What are long tail palabras clave and how perro they

What are long tail palabras clave and how perro they

Long tail palabras clave? Long tail palabras clave? Yes, you have translated well from English.

This is a resource widely used by those of us who are dedicated to writing content optimized for SEO.

It is a somewhat advanced technique, which requires some experience and expertise on your part.

Although I have good news for you: Today you are going to learn how to use this SEO strategy Step by Step.

You will be able to appear in the search engine for hundreds (and even thousands) of palabras clave with a single article.

You do not believe it? Keep reading, you’ll see!

⚠️ WARNING! ⚠️To achieve this, eliminate from your mind that LIE that they told you that for each piece of content you write, you cánido only position and use a single keyword.

Perhaps those who taught you this saw a certain potential and a possible threat in you.

Who knows…

I do not blame you.

I also started believing it.

But now you are HERE.

You are not the only one, since there are a large number of people like you, who start in the Digital Marketing ámbito by listening to most professionals talking about these types of palabras clave.

And it is that if you get use the “long tail palabras clave” in an appropriate wayyou cánido get:

  • Increase your web traffic quality.
  • Do make sales soar in your eCommerce.
  • Increase the number of budget requestsif you offer services.

Listen to “How to attract customers to your business with content marketing” on Spreaker.

That is the main reason why I have created this article.

In addition to discovering the true definition of longtail, you will learn how to find the most interesting long-tail palabras clave in your professional niche, with which you will achieve all these benefits.

But before, Let’s start with the most basic!


What are LONG TAIL in SEO?

The type palabras clave long tail They are key words or phrases made up of 3 or more words, which seek to specify and be even more specific in a certain Internet search than if we did it by writing 1 or 2 words.

In its así meaning of English it means “LONG TAIL» and was developed around 2004 by the entrepreneur Chris Andersonalso editor of «Wired» magazine.

Anderson business defends this term stating that the mass market is gradually becoming less profitable than it was a few decades ago, in favor of niche market.

This evolution of the mentality applied to business favors the consumer of content and products, because the offer will be richer and more varied for them.

And if we extrapolate this iniciativa to Content Marketing, it will also benefit them, since anyone who now performs a very specific search on the Internet will find not only a greater variety of content, but will also find the answer to their question, no matter how “far-fetched” as this is.

This will be possible thanks to the fact that, surely, there will be one or more niche websites talking about that specific topic.

In his book “The LongTail Economy (New Paradigms)” he reveals that thanks to the Internet and the new consumer society, selling in small quantities is finally profitable.[/su_note]

I leave you the backlink to Amazon, in case you dare to read it:

According to its length, what other types of palabras clave are there?

As I explained to you in previous articles in which I talked about the types of palabras clave, they are divided into several groups or criteria:

  • Based on search intent.
  • According to the length of the palabras clave.
  • Own and/or special criteria

And in the case of LENGTH, which is what concerns us, we have:


Also called “seed palabras clave”, they are usually the most concise and made up of a single wordwhich does not provide much information about the search intention, because it is very generic.

In addition, as I have already indicated, they usually have a large search volume.

MEDIUM TAIL (or “broad match»)

Are made up of 2 or 3 words and they are halfway between the previous ones and the protagonist of this article.

Regarding the short tails, they are somewhat more specific and give a little more information about what you want to find.


They are the palabras clave also called “long-tail”, which have a fairly low search volume in most cases, since the usuario who writes it tries to find something very specific.

Although it might seem that they are not worth using in our project, Long tails could be the key to success with your projectgiven that if you group them by similarities in the semantic sense, they could give a lot of play in your SEO strategy.

To make it more visual and to understand it clearly, I will give you an example:

  • regular keyword: «cars».
  • middle tail keyword: «cheap cars», «red cars».
  • long tail keyword: «cheap second-hand cars», «cheap cars in La capital española», «red convertible cars», «big convertible cars».

And so, we could continue with an endless number of long-tail palabras clave.

There are many and it is a very interesting way to approach more specific terms and thus increase the traffic of our website in less competitive searches.

Long-tail palabras clave may seem long and cumbersome, but when they are worked correctly they perro bring us many visits.

4 Tools to Find Long Tail Palabras clave

Now that you know what long-tail palabras clave are and what they are for.

It’s time to teach you how to locate them to put them into practice in your en línea business and start gaining new quality visitors.

There are multiple tools today that allow you to know the most interesting long-tail palabras clave.

Some are paid and some are free.

I am going to espectáculo you the ones that I use the most.

