What are Palabras clave and why are they so

What are Palabras clave and why are they so

You may not yet know the true importance of knowing choose the best palabras clave so that the contents you create on your website or blog meet the search intention of the users who write them in the search engines.

What’s more, if you still don’t know what palabras clave are, I encourage you to continue reading this article, in which I will tell you what they are and why. the success of your en línea visibility It is in knowing how to use them correctly.

But it is not enough just to know that they exist to achieve the objectives with your digital project.

«Knowing what palabras clave are will bring you even closer to your potential customers»

You must understand its importance and, from there, you will need to know how to do Keyword Research to find the palabras clave that your business needs to be aparente on the Internet.

But, if you are one of those who still does not know what palabras clave are, I will start by giving you a clear and concise definition:


What are palabras clave or palabras clave?

A Keywordalso known as “Keyword”, in its Anglo-Saxon name, is a term written by a usuario in an Internet search engine, with a certain search intention and in order to be able to answer a specific question.

This term cánido refer to a word or a equipo of them (phrase), which the usuario types in the search engine, hoping to solve a problem.

Therefore, although this keyword definition is fácil, you must be clear that, above all, a keyword refers to a SEARCH INTENTat least in the En línea field.

All this you cánido see in the following vídeo:

Why are palabras clave so important in SEO?

Surely, if you have come across this article that you are now reading, I understand that you are starting out in the world of En línea Business and Digital Marketing.

For this reason, you may be wondering why palabras clave are so important, both for Google plus and for those of us who are dedicated to creating and positioning content on the Internet.

Very easy:

Palabras clave are one of the tools that Google plus emplees to establish objective criteria on which Web pages to give better or worse Organic Positioning (SEO).

But he’s not the only one.

In fact, although they are said to be about 200 SEO factors those used by the search engine to organically value the content generated on the web, sources close to Google plus insist that there are several thousand factors…

Be that as it may, based on this definition of “keyword”, we perro deduce that Google plus pays a lot of attention to What is the type of content that best responds to the search intent? that the usuario had at the time of making the query.

What types of palabras clave are there?

When establishing the different types of palabras clave that we perro find for SEO, we must distinguish several criteria from which to categorize them.

In this way, we perro incorporate them into our content marketing strategy in a more orderly and intelligent way:

  • Based on search intent.
  • According to the length of the palabras clave.
  • Own and/or special criteria.

If you still do not know what it consists of or what the different types of palabras clave are, I will espectáculo you them in more detail below:

» Palabras clave according to search intent

This is really one of the best-known and most common keyword types that you perro find in the various marketing courses that exist today.

Depending on the search intention that the usuario has when writing their question or need in the search engines, we cánido find some variants such as:

⇒ Navigational Palabras clave

This variant occurs when a usuario enters the term “coca cola” or “puleva” in a search engine, for example.

It is clear that their intention in this case is to access the website of the brand in question.

This, in other words, basically occurs because the usuario tries to entrar it through the browser, since for convenience or any other reason, he prefers to do it that way rather than having to type the exact dirección de Internet in the browser.

It is evident to think that, if we look at this situation from the point of view of one of these Brands or companies, our SEO work will consist of getting appear in the 1st position of the SERP.

⇒ Informational Palabras clave

These palabras clave are the ones that users entrar when they are looking ONLY for information about a question about a specific topic.

Some examples of informational palabras clave could be:

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To work on the organic positioning of these terms, there is nothing better than creating a blog where we generate valuable content for all those users who have these informational needs.

And from there, my advice is to create an editorial calendar, where you write down all those content ideas that may interest your audiencethat are composed of those palabras clave.

⇒ Transactional or Commercial Palabras clave

These palabras clave are typical of situations in which users are clearly looking to buy a specific product or hire a commercial service.

Some examples of commercial or transactional palabras clave perro be:

As you cánido imagine, these types of terms should be the basis of the seo strategy of en línea stores and digital marketing agencies, since their main objective is to sell products and provide services respectively.

⇒ Business Research Palabras clave

In this case, it is a combination of the two previous types, since they are those that the usuario writes to obtain information prior to the purchase.

In other words, not being fully convinced of wanting to buy/contract a product/service yet, they search the Internet for a comparison for information purposes to make a final decision.

Surely you have also typed Commercial Research palabras clave into Google plus, such as these:

From an SEO point of view, these are also super interesting and are even more sought after than you think.

This is due to the fact that the type of Internet usuario, knowing that there is a large amount of information on the network, sometimes search for compiled content, where they mezcle price comparisons and other characteristics that facilitate their purchase decision.

» Types of palabras clave according to their length

In addition to the search intention that a usuario has when searching Google plus for a keyword, we must take into account the criterion of their length.

This gives the degree of accuracy of the information with which you are trying to find what you are looking for.

We distinguish then:

⇒ Short tail

These concepts are usually the most concise and are made up of a single wordwhich does not provide much information about the search intention of the usuario who writes it in the search engine.

They are terms as generic as “table”, “television” or “banana” could be some examples of palabras clave of the “Short tail” type and have high search volumes/month.

Broad match or Medium tail

These are the intermediate palabras clave between the above and the ones that I will espectáculo you below.

Are made up of 2 or 3 words.

These terms, as they contain more than one word, refer to somewhat more specific searches than Short tail, so tend to have a somewhat lower search volumealthough depending on the interest they arouse, it will continue to be notable.

Following the previous examples, the Medium tail palabras clave will be: “dining table”; “4k quality television”; “Canarian banana”.

