What are bank commissions? The most

What are bank commissions? The most

The Bank fees are a amount of money, fixed or percentage, that the bank charges the client for the provision of different services such as carrying out transactions, account management, maintenance, issuance of cards, issuance of documents, contracts and negative cómputos, among others.

Are commissions cánido be collected together, as a single generic charge, which is called flat rates or separate, that is, a individualized charge for each service provided. In this articulo we will tell you everything you need to know about them.

Types of bank commissions

as we told you, there are different types of bank commissions that entities are willing to charge you based on the service in question. These are the most common.

Commissions for maintenance and administration

This type of commission is the most common of all but also the one that fewer and fewer entities charge due to the boom in accounts No commissions. It is charged when the bank account does not have a constant flow of money or is very low.either.

To avoid this type of commission, it is usually enough to hire some other product offered by the entity such as a credit card, payroll or service receipts.

Income commission

this commission is usually charged for the deposit of checks that are issued by a different bank to the account where you want to deposit the money, which carries a cost.

Currently, there are different types of bank accounts and entities that are free of income commissions or check issuance.

Bank commissions for transfers

With the rise of en línea banks and the Applications to make payments and transfers as bizumadded to the changes in the conditions offered by the entities, this type of commissions no longer affect so many users.

But when we talk about transfers international everything changes. The costs of the service and the management agregado the currency exchange translate into commissions that are usually quite high.

overdraft bank fees

When the account remains in the red for a period of more than 90 daysthe bank us lends the money needed to meet outstanding debts but in exchange it will charge us overdraft commissions.

This implies that we will have to pay said rate agregado interest that varies depending on the delay. This type of commission has a fixed part, which consists of charging simply for notifying us that our account is overdrawnand a variable part that depends of the amount of time that elapses until the cuinta be positive again.

Why do banks charge commissions?

Each service that a bank provides implies an expense. Even many times those services include To thirds. These expenses are covered by the banks through the commissions that they charge to their clients.

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 What are bank commissions?  The most
  What are bank commissions?  The most
  What are bank commissions?  The most

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