Although there are 10, as long as you use one or two of them, it would be enough to extract this type of palabras clave that are most important for your niche.

» SEMRUSH: find thousands of longtails with ‘Keyword Magic Tool’

Those of us who dedicate ourselves to generating content on a daily basis, both for our blog and for those of our clients, are lucky to have a platform like SEMrush, which combines several truly essential tools.

One of them is the KEYWORD MAGIC TOOL, which allows you to extract hundreds and even thousands of long tail palabras clave from the main keyword that you type in its internal search engine.

If you want to start using it, here is a SEMrush search engine, so you cánido start looking for your most interesting niche terms:

All this valuable information, when exported to an excel archivo, gives you the possibility of composing your flagship, with which to create content to answer one or more questions related to a topic that your objetivo audience becomes.


Maybe it seems curious or unprofessional to you, but none of that.

Google plus suggestions are currently one of the best tools (if not the best) to find the terms you will need to improve the SEO of your web project.

Just open the search engine and entrar the main keyword and Google plus will espectáculo you a drop-down with a equipo of suffixes most searched for by people, ordered from highest to lowest.

But the thing does not end there.

In addition to knowing the composition of the keyword and the suffix most searched for by people, we cánido also know their prefixes.

This is very useful for work the best and most profitable long tail palabras clave.

but also, if you want to go further, a trick is to add an asterisk right at the beginning of the main keyword.

In this way, the dropdown will espectáculo a series of combinations with prefixes What else are people looking for?

One of the tricks to search Google plus in an advanced way and that not everyone knows.

» AHREFS: long tail search with ‘Palabras clave Explorer’

Without a doubt, Ahrefs is one of the best options on the market in terms of SEO tools, since in addition to helping you find long-tail phrases for your web or blogging project, developing a very complete Linkbuilding strategy.

Regarding the case that concerns us in this article, its section «KEYWORD EXPLORER > QUESTIONS» also allows you to know the search volume of each longtail and even the competition of each one of them.


Highlights of answerthepublic.com:

  • Is free.
  • It does not even require prior registration.
  • You perro download the list of terms in CSV (Excel).
  • It throws you quite a few combinations of your keyword, coupled with various prepositions and usuario concerns.
  • It is quite well considered among bloggers as a very useful and effective tool when looking for the best long-tail palabras clave.

Why are these Long Tails so important for your SEO strategy?

There are many reasons why you should work on long-tail palabras clave.

Some of them are:

⇨ They attract more quality traffic

Generally speaking, these palabras clave they will bring you much more traffic than if we only work with short palabras clave of one or two words.

I explain…

You may be thinking that, if by definition, each of these short tail or seed palabras clave separately has a large number of searches, it will be precisely these that will make you attract more traffic, right?

But it is that these, by theory the long tail that I told you about before, will have great competition, not to say “fierce.”

Therefore, in most cases, unless your business website has a very large authority, It will be very difficult for you to position yourself with these terms among the first results of the search engine.

That because?

Well, due to a series of SEO factors such as domain authority, age, the investment they have made to improve their en línea visibility and hundreds of other conditions.

Therefore, an alternative is to bet on to attract visitors thanks to the sum of all those long tail palabras clavemore specific and with a much clearer and more concise purpose or search intention than with the short tail.

⇨ You will increase the time spent on your site

And not only will we increase our traffic in general terms, but we cánido also increase many other factors such as the dwell time of our visitors.

The explanation is very fácil: when content is positioned for a short-tail keyword, made up of a single word, Google plus may be able to offer a series of results on its SERP that respond to a wide variety of search intentions or queries.

So, if we manage to position one of our contents in the first places for that very generic search, when the usuario enters our dirección de Internet, it is possible that what you find inside it does not match what you came looking for.

Therefore, it will immediately leave our website, with which the time of permanence will fall on usif this happens on a recurring basis.

For example, when we search for “cross fit» simply, as it is not clear to Google plus what exactly we are looking for:

  • What is this sport?
  • A nearby center to practice it?
  • What benefits does it have for health?

In these cases, your SERP may offer a “mix” of all kinds of related content.

Thus, it will be a mere oportunidad that the usuario finds exactly what he is looking for.

⇨ They generate more conversions than more generic palabras clave

Habitually, a short tail keyword is usually very (too) genericso Google plus will surely offer a mix of several possible search intentions related to the term, as I just mentioned.

This has a possible reason: the usuario probably does not know exactly what he wants to find, therefore, he enters only one term in the search engine.

As you perro imagine, this situation will rarely end in a purchase (or contracting services) on their part, so if we are on the seller’s side, we will never get it to convert on our website.

