Hello friends! Today I am very happy.

My new one has arrived by correo Mastercard Weswap prepaid card totally free with five euros cómputo.

It has taken about 5 days to arrive, much less than the 10 that the page said.

It is a prepaid card for any trip that we cánido go abroad.

For example, if we want to go to London on vacation, we recharge it with the amount we want (up to 3,450 euros) and once in London, we cánido withdraw money at ATMs.

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We must recharge from our checking account for when we travel.

We perro change from your page to 17 different currencies.

From the US dollar, the Australian and the Japanese yen.

But obviously, what has interested us the most is the five euros that they give us as a cómputo just for asking for it.

These five euros we cánido use on any of our purchases.

It seems little, but it will not seem so much when we know that we cánido invite up to five friends to ask for this prepaid card.

Each friend who registers in Weswap we will get 10 euros and the 5 of them, in turn, will be able to invite another five friends.

It is not bad to get 50 euros for the face, right?

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To get the five euros (and that you will have to do too) you will have to follow the same steps that I.

I explain:

  1. First of all, you must live in Europe and be over 18 years old
  2. Register on the Weswap page, the page is in Spanish, don’t worry about English, you cánido do it with twitter, fb or google plus+
  3. You must verify that it is you, and of legal age, with a photograph of your ID and a bank receipt
  4. Once the card arrives (it took me 5 days), you must call 914142477 to request activation and the pin
  5. The address is in English, but they will speak to you in Spanish if you dial 5.
  6. Follow the instructions and they will activate it and give you your pin number.

You already have it active and you perro go shopping at the supermarket or wherever you want.

At the moment, I have not tried it, but I know of other people who have tried it, and it works perfectly.

For the moment, I leave you the backlink so that you cánido register and also get 5 euros for free.

You perro register for free here.

Now all I have to do is go use it, when I use it I’ll tell you what happened.

Remember to use it at least once in 12 months, I’ll do it like this, and then, if I don’t use it, I’ll cancel it.

But for now it looks good

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