WHAFF, application to earn money that

WHAFF, application to earn money that

already arrived Septembersummer is almost over and we return to the routine, to work, to courses and soon…kids to school!!!Thanks God.

Everything is back to habitual, but I continue working on this commitment to live on the internetand we are getting it, if a short time ago we presented you with an application to upload photos and earn money with it, today I am going to present you an application that I liked a lot, it is called WHAFF, and although it is one of the typical applications in which you earn money by installing other aplicacionesthis, in my view is different.

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And why will you say, well, for now, it gives you 0.5 euros for registering (0.3 for signing up and 0.2 as a thank you reward).

Then you perro install the applications that they offer you, they are usually games, very fun, that you have to play for a few minutes right after installing them.These games, or applications, as the case may be, you must have them installed on your Móvil inteligente for a few days, depending more or less on the application, for those days, they will pay us a small daily amount, just for having it installed.They also pay us a small amount to use the aplicación every day it’s installed, it all adds up, it all counts.And most importantly, the payment hahaha!!:This aplicación has various payment methodsDepending on one method or another, the minimum withdrawal amount will vary.Here is a list of the payment methods and the minimum amount:

  • Xbox (EU) $15 minimum
  • iTunes $12 minimum
  • Google plus (US) $10.5 minimum
  • Google plus (EU) $22 minimum
  • $10.5 minimum Playstation
  • $22 minimum Steam
  • $12 minimum lol
  • $10.5 minimum karma
  • Amazon $10.5 minimum
  • Fb minimum of $12
  • Minecraft $26 minimum
  • $11 minimum Skrill
  • Paypal minimum of $10.5

Payments will be made within 3 days excluding weekends.

Changes or returns are not allowed.I have been with her for a day and I already have $1.32, which is not much, but we are going up, little by little.If you want to download the application, you just have to clic here below, and insert my code, EQ44360 with which you and I will win $0.3, (well, you will win $0.5 hahaha!!)

https://play.google plus.com/store/aplicaciones/details?id=com.whaff.whaffapp

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 WHAFF, application to earn money that
  WHAFF, application to earn money that
  WHAFF, application to earn money that

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