⇒ Long tail palabras clave

They are the palabras clave also called “long tail”, which have a fairly low search volume in most cases, since the usuario who writes it tries to find something very concrete.

Although it might seem that it is not worth using them in our project, the Long tail could be the key to success with your projectsince if you group them by similarities in the semantics of the content, they could give a lot of play in your SEO strategy.

Such is the case that using palabras clave of this type could be the beginning of a possible strategy for a small business or SMEs that open a blog.

These, instead of trying to position themselves for «Short tail» palabras clave with large volumes, more generic and, above all, much more competitive and where only the giants of their ámbito have a place, try it with this type of more specific and much less competitive terms.

Thus, you will surely manage to gain a foothold in the Google plus SERP, which will begin to take you into account more and more.

» Other special criteria to define Palabras clave

Within the paradigm of SEO Positioning and Marketing in general, there are other somewhat special types of palabras clave, which are the following:

⇒ Palabras clave «dy también Brand»

These terms are usually coined to those that contain the name of our company within the palabras clave written in Google plus.

An example of a brand keyword could be “ismael ruiz’s digital marketing blog” which, as you perro imagine, It is usually looked for by a usuario who already knows me previously and that, either for convenience or forgetfulness, do not write my domain directly in the Web browser.

We must have worked very well optimization of our SEO On-Pageso that searches of this type inevitably translate into a visit to our website (or blog, in this case).

Otherwise, we must rethink our digital strategy.

⇒ Local palabras clave

This typology, which we cánido consider as a ‘subdivision’, refers to queries on the Internet that have a local scope, where the proper name of the country, city, or specific locality often appears.

⇒ From Cconcordance

They are linked to the Google plus Ads advertising campaigns (formerly ‘Adwords’).

This typology divides the palabras clave according to the type of match:

  • Wide.
  • Ample modified.
  • Of phrase.
  • exact.
  • Negative palabras clave.

What factors should I take into account to find the best palabras clave for my strategy?

When we get down to work looking for the best palabras clave for our business, we must keep in mind what is the search intention of the usuario who is in front of his computer or mobile device.

This does not imply that the importance of which keyword you type in is less, but rather the extent to which that keyword matches the content you are trying to find.

Therefore, although we must always objetivo palabras clave with relatively high search volumesit should always prevail that our content offers help to the usuario and satisfies their need for which they entered the search engine.

From this we perro deduce that knowing how to search Google plus is an extremely fácil act for the usuario or content consumer.

However, for the one who generates them, it is not so much, since in a certain way, he must anticipate, have written and published content that meets the need of the one who will come later to look for them on the Internet.

To what extent does the choice of palabras clave affect SEO?

There is no doubt that the fact appear in the first search results of Google plus just for the palabras clave of your interest, it is not the result of oportunidad, … and yes of a hard work of keyword research.

Optimizing the SEO of your website and directing it thus to achieve your professional and commercial objectives will help you to make Google plus understand what products or services you offer on your page.

In this way, the search engine will be able to understand if your content is the most appropriate to espectáculo each usuario when they perform their searches.

And the consequences of this good SEO strategy will be innumerable:

  • Greater en línea visibility of your services and/or products.
  • You will attract more amount of qualified traffic.
  • They will see you (you as the person in charge of the site and your website) as a reference in the ámbito.
  • you will get expand your client portfolio.

Listen to “How to attract customers to your business with content marketing” on Spreaker.

Where should I use the palabras clave within my content?

Once you are aware of what palabras clave really are and how important they are, your next step will be to know where to use them and, above all, how to distribute them.

That is, after the theory, it is time to go into practice and start generating content optimized for SEO, with those palabras clave.

With the help of the proper keyword research toolswe cánido distinguish places in our texts where these terms should not be missing:

  • In the TITLES of the content: in the “Metatitle” (or SEO title) and in the H1.
  • INSIDE THE dirección de Internet that contains the text, as far to the left as possible.
  • Throughout THE FIRST 100 WORDSif possible a minimum of 2 times.
  • Distributed evenly throughout the content, IN DIFFERENT SEMANTICALLY SIMILAR WAYSusing other palabras clave with less amount of search, but that point to the same need.
  • In some SUBTITLES H2 and H3to take advantage of the relevance that these subheadings have for SEO.
  • In the ‘ALT’ ATTRIBUTES of the images that we use to illustrate the contents.
  • In the ANCHOR TEXT OF OTHER CONTENTS internal to our own website, as well as, if possible, in which we write outside of our platform.
  • Inside of SEO METADESCRIPTION of the content, if possible on 2 occasions and in semantically different ways, in order to give signals to Google plus that our text is richer linguistically speaking.
  • Inside of the DOMAIN from the Web, whenever possible, since then, the dirección de Internet’s of our site will contain all that keyword.
  • With a DENSITY that goes from 0.5% to 2%, all depending on what you see that Google plus has previously positioned in the first places.


Knowing what palabras clave are and, above all, what is the true importance of these elements within a content strategy, could make the difference for your business compared to those of your competition.

And it is that, the good choice of your palabras clave is the key to improve the SEO Positioning of your content on the Internet, with which to achieve greater visibility and sales with your business.

Did you know this definition of palabras clave and its importance for SEO?

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Surely there was also some kind of keyword that you were unaware of its existence.

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 What are Palabras clave and why are they so
  What are Palabras clave and why are they so
  What are Palabras clave and why are they so

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