Western Union | Sites to earn money

Western Union | Sites to earn money

I am fully aware that there are many people who want to earn money on the Internet but are limited because the payment methods of the websites they want to work with are not available in their country, which is why today I bring the option of using websites that pay for Western Unionsomething that perro help these types of people a little.

In general, these people usually live in Cuba, where, as we know, many of the platforms such as Paypal and others for sending money have been blocked for many years, this is not the case of the processor I am going to talk about, so they will be able to use these pages without having to worry about that issue.

Well, then I am going to espectáculo you some places where you cánido earn money and then collect it through the Westenr Union payment gateway.

Although the list is not exactly extensive, it is open to new additions, as soon as I know of another page, I will add it to increase the offer.

What is Western Union?

It is an American company that offers financial services.

The company itself was founded in the year 1851with which we speak of one of the most stable and reliable that we perro find.

Although it is not widely used in Europe, the reality is that Western Union is one of the platforms that handles the highest volume of money and users daily in the rest of the world.

▪ Function: Purse ▪ Countries accepted: All ▪ Foundation: 1851 ▪ Services: Transfers, money orders ▪ Referrals: No Record


It is true that the commissions are somewhat high, but it offers an essential service, especially in countries where the options for sending money are limited.

Sites to earn money in Western Union

Well, let’s go to the question at hand, which is none other than offering you pages that accept Western Union as a payment method.

They are all free and suitable for users from any country.


Protypers is a veteran and free website that will allow us to earn money transcribing captchas.

It is not a very lucrative method, it is true, but it is also a way of earning income where there is no limit, since we ourselves cánido equipo the time we want to work, the more we spend using this website, the more we earn.

Protypers has several payment methods, among them we find Western Union, where we will be allowed to withdraw our earnings when we reach the amount of 100 dollars.


SurveYeah is a paid survey website valid for much of the world, including Latin America.

It also has numerous different payment methods, among which we perro find Western Union, with the minimum payment being $50.

As in all the pages where we are paid to give our opinion, the key is to be as constant as possible, since it is the only way to achieve good results.


Another paid survey website that will give us the option of withdrawing earnings through Western Union is Survey Work.

It is fantastic because it accepts users of all nationalities and its low minimum is really affordable, although in Western Union it is located at 50 dollars.

It has a very good referral system, we will be paid $0.30 for each referral that we get and is active within the platform.

As I said before, this is not a closed list, as I add more pages to my portfolio of businesses that pay by Western Union, I will include them right here, so if you are interested you perro stop by from time to time and take a look.

Alternatives to Western Union

For someone who is in a country where there are certain restrictions, perhaps in addition to Western Union they could consider using AirTM.

It is an excellent payment gateway for users from all over the world, especially if you live in Latin America, which is where it is mainly focused.

In AirTm you perro transfer dollars from one platform to another.

For example, you will be able to send money from AirTM to Western Union and vice versa.

It is especially useful for people who are dedicated to earning money on the Internet, because it removes restrictions from other wallets, since you cánido send money to sites like Paypal, Skrill and others, even using cryptocurrencies.

All this is thanks to the fact that the transactions are carried out between users, you send it to a usuario named “ATM” the amount required in a specific wallet and this usuario returns it to the wallet that you have chosen, all with a very small commission.

Opinion about earning money in Western Union

Well, it is evident that Western Union is not the most widely used payment processor in this world, since the vast majority of sites do not include it among their options.

It is undoubtedly a wallet intended largely for users from countries that cannot access other wallets such as Paypal, becoming their only option to receive payments or send and receive funds quickly and safely.

Citizens such as Cubans, find themselves with enormous difficulties due to the blockade they suffer from companies such as Paypal, for this reason Western Union fulfills such an important function for them, making this processor an importante part of their day to day.

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 Western Union |  Sites to earn money
  Western Union |  Sites to earn money
  Western Union |  Sites to earn money

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