What are overdraft fees? There is

What are overdraft fees? There is

The overdraft commission is he Cost that you will have to pay if your bank account is in the red for a notable time. The entity ‘lends’ you the money necessary to meet outstanding debts when you do not have money in the account. In return, you will have to pay said rate agregado interest that varies depending on the delay.

This is one of the most feared commissions due to their high cost which perro amount to 50 euros or more, since it is applied in the form of percentage and stipulates a minimum of amount that you have to pay yes or yes and they will charge you every time you have no account cómputo if so determined by bank policy.

Although it is a very usual and widespread commission among banking entitiesnot all of them charge them and here we are going to tell you what they are.

How much cánido a bank charge you for an overdraft?

The overdraft commission is 4.5% of the amount owedbeing the minimum of €15 and 90 days have to pass for it to be considered overdraft and the entity proceeds to charge you the commission and notify the corresponding organizations so that they include you in the list of defaulters.

Banks that do not charge overdraft commissions in Spain

Most of the banking entities charge high uncovered fees. But there are some whose rate is below average and offer other benefits for their clients.


This entity is one of those minus overdraft fees charged to your clients in your checking account; only 0.66%. After the period of two weeks, €33 is charged. To this we must add that openbank It offers a checking account without commissions or requirements and gives €20 as a welcome gift and the debit card is free, ideal for enjoying Open discounts in different businesses.

Evo Bank

The fully digital Spanish bank promotes itself as a commission-free bank and this also includes overdraft fees; the entity makes a claim after the 90-day period and arrived the expiration term of the same, €20 are charged.


ENG It allows you to open a 100% free checking account without commissions or paperwork and offers a totally free debit and credit card. As for the overdraft commission, it is less than the 4.5% that the rest of the banking entities traditionally charge; ING allows you up to two days of overdraft and then applies a commission of 3.99%.

That commissions includes an account at discovered?

When we entrar numbers in red, the overdraft commissionwhich is applied to the largest amount that the client has had negative during a specific period and which is usually 4.5% as we have seen.

But this commission does not come alone, since it is certain that other costs are included, such as debt interest or late paymentwhich is usually 7.5% and is applied as a percentage by multiplying it by the negative cómputo and dividing it by the number of days that the bank overdraft has lasted.

On the other hand we have Bank overdraft claim cost. This rate is applied by banks to offset the expenses of the procedures that must be carried out to notify the usuario that they have entered into a bank overdraft. It is a fairly expensive fixed amount which is usually about €30.

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 What are overdraft fees?  There is
  What are overdraft fees?  There is
  What are overdraft fees?  There is

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