WesWap pays, verified, and my first scam

WesWap pays, verified, and my first scam

Hello friends!, I come to tell you that weswap paysDo you remember the prepaid card? If you don’t remember it, you cánido read the full entry here.

This is the first topic that I am going to talk about in this articulo, the second is the first scam page that I have come across, it is about cornbux, a PTC that I presented a few days ago and from which I already had almost the minimum to collect.

I remind you that the minimum was 2 dollars, well, it was already for 1.90; thanks to the help of several referrals.

But yesterday afternoon I wanted to open it and nothing, it didn’t take me to its home page or drasboard.

But let’s go first with the good news.

weswap pays, and I was able to verify it about fifteen days ago, I had the five euros that were included in the card.

And I decided to spend them.

In what? Well, in a recharge for my daughter’s mobile (the best we perro spend is on our children).

You perro see it here:

I’m sure this also interests yousnuckls

As you perro see in the image, five euros appear recharged and then spent.

It’s not much, but it’s less than a stone.

You cánido request the prepaid card here, in addition for each friend you bring (up to 5) you will receive 10 euros.

In total we perro get up to 55 euros, which is not bad.

And now we will move on to the bad part of the articulo.

As I have told you before, Cornbux is Scam.

Cornbux is a PTC that I told you about a while ago, if you want, you cánido also see the entry here.

The page was adding every day, but what I didn’t see was advertisers.

Yesterday, like every day, I tried to make your ads, and this page appeared:

I’m sure this also interests you99%ForYou

I cánido’t say that I’m surprised, since many PTC pages come out every day, and a high percentage become Scam, but as I’ve said on occasion, whoever doesn’t take risks doesn’t win.

AND Nobody said that earning money en línea was easy..

And this has been all for today, I hope that next time I will tell you only good things.

Greetings friends!!

I’m sure this also interests youWhen it is convenient to collect

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 WesWap pays, verified, and my first scam
  WesWap pays, verified, and my first scam
  WesWap pays, verified, and my first scam

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