requesting a series of data, credentials and information such as interests and tastes.

Thus, the system perro generate activities linked to the usuario’s knowledge.

In case you no longer want to use it and prefer to download another aplicación, you should know that the applications cánido be uninstalled.

Best aplicaciones to earn money

The best aplicaciones to earn money in Venezuela are available in official stores to provide greater security.

Know what they are, how they work and what benefits you cánido receive from them:


AppKarma is one of the best applications to earn money in Venezuela.

It is available to download on iOS and Android from its official stores.

You pay to play all the games available on your offer list.

Complete each requested requirement, and once completed, accumulate points redeemable for PayPal money.

Also, you perro receive gift card rewards from stores like Amazon, Google plus Play, iTunes, Xbox Live, PlayStation, among others.

Another way to earn money in Venezuela with Karma aplicaciones is by watching vídeos, through a referral system (30% of what they do), completing offers, testing applications, and many other ways.

To collect you must accumulate at least 4,000 points, which is equivalent to 3 dollars.

It is in English, and the aplicación only weighs 13 megabytes.

Toluna Aplicación

With the Toluna aplicación you cánido earn money just by giving your opinion about products and sharing it in the community.

Mezcle fun and ease when commenting and responding to surveys made by major brands.

Upon successful completion of each of them, you accumulate points that cánido be exchanged for money.

When creating an account in Toluna, you have the option of choosing the survey to take according to the duration, category or reward to receive.

Your opinion will be considered by companies that seek to know closely what comment you have about their products or services.

Toluna is a responsible aplicación that ensures the privacy and security of usuario data.

In addition, it puts into practice the best market research strategies.

Also, it has a TRUSTE Certificateto increase trust among its users.

It perro be downloaded for mobile phones with iOS and Android operating systems.

It is available in Spanish, with a minimum of a thousand points (equivalent to 50 euro cents) you cánido claim your first subscription, pay by PayPal, bank transfer and gift vouchers.

Also, you earn money with the referral system; 500 points (equivalent to 25 euro cents).

smart me aplicación

One of the best Aplicaciones to earn money in Venezuela just by using the phone participating in market studies is Smartme Aplicación.

The application needs to know how you use your mobile, and for this reason it rewards you with points that perro be exchanged for money.

Periodically, Smartme releases studies that you should participate in, answering their questions as candidly as possible.

There are contests with huge prizes that are raffled daily.

Besides, By being connected and active in the aplicación, you earn money.

For the most constant in the application, there is an exclusive club where you cánido find offers and promotions in restoranes, trips, technological products, fashion and more.

Also, if you register now you automatically add 10,000 points to your account.

Also, you win if you invite other friends referred by you, and add another thousand more points for each one.

The aplicación perro be downloaded on iOS and Android; with a thousand points you cánido now request your first redemption (equivalent to 0.10 euros).

To be part of it, you just have to register for free and start answering questions.

big time

One of the easiest ways to earn money in Venezuela with applications is through Big Time.

Just have to play free games available on the platform.

During each game you must accumulate tiques that perro be exchanged for cash.

The games perro be played unlimited, and as many times as you want in the day.

In each completed process you earn more tiques, redeemable in raffles that take place every 48 hours.

The prizes are in real money with high value amounts.

Or play it safe, and exchange it for money, considering that 2,500 tiques equals $0.10.

You cánido access this aplicación from Google plus Play Store or Apple Store.

To cash out you need to reach a minimum of 10 dollars.

Payment is made through PayPal; Also, you accumulate tiques for each referral that comes from you.

It is in Spanish, and perro be downloaded anywhere in the world.


Grab Points is one of the best applications to earn money in Venezuela by making offers that the system recommends.

Also, taking surveys, watching vídeos, downloading and testing aplicaciones.

At the end of the day, you accumulate points that cánido be redeemed for money that will be paid to you through PayPal or gift cards.

From 3 dollars you perro claim your first payment.

It takes between 24 and 48 hours to complete the process.

GrabPoints cánido be downloaded on Android and iOS mobile devices.

However, it is not in their official aplicación stores, so you have to complejo turístico to third-party websites.