However, those who carry out a much more specific search with longtail palabras clave are surely very clear about what they want to find and with what characteristics.

Continuing with the previous example, if the same person enters “red crossfit shoes size 45» and (look what a coincidence!) we have an eCommerce in which we offer this product, it will very likely convert, as long as the rest of the features fit.

How do I start applying these techniques to get Long Tail palabras clave for my business?

But, I’m going to espectáculo you with concrete examples to make it more visual and better understandable.

Continuing with the example of cars, suppose we have a car sales website of all kinds and many sub-pages already created.

If we have a page with a second-hand car for sale and it is cheap, it is very interesting to work with this long-tail keyword, rather than only with “cars” or “cheap cars”.

The reason is that there is a percentage of people who are specifically looking for this type of car and we are interested in grab the more visits the better.

In addition, the usuario who enters our website through this long-tail keyword is a usuario who is looking for something specific, with certain specifications and we will be offering them quality content.

In this way, there is a high probability that this will turn into a sale.

Therefore, if we manage to position by long tails, we will increase our conversions and our quality objetivo audience.

At the beginning, we talked about the longtail palabras clave that will bring you more visits than working on specific palabras clave.

This happens because fácil or short palabras clave usually have high competition and they have already been worked on before in other businesses.

So, by attacking long-tail palabras clave, we will position ourselves more easily and quickly, attracting a lot of quality traffic to our website.


Google plus has reached 4YFNthe congress of start-ups which is held under the framework of the Mobile World Congress 2019, with the intention of removing the fear of start-ups to use their advertising platform.

The technology has explained that “15% of daily searches are new.”

This number means two things to the start-ups:

  • The first is that your products or services cánido appear in a search at any time since they are continually renewed.

    That is, users have new concerns and are looking for different things.

  • Another reason why it is very interesting to work the long tails are the geolocated searches.

As we say, many people look for specific products and also do so in specific places.

Surely there are people who are looking for, for example, “cheap red cars in La capital española”.

Therefore, on our website we should work on different long-tail palabras clave to capture this objetivo audience.

Some companies that are working very well with these positioning techniques are Milanuncios or Amazon For example.

The model LONG TAIL» applied to the negocios: what is it based on?

Before moving on to check out the best techniques for extracting long-tail palabras clave, it’s important that you understand how this system works.

And what better way to explain it to you than by emphasizing its 3 pillars on which it stands:



This marketing strategy Traditional converted into “SEO technique”, it will only be profitable when there is a great demand for our product or the service we offer.

This is because the most appropriate way for our business model to be truly profitable is that, even selling small quantities of a large number of products, these have a very high demand.

This, extrapolated to the Internet, would lead to achieving a lot of qualified demand (qualified and segmented traffic) for hundreds or thousands of queries, each of which separately has a relatively small monthly traffic.



This decision to focus on the “long tail” of the graph that I showed you at the beginning is that we have an expensive and scarce resource and we want its profitability to be exponential.

Hence, in case we are capable of optimizing logistics and storage problems (Assuming that we are an eCommerce and we sell physical products) we will be able to take advantage of the physical storage space to sell more things.

But in the event that what we market are digital products or infoproducts (eBooks, digitized music, movies,…), this storage would always tend to zero, hence the advantages of selling through the network.



This point is another key to making the long tail business model work.

If we talk about blogging, if you, who are reading this article, manage to read it to the end because you are learning a lot with the advice I give you, if at the end I open a section of “I also recommend you read…” and I backlink you to some others posts that I have on types of palabras clave or vídeos on how to generate optimized content, we will be facing an effective recommendation.


Surely, if you have reached this part of the article, you will now have understood what long-tail palabras clave are and what their real importance is within a content strategy.

In addition, with the tools that I have recommended, you have a lot of work to do to get your long tail palabras clave.

And I say “your” because the ones that positively affect or affect your business will always be different from those of another, even mine, since your seed palabras clave may be the same as those of your competition…

However, the longtails for which you want to gain en línea visibility cánido be very different, as you want to stand out from the competition for other professional specialties.

What other tools do you use to extract hundreds or thousands of long tails from your niche palabras clave?

I wait for you in the comments to discuss this concept so necessary for the generation of content on the Internet.

We hope you liked our article What are long tail palabras clave and how perro they
and everything related to earning money, getting a job, and the economy of our house.

 What are long tail palabras clave and how perro they
  What are long tail palabras clave and how perro they
  What are long tail palabras clave and how perro they

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