What are security quotes

What are security quotes

The Popular Security contributions They are mandatory contributions that every worker makes to carry out a work activity. The popular security fee to pay depends on the one hand on the salary and on the other on the contingencies that it covers. there is a maximum and minimum contribution base depending on each professional category.

In the case of self employed They are the ones who fully pay this money and perro even choose how much to pay as a contribution. While, for those who are employeesit is the law that establishes how much you have to contribute.

Payments to Popular Security finance the system and allow access to rights such as unemployment, common contingencies, work accidents and illnesses, unemployment benefit, overtime, professional training and eventual payments from the guarantee fund.

Popular security commissions are related to salaryalways within the limits established by the State, with a base of maximum and minimum contributions according to income; the minimum wage is €1,199.10 and the maximum is €3,751.2 per month. On your salary and with these limits, the types of contribution are established.

For those who perceive the minimum salarythat is, €950, is calculated as an annual salary in 14 installments and is equivalent to €13,300, so €844.50 will have to be paid to popular security in 12 installments, which is equivalent to €70.37 per month.

While, the Popular Security contribution for a salary of 1,500 euros gross monthly payments is 12 payments of 90.25, which represents a total cost of Popular Security of 1,143 euros.

The worker pays around 5% of his salary for contingencies common to the Popular Security, 1.55% for unemployment and 0.1% for professional training. That is, to say that the payment of a worker to the Popular Security It is around 6 to 7% of your salary, depending on the campo and the agreement.

As we mentioned before, in the case of the self-employed, they are the ones who fully pay this money, in the case of employees it is shared between the company and the worker. The following table summarizes what happens with each type of income.









Overtime Force Majeure



2:00 p.m.

Other Extraordinary Hours




The history of the popular commission in Spain begins in 1883 with the Popular Reforms Commission who was in charge of all questions relating to the welfare of the working class. Later, in the first decade of the 1900s, the first popular security, The Law of Work Accidents and the National Forecast Institute.

Subsequently, the protection mechanisms lead to a series of popular insurances, among which stand out the Worker Retirement (1919), the Compulsory Maternity Insurance (1923), Unemployment Insurance (1931), Health insurance (1942), Compulsory Old Age and Disability Insurance (SOVI) (1947).

In 1963 the Popular Security Bases Law with a financial base of distribution, public management and participation of the State in the financing. However, many of these principles ended up being reflected in the General Popular Security Law of 1966.

But it is not until the implantation of the democracy in the countryand the approval of the Constitutionwhen a series of reforms take place in the different fields that make up the Popular Security system.

This is how, the basic regulation of Popular Security is established in it article 41 of the Constitution and in the revised text of the General Popular Security Law (Royal Legislative Decree 8/2015).

These establish that the public powers will maintain a public popular security system for all citizens that guarantees sufficient assistance and popular benefits in situations of need, especially in case of unemployment, indicating that assistance and complementary benefits will be free.

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 What are security quotes
  What are security quotes
  What are security quotes

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