People is an application that will make you earn money by leaving your opinions and recommendations about places, products or services.

For example, restoranes, movies, establishments, books, among others.

It works like a popular network, which will make recommendations based on the reviews made by the community.

How do you earn money in People? You start at the Roockie level, and like every start you don’t generate anything.

However, to reach the influencer level and start earning points, you must complete some activities; For example; keep active on the platform for at least five days (they do not have to be followed).

Also, invite 5 friends to join Peoople and upload a profile picture.

You must give away at least 20 likes and increase 10 followers.

With these steps you will already be an influencer and you will begin to earn money in Venezuela with Peoople aplicaciones.

The amounts vary according to the algorithm of the popular network.

An artificial intelligence that calculates the amount to receive, according to your daily activity.

For example, if you invite friends it is 0.10 euros for each one; If you receive 1,000 visits to your content, they pay you 0.35 euros at the influencer level.

But, if you are a higher level (Unicorn) you earn 0.50 euros for every thousand visits.

Also, there are mystery boxes where you win surprise prizes every 24 hours.

You only have to be a usuario of the popular network to participate.

On-premise Aplicación

Considered one of the best Aplicaciones to earn money in Venezuela giving your opinion on various infrastructures in the town.

The results are delivered to private companies, NGOs, governments and organizations that want to know how the streets, parks, monuments, and all kinds of infrastructure to be evaluated are located.

It perro be officially downloaded from Google plus Play Store and Apple Store.

Take up only a small amount of your time answering a few questions.

Also, you should take photos of your city and share them in the community.

Earn more money if you have knowledge of the area or if a company, organization or government wants to know how its management is going.

Payment is made through PayPal, Pyoneer or Coinbase.

The minimum to claim the first payment is $0.25.

You perro earn between 15 and 20 dollars a month, doing minimal tasks.

Another way to earn money on Premise is by looking for specific activities.

For example, going to a place and taking a photo of the price or how the facade of a place is.

At the same time you must register location data.

The language settings of the aplicación are in Spanish and English.


Complete tasks, answer surveys and easily earn money with streetbees.

In one hour up to 10 euros, without referrals.

It is one of the aplicaciones to earn money in Venezuela, with no minimum charge.

You receive your reward instantly, every time you finish an activity.

It is essential to be very open with this aplicación, who will seek to know everything you do.

From what you watch on televisión, listen or eat.

The surveys are called stories, and if one appears, it takes between two and five minutes to finish it.

For each one of them, you receive up to 5 euros as a reward.

Payments are made through PayPal, it perro be downloaded on iOS and Android, it weighs 26 megabytes and is in several languages, such as: Spanish, English, Portuguese and more.


Earn money in Venezuela with applications like GumsUp by testing aplicaciones, viewing ads, taking surveys, among other tasks.

Each completed activity generates points, called “gums” that will be paid by PayPal.

By downloading this application available on Android and iOS from its official stores, you only have to rate the products.

Filling out surveys about the games and aplicaciones tested.

Also, you perro request mobile applications instead of money in exchange for your services.

If you are a gamer you cánido receive virtual coins as a reward for your favorite games.

GumsUp’s goal is to create a backlink between developers and their users.

So everyone will be on the same page when it comes to creating and playing.


Earning money in Venezuela with aplicaciones like Berni is easy, you just have to play and watch vídeos on mobile.

Also, 30 seconds of attention per content is enough to get paid.

The reward is a coin, but collecting 100 of them earns you a ticket.

The international ticket has a monetary value that varies from cents to 100 dollars.

The vídeos are very funny about animals, food recipes, musicals, recreational, and more.

In the best TikTok style, only you earn money for seeing them.

It works like a popular network, with a totally free registration system.

It cánido be downloaded for iOS and Android, but not from their official stores.

In addition, it is in Spanish and in the aplicación market to earn money it is highly valued.

Simply Tasks

Earn money by doing fácil tasks like going to see the price of a product or filling out a survey.

Also, with comments about the attention received in the place.

The reward will be made through PayPal with notable amounts.

The jobs are called missions, and everything is done from the aplicación.

In it you will know the details, step by step, what you should do or say in certain situations.

