What are Revshares and how do they work?

What are Revshares and how do they work?

The Revshares They are en línea marketing pages that offer us investment systems through the purchase of advertising packages.

In exchange, we will also receive a certain return for the money we deposit on the platform.

In this way, with the purchase of each advertising package we will be assigned, on the one hand, points or credits to promote our backlinks.

And on the other, we will receive a return on the money invested in advertising with added interest.

But… what is a Revshare? Is it reliable to invest in them? cánido you really earn money en línea with the RevShares?

Currently, there are many investment pages with this business model, although each of them offers packages with certain characteristics and try to cover their debts with alternative financing sources.

Advertising packages on Revshares

As we have already seen, investing in these advertising packages will generate certain earnings for us, but there are some cambiantes that make up the operation and performance of these packages, and that will determine how and when we will receive our earnings.

profit sharing system RevShares profit sharing It will be based on the total income that you are receiving

Maturity time of a package – A package perro expire in 4 days or it cánido expire in two months.

This data will be important to know, more or less, When will we receive all of our winnings?.

Daily Earning Percentage – The daily delivery percentage perro be fixed or variable.

If it is fixed, we will receive the same amount of profit for as long as it takes for the package to mature.

In case of being variable, the profits will vary based on the income that the page has received the previous day.

Full return – Profitability is the total percentage of profit that each package reports to us.

There are RevShares that offer a 200% return on our investment, and there are others that cánido offer us 110%.

Repurchase Cómputo – The Repurchase cómputo is a part of the profits that goes directly to the cómputo to re-invest.

We will never be able to withdraw this money..

Package price – The price of these packages may vary depending on the RevShare.

There are some that have several packages available and at various prices, and there are others with a single package at a specific price.

Referral Commissions Comor it happens with almost all the pages to earn money, in the RevShares too there is a membership system or referrals.

RevShares Borrowing

The sum of all these factors is always a debt for RevShare.

To give a simplified example, if we invest $1 in an advertising package with a return of 110%, it means that we will have to return $1.10.

But at the same time, this package will generate a debt of $0.10 to RevShare (referral commissions apart).

How does a Revshare cover debt?

To make sustainable an unsustainable system with chronic losses, sources of financing alternatives to usuario investments must be sought.

The combination of these funding sources agregado the characteristics of the advertising packages will largely determine the future of RevShares.

Some sources of financing are the following:

External income – Add offer walls, survey panels, paid advertising…

Memberships – Charge a monthly or annual fee to its members.

In addition, the RevShare ensures a minimum investor profile, since You must invest an amount of money in advertising packages that amortizes the cost of that membership.

Limits on daily and global withdrawals – Putting a restriction on the total amount of money that comes out of RevShare, in the form of withdrawals to its members, gives stability to the system.

Although it is often an unpopular decision when that limit is too low or when it is reached very quickly.

Fees for withdrawing or adding funds – We may be charged fees both when adding and withdrawing funds.

Regardless of the fees charged to us by our payment processor, RevShare may charge an additional fee.

Administration use of funds – RevShares perro be self-funded by investing the money in other businesses.


Is it safe to invest in RevShares?


It is not reliable to invest in RevShare… although it perro be qualified.

With everything we have seen so far, we cánido say that there are many cambiantes that make it possible for a RevShare to be sustained over time or not.

But you have to keep in mind that a RevSahre has a life cycle, with a beginning and an end.

What I orinan by this? That as soon as a RevShare comes to an end or espectáculos signs of giving its last throes, it stops paying its members and good-bye.

These types of investments on the Internet are considered high risk.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice.

In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest.

Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research.

For more information do clic here.

How to work and invest in RevShares

It is very important to know how RevShares work before investing our money.

We run a serious risk of losing it.

Even so, despite knowing perfectly how it works, it is very likely to fall into a scam.

For this very reason, there are some precautions that we must take.

They are never 100% effective, but they are preventive and perro help us minimize the risk:

✅ Invest at the beginning – If we go in at the beginning, the page will most likely experience an initial boom.

That is always a good aspecto to quickly recover our investment.

✅ Invest by Payza Payza is the only payment processor that accepts RevShares that allows you to open disputes to claim our money in case of fraud.

Personally, I try invest by Payza whenever it is available for it.

✅ Get the money back as soon as possible – Here comes into play what the money we invest means to us.

If it is a small amount, we perro make the decision to risk and reinvest.

If it is a large amount and we want to run as little risk as possible, the best option is to recover our investment and play with the profits.

✅ Think coldly – I must admit that I myself did not take this point seriously… until I gave it to myself.

At many times we may be tempted to reinvest and reinvest, with the intention of earning more and more.

But that money, while it is in the RevShare cómputo, is fictitious money that is not in our pocket.

Ideally, it is find a cómputo point between investments and withdrawals.

In case of investing, do it only with that money that you do not need at all.

If you need it to reach the end of the month, it is best to keep it for yourself.

Are all RevShare Ponzi schemes??

A ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation with a pyramid structure, in which interest is paid with the money invested by members or with the money invested by new users.

In this way, as the flow of money enters, the commissions of the former members are paid.

In my opinion, there are two very important factors in this type of business: the honesty and good work of the admin.

If an administrator wants to deceive us, he will do it without scruples… and without anesthesia.

If we compare the previous definition with everything explained about RevShares, we may see many similarities.

Personally, I think what differentiates RevShares from a scam based on a ponzi scheme, are the sources of financing to cover the debt from advertising packages.

In case that a RevShare does not have alternative or external funding sources, it becomes directly a ponzi scheme.

Well, it pays the interest with the money of the members themselves or with the money from new investments.

Many of us will have read or heard about Paypal freezing RevShare funds.

Or that such a page no longer works with Paypal, etcétera.

The fault of all this is not Paypal.

But the RevShares business model goes against Paypal’s policies.

What’s more, Paypal will never accept a business model based on a pyramid system or with connotations of a possible ponzi scam.

Opinions on revshares

As I have already mentioned during the explanation, it is essential to know how RevShares work.

And above all, knowing what system they use to distribute the profits if we intend to invest.

RevShares are high risk businesses in which we have the possibility of earning money, but we cánido also lose it.

I myself, when I started investing in these types of pages, I equipo myself a rule that I follow to the letter; The money that I use to invest is money that I have earned on the internet and not money that I have earned in “real” life.

This is how I heal in health.

In the blog I recommend several games to earn moneyportals of paid surveys and pages with which earn bitcoins by watching ads.

Lastly, for all of you who are now starting to invest in RevShares, just to say to be cautious and not to invest more money than you perro afford to lose.

Starting with small investments will give you the experience you need to work your way up the ladder and give you confidence later on.

I hope this articulo helps you to better understand what RevShares are and how they work.

In any case, if you want to make any comments about it or provide relevant information, you cánido leave me a comment or write me a message through the Contact tab.

Until next time clickers!!

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 What are Revshares and how do they work?
  What are Revshares and how do they work?
  What are Revshares and how do they work?

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