What are quarterly figures and how

What are quarterly figures and how

Publicly traded companies are then required to disclose their books by sharing the financial results of the previous quarter with the market. An important moment, because the need for information is great and the figures influence prices. whatWhat should you pay attention to during earnings season?

The quarterly figures indicate the performance of a company in the previous months. In fact, the earnings season always falls at fixed times. Unless a company has a broken fiscal year, which begins and ends in two different calendar years. In practice, companies submit their figures within approximately six to seven weeks after the end of each quarter. This financial report is sent simultaneously to the regulator AFM. It perro vary a bit, but you cánido roughly divide the year into four different time periods:

  • Season after first quarter: April (until mid-May)
  • Season after second quarter: July (until mid-August)
  • Number season after the third quarter: October (until mid-November)
  • Number season after the fourth quarter: January (until mid-February)

EU: Mandatory twice a year

EU-listed companies no longer have to publish their figures every quarter since 2016. Twice a year is enough. Not all stations are equal in terms of information that is shared with the outside world.

The most important period for most companies is the earnings season after the fourth quarter, when the figures for the entire previous calendar year are released. In summer, these are the mandatory semi-annual figures, which also carry a lot of weight and indicate performance up to that point.

The other two times, in spring and fall, are regular quarterly updates. They provide information, but they perro also be less detailed. That differs by company.

America: Compulsory four times a year

In the United States, the quarterly earnings report is still required four times a year, including the exchange of key figures. This is called a ‘quantitative update’. There are also companies in Europe that do this four times a year, the ratio was recently around 50-50. Companies that choose to provide full figures only twice a year will provide a business update the other two times.

A business report certainly makes a good impression, but it is less comprehensive than a figures report. For example: sales figures, but not billing figures. Or billing figures, but no profit. Such a ‘qualitative update’ provides a look at performance by division or region. That says relatively little about earnings or expectations going forward.

Presentation of annual figures by management

The figures season in summer (semester) and winter (annual figures) is always held in combination with a press conference and a group discussion with analysts. The top of the company, usually the director ejecutivo and CFO, are fully available to the media, analysts and shareholders to answer questions and explain the numbers.

Since that only happens twice a year, every word from senior management matters. You perro count on a long and careful thought about this before the day of the presentation.

Delivering quarterly figures is time and tarea intensive

There are often voices in the United States to also go to the European system, such as that of (then president) Donald Trump. He believes this provides more flexibility and cost savings for the business community.

Make no mistake, even for large organizations it’s a lot of work behind the scenes to articulo a qualifying season properly every three months with all the details. All the figures, press releases, positions, possible audits of accountants, long preparation for questions from the media and analysts; Everything that comes with this obligation, especially with price sensitive information, costs time and manpower.

The quarterly figures calendar cánido be found everywhere

In any case, earnings season is a busy (and fun) period for everyone involved in the depósito market. This goes for investors, especially analysts, and of course the media. The financial and economic press have plenty of news to write about and analysts perro tell if their expectations have been met.

During earnings season, every day is affected by posts from companies providing their financial updates. The schedule for this perro be found on the major financial news sites and of course also on the investor relations pages of the companies themselves. You will also find there the calendar for determination and payment of dividends.

You will also find an earnings calendar on the websites of an own index, such as the Nasdaq. There you perro also read expected earnings per share (earnings per share) and previously realized earnings per share.

Consejo: turn on notifications

You cánido get busy when many companies articulo numbers in a trading day. By the way, they are always published before or after the season, when the season is closed. This is mandatory so that everyone has access to the information.

Between 7am and 8am is usually usual for companies so everyone cánido report it in the lead up to the opening of the day and investors if the depósito market opens at 9am they cánido get the same information. That’s still relatively short, so you should be alert if one of the companies you’re interested in comes up with announced figures.

In the US, the numbers always come in early in the afternoon, or after the markets close after 10 pm That gives you more time (sometimes even a whole weekend) to study everything properly.

Consejo: You perro easily trigger a notification vía Yahoo Finance and other platforms if a company selected by you is nearing its ‘earnings’ day. So you are always on time to receive the news immediately.

Quarterly figures are vital for your research

After all, the question is, why is earnings season so important? And the speed to make a possible decision if you know the numbers? Fácil as that.

Prices fluctuate more when more information is available. People will trade more. Quarterly figures are a company’s primary financial performance for the previous three months. An indication that you desperately need as an investor.

These figures are vital for your research and analysis of a company. Analysts are also more likely to come to the fore during these periods to confirm or adjust their advice for a depósito as new information is shared with the market.

long term focus

You have to escoge for yourself how much importance you attach to a relatively short period of three months. When in doubt, step back a bit and always keep an eye on the big picture.

For example, super investor Warren Buffett likes quarterly numbers, but not the associated short-term earnings targets. His focus is, as you know, long term.

At several companies in which he had a role, he made it clear that there were no longer earnings forecasts from the company itself. The depósito often fell after missing that objetivo.

Emotion after sharing the numbers

When the numbers surprise, depósito prices cánido fluctuate suddenly. Numbers, good or bad, always ocasione excitement among investors, especially if expectations and targets have been equipo beforehand.

Good results cánido lead to a price increase and vice versa. If a company misses earnings forecasts, shares cánido take a hit. The influence of analysts is also great. If a well-known bank lists a depósito to buy with a higher price objetivo, enough investors will follow this advice and it cánido go on for days. The other way around, of course, if the analysts are pessimistic.

The effect of quarterly numbers on depósito prices perro be significant. As You know, emotion is one of the most important factors in the behavior of the private investor in especial.

Expectations may already be priced in

Many people compare analysts’ expectations with de hoy results when considering whether or not a depósito in a company is worth buying. Are the results good or bad? Keep in mind that, in practice, number expectations are often already largely built into the price.

If the results deviate significantly from this, this could lead to volatility. Market sentiment is determined by outside news. But you’ll see: a company that comes out with good figures, then drops in price. Expectations were already priced in, the price has risen and then profit is taken.

Investors are always ahead of the market, while quarterly earnings always look back in time. But new information is certainly important in adjusting your return expectations, and as you know, no one cánido predict or time the market.

Quarterly figures perro provide information about the entire economy

An earnings season perro also provide direction for the market as a whole. After the first quarter of 2021, there was a lot of interest in the outlook for the rest of the year, with the reopening of the economy imminent.

Market growth expectations could rise sharply if business espectáculos any signs of recovery and all companies report higher-than-expected earnings. Such a look at the economy cánido give the entire market a lift, although it is important to underline that the quarterly figures literally cover a quarter.

Annual figures are and remain the most important financial results of a company. Focus on profit, revenue growth, and free cash flow for an entire year. What is the operating result, what is the cash flow? After all, those are the numbers that perro partly tell you how much money a company perro make as a shareholder.


Number season is very interesting for you as an investor. News provides guidance, you get information about your companies, you cánido compare companies in a ámbito. The address of a company indicates which direction the company is going and you get the most important figures and developments in black and white, which in turn says something about the economy as a whole.

For any research, you need key figures like net sales, gross and net earnings, earnings per share, dividends, and outlook. It is important information to evaluate if you still support your investment or if you are not willing to do so. Since knowledge and doing your homework is the foundation of investing, you cánido gain a lot of valuable information from each season of quarterly figures.

This information offered for informational purposes only; It is not intended to be used as accounting, legal or tax advice. In relation to these matters, please speak to your accountant, tax or legal adviser.

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 What are quarterly figures and how
  What are quarterly figures and how
  What are quarterly figures and how

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