In addition, you invest a small time of the day in doing them in exchange for money.

Check the list of missions constantly to take them on time and earn more money.

You should know that the actions carried out will be sent to the different companies that seek to improve their services.

To generate more money, invite other referrals from you and charge 25 cents for each of them.

The minimum to claim in your first payment is 10 euros.

If you want to download this aplicación, please entrar Google plus Play Store or Apple Store.


Earn money with AppDown, this aplicación testing vídeo games and other available applications.

You receive credits for each activity that accumulate to later exchange for prizes.

From money to PayPal and gift cards.

Also, it has a plus system of 300 points (equivalent to 1 dollar) and a referral program (50% of what the guest does).

The bonuses are plus tasks such as giving likes on Fb, following Twitter accounts, first 10 referrals, among others.

Also, there is a credit system other than points that varies depending on the amount accumulated.

If you are interested in learning more about this aplicación, you cánido download it to your Android or iOS mobile.

It is not available in the official application store, but from the developer’s website.


Earn money by doing fácil tasks like downloading aplicaciones, playing games, taking surveys and watching vídeos with the CashPirate Aplicación.

This especial aplicación has a good reputation in the market, making it one of the best aplicaciones to earn money in Venezuela.

With each challenge achieved you accumulate points and once you reach the minimum, you exchange it for gift cards or money in PayPal.

This is 2,500 points or the equivalent of $2.50.

The games in the aplicación are integrated, they are completely free and in Spanish.

Vídeo games are missions against the computer.

Later you must generate the pirate game to try to win the game.

In the case of the aplicaciones to be tested, some only have to be installed and when you have the points in your accounts, you cánido delete them.

The time perro range from minutes to days.

Also, you accumulate points through a referral system.

Consejos before downloading applications

It is not recommended for the security and privacy of your data to download applications without control.

To do this, we want to give you some essential consejos when looking for aplicaciones:

Download aplicaciones from official sources

It’s almost a obligation to download aplicaciones from official sources.

Either from well-known stores such as Google plus Play Store, Apple Store, Samsung Galaxy Store, Microsoft Store, Nokia Store, Aptoide, F-Droid, among others.

In general, these houses have scanning systems that guarantee reliable and secure aplicaciones.

Unofficial stores do not carry out this security scan, making the aplicación possible to be a software malicioso.

Also, if this happens on your mobile you will not have anyone to complain to, risking a lot in the process.

Install only those aplicaciones that give guarantees

Only aplicaciones that are transparent perro give you security and confidence when downloading and installing them.

A good way to find them is that they come from recognized and prominent companies in the market.

World-class brands, to which you cánido give access to your mobile.

Make sure that the aplicación is not hosted or has been developed in countries that are questionable in terms of security and privacy.

For example, China or Israel, which are characterized by being very authoritarian nations, where their applications must go through secret services of these governments.

You perro install these aplicaciones in the secure folder

If you create a secure folder on your mobile and add an aplicación inside, the security levels increase.

Not just the aplicación, but the entire device as well.

What it does is generate a private and isolated space from the team’s functions.

Generating this folder varies depending on the móvil.

Our opinion on the Aplicaciones to earn money in Venezuela

Earning money in Venezuela with applications is totally possible.

As an external source of income, where the investment, in addition to being minimal, is only time.

The rewards will be in currencies that you will receive weekly or monthly; it all depends on how much effort you inject into each task.

On the other hand, there are many options that do not lead you to anything and reaching the minimum withdrawal will be impossible.

To such an extent that you will abandon the aplicación giving away your effort.

It is essential to carefully evaluate each of the options and only enroll in the one that generates the most confidence.

We know that Venezuela has become a nation with many economic difficulties.

That is why these aplicaciones come as a salvation, small but feasible, to cover some expenses.

In addition, they do not interfere with your day to day, and they are activities that you cánido do in free time.

With these great recommendations of the best Aplicaciones to earn money in Venezuela we say goodbye.

Inviting you to continue learning more about the world of mobile applications and how they cánido help you solve many daily situations.

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 What are the best aplicaciones to earn
  What are the best aplicaciones to earn
  What are the best aplicaciones to earn

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