Western Union agencies Cúcuta

Western Union agencies Cúcuta

The economic crisis that Venezuela is going through is not a secret to anyone, which is why today more than 70% of households in this country have a member abroad who provides them with economic assistance to survive the hyperinflation that is plaguing the nation. , money to withdraw in Western Union Cucuta.

Western Union in Cúcuta near the border with Venezuela

Here we inform you of where the different financial agencies are located and we specify the hours as well as how each one of them works.

How to withdraw money at Western Union Cúcuta

Every day a large number of Venezuelans go to Colombia to withdraw the remittances they send, which in most cases are used to make purchases in the same city.

Western Union Cucuta

And taking into account that many of the people who visit us have few hours to carry out their agenda since they travel on excursions to Western Union Cucuta We know that the time aspecto is decisive for them, so keep in mind that the less time you waste withdrawing the money, the more minutes you earn to spend visiting the shops.

Important information to choose the western

When you cross the Simón Bolívar International Bridge, you will first find the campo called La Parada, located in the municipality of Villa del Rosario Department of North of Santander.

Here begins the odyssey, think about which Western Union Cucuta you must go to receive your moneyand many go for the closest to the border, without taking into account a series of factors that are important for your selection.

Reports by CUIT from the Central Bank of Central Bank debtors.

How to obtain them?: find out step by step!

  • Which one would you waste less time on? You cánido find different branches in Cúcuta, but the main thing you should take into account is the waiting time, because the less time you spend in line, the more minutes you earn.

Western Union how does it work?

If you need the services of an agency Western Union Cucuta and you want to avoid problems and delays when withdrawing your money, you must comply with the following requirements to withdraw your money Without inconveniences.

  • Passport without entry stamp, but Valid and the Special Residence Permit with photo (Colombian Migration).
  • If you do not have a passport, the Venezuelan Identity Card and Special Stay Permit with photo.

    (Must be entered as PA.)

  • The amounts for the entire country will be those allowed according to current regulations.

    (Some brokers have restrictions and must be adhered to).

  • Drafts from other brokers (Not from Venezuela).
  • Only applies to G&F offices.

Cánido a Venezuelan withdraw money in Western Union only with the identity card?

If you are Venezuelan, your identity card is valid in your country, here you must present the valid and current passport.

To withdraw your money at any Western Union Cúcuta agency you must provide the following information:

  1. The sender’s full name.
  2. The country of origin of the money.
  3. The approximate amount sent.
  4. The transaction number (MTCN)
  5. You must also present acceptable identification documents.

What is the transaction number?

It is called (MTCN) and it is the number with which you track your drafts that have been sent to you, with that transaction number they register you and give you a receipt so that you perro later make your withdrawal in a collection box office.

Inform your family member that in order not to have problems when carrying out this process, they must fill out the data correctly, an important point, the name of the person withdrawing must be written as it appears in the passport.

Western Union Cucuta Hours

Being at the office early is a priority, therefore, you should know that the travel agencies Western Union in Cucuta work at different authorized hours or varies depending on where it is located for example malls. If you want to know the detailed hours of each of them, continue reading this article in which we also specify the name and location of the financial agencies.

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International Payments Cucuta

We inform you that Western Union Unicentro Shopping Centeris one of the few offices that works the Sundays and holidays from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

In which Western Union Cúcuta perro you withdraw your money?

In this case we recommend Giros y Finanzas a company affiliated with Western Union with more than 180 offices in Colombia, located in the Calle 10 with Av 0 in front of Rosetal Building.

Here you perro take your identification number, wait for them to check and validate your money order, then go to the cash desk located inside the Ventura Plaza Shopping Center inside Subway stores, Office hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. weekends only on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Sunday closed.

International transfers Cucuta

  • Advantage: It is the office that is most central, and around it there are all kinds of shops, since due to its location it is the one with the best access and you perro wait seated, they have air conditioning and good service.
  • Disadvantage: There are always people waiting and the times are usually longer, which makes it a little more difficult to make your withdrawal.

Authorized Personnel at Western Union offices

Outside the Office, in any of these agencies what are called in Colombia “dragging” may appear. unauthorized persons who charge $10,000 pesos to $20,000According to them, to prevent you from queuing, they call this a pass “VIP” but if you follow our recommendations, you save this expense and it will be easier for you to use the services of any Western Union in Cúcuta.

Western Union Cucuta Ventura plaza

This withdrawal box office is located inside the Ventura Plaza Shopping Center, specifically inside the Metro Stores

Western Union Unicentro Cúcuta Shopping Center

One of the few offices that is removed from the city center, located on Avenida Pradilla Este, Unicentro Shopping Center al Interior Olímpica Local 133 is serving users from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, one of the few offices that works on Sundays and holidays from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

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Advantage: Because it is further away from the city center, there are always few people waiting, which makes it quick to pick up.

Disadvantage: There is no waiting room, and you must queue outside the establishment, since it is located inside the shopping center and they do not allow you to stand in line in the corridors when there are many people.

Located at Avenida Pradilla No.

5-31 Este Unicentro Interior Olímpica Shopping Center Local 133

Wester Union Grand Bulevar Avenida 0 Norte

They perro also go to Wester Union Grand Bulevar Norte Av- 0 with Calle 11, provides its services specifically in the CC Enorme Bulevar Norte.

Here you perro make withdrawals with minimal waiting time and with a schedule from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Wester Union in front of Parque Santander

This money order service is located at Optica Lorena PLUSS, Av. 5, specifically next to the San José de Cúcuta Cathedral inside the CC Llanemar Shopping Center.

  • Advantage: In front of the Santander Park or also called “Parque de las Palomas” in front of the most recognized Exchange Houses of Cúcuta and the Alejandría Shopping Center.
  • Disadvantage: Due to the location it is always congested, and many times you have to queue outside the offices in front of the Plaza outdoors.
Wester union located next to the Cathedral St.

Jose de Cúcuta, Inside the Shopping Center

Colombia Venezuela Border

If you are a Venezuelan citizen and think entrar Colombia by Border of San Antonio del Táchira or by Pedro Maria Urena What to do where to go? In general, go directly to the nearest stop and look for public transport that goes to the center of the city, which is where the main shops are, keep the following recommendations in mind.

Form 663 for CDI Request (Identification Code) AFIP

When entering Colombia If you only come one way, it is mandatory to have on hand Border Mobility Card (TMF).

On the other hand, if you are traveling and Colombia is not your destination, espectáculo your passport respectively stamped by Migration.

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 Western Union agencies Cúcuta
  Western Union agencies Cúcuta
  Western Union agencies Cúcuta

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