WebMoney » What is it and how does it work? System

WebMoney » What is it and how does it work? System

WebMoney is an electronic payment system that allows you to send and receive money from anywhere in the world with low commissions, in addition to being a means for en línea business management.

The WebMoney payment system was founded in 1998, and it is legally registered in Moscow, Russia.

He WebMoney payment system provides the services that allow you to manage accounts, make changes from one currency to another, apply for financing, resolve disputes and carry out secure transactions. The technology of this platform consists of providing users with control of the rights to their assets, which are stored in entities called guarantors.

To operate a WebMoney account no it is necessary to have a bank account or credit card.

WebMoney allows the management of various types of electronic currencies, operating each currency through an electronic wallet that has its own especial WebMoney system prefix.

Users perro open wallets on any guarantor, that’s why a usuario’s wallets are gathered in a store called keeperwith the usuario’s registration number called WMID, whose asset measurement unit is the WebMoney (WM) owner brand of the corresponding type.

WebMoney Basics

platform management WebMoney has been operating since 1998.

Languages It is available in several languages, but it cánido be translated with the Google plus Google chrome translator.

accepted countries Users from all over the world cánido use the platform.

Activity Payment processor or payment system.

Registration and first steps in WebMoney


Registration in WebMoney is free and fácil, and you cánido do it by clicking here.

When entering you must go to the “Register” section, select your country, entrar your phone number, where they will send you a verification code.

After you will have to entrar a passwordaccept the terms and conditions and finally send the information, with which you will be fully registered.

Registration Form

When registering on the platform you will obtain your registration number (WMID), which will allow you to uniquely identify yourself in the keeper (the store of all the wallets that users have).

Also by registering you have received the nick certificate (certificates will be presented later).

You cánido register in the WebMoney payment system from the following backlink: Go to WebMoney.

First steps

After registration you will need to log in with your phone number and password.

When you log in you will see your WMID in the upper right part of your account, and from this option you perro access your wallet, from which you perro make the first settings of your account.

In your wallet you will have a menu on the left to access different parts.

The first thing you should do is entrar the section “settings”, from where you cánido make the first configurations of your account.

From this section you perro backlink your account to different popular networksyou will be able to change your password, you will be able to equipo some restrictions, you will be able to equipo interfaz options and you will be able to select notification options.

From the section “Profile” you will be able to change the avatar of your account, make transfers, request transfers, editar address, request a passport (this will be presented later), update status (this will be seen later).

Finally you must add at least a purse so you perro start carrying out operations with your WebMoney payment system account.

For this you must entrar the “Start” section, clic one of the options to add a walletwhere you must select “Create a wallet” and follow the steps until you have your wallet.

How WebMoney works?

WebMoney is a payment system with which you perro send and receive money electronically, in addition to you cánido manage payments services, manage accounts, manage wallets, manage your business, apply for financing, work with disputes, make secure transactions and even earn money.

So that the users of the WebMoney payment system cánido carry out the different operations within the platform they need to have one or more wallets, since you perro have several wallets.

Each wallet works on a single coin (example: a wallet of dollars), and these are kept in a store called keeper, along with your WMID.

All your assets within the platform are stored in entities called guarantors.

All the guarantors are users of the system and, being in different parts of the world, they keep the values ​​of diverse legal nature.

The guarantors provide deposits and withdrawals of funds to and from the system on behalf of users.

Other operating data

The WebMoney payment system not only works with sending and receiving en línea payments, but works with other services.

In WebMoney you cánido pay for various services that people consume (mobile telephony, Internet, public services, programs, etcétera.), you will be able to give or ask for loans, you will be able to work with bank cards and you will even be able to earn money.

In WebMoney payments are made through guarantors.

However, to be a guarantor it is necessary to obtain a professional certificate within the platform (the certificates will be presented later), which indicates that there is a fairly large security when carrying out the various transactions.

Wallets in WebMoney

To be able to carry out operations in WebMoney it is necessary to have at least one purse, since it is possible to have several wallets.

The wallets work with a single currency, that is to say that if you add a dollar wallet you will only be able to work with dollars in that wallet.

You cánido add other wallets that work with other currencies.

Each electronic currency that cánido be handled in WebMoney is operated through an electronic wallet that has its especial prefix, relevant to that WebMoney currency.

Below is a description of the different currencies that perro be worked with in the wallets:

Each WebMoney coin is issued by a guarantor, which cánido be a company or individual person.

An independent unit that stores and controls the emission, establishes the type of exchange with the national currencyensures legal operation and establishes rules and terms of use in accordance with local laws.

Manage wallets

As we said before, usuario assets (including wallets) are stored in warehouses called keeper.

There are different types of keepers in which users’ wallets perro be stored.

They present below:

Keeper Estándar (Mini): It is a fácil and comfortable web wallet to use.

It is available immediately after registration on the mini.wmtransfer.com website and works on all browsers, including mobile.

Keeper WinPro (Classic): It is a program to manage wallets and work with the WebMoney system.

Keeper WinPro is installed on computers running the Windows operating system.

You cánido download it by clicking here.

Keeper WebPro (Light): It is a web wallet with extended possibilities.

It cánido be used in conjunction with Keeper Estándar and Keeper Mobile.

You cánido access this wallet by clicking here.

Keeper Mobile: It is a fácil and comfortable application for managing WebMoney wallets.

Versions are available for mobile devices Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, phones with Java support.

Keeper for popular networks: The WebMoney Keeper product line for popular networks includes Fb, VKontakte and Odnoklassniki applications.

After his installation, WebMoney Keeper appears on the page of the popular network in the section “Applications”, the history of previous operations and business network records are synchronized with the new version.

Wallet management

To add a wallet you must entrar your WebMoney payment system wallet by logging in or from the upper right, where espectáculo your WMID.

From the “Home” section you perro see your wallets or add, where you will also see the options to carry out operations.

You just have to clic on one of the boxes to add a wallet, where you will have to select data such as the coins that you are going to use in that wallet, among other data.

After adding a purse You will be able to recharge cómputo in said wallet, either through the forms that are allowed or by receiving payments.

Each wallet has a code that identifies said wallet, where you will see this code by clicking on the wallet.

You cánido also use this code to receive payments to that walletFor example, pages to earn money.

With this wallet you are already able to start carrying out operations in your WebMoney account.

Certificates in WebMoney

All WebMoney users have a certificate, which basically indicates the benefits that the usuario has.

A certificate is a “digital” certificate of a member of the WebMoney Transfer system, certified by an analogue of a handwritten signature.

It contains personal data of its owner: name, passport and contact information.

The higher the level of the certificate, the higher the degree of trust it causes and the more opportunities offered by the system.

The different types of certificates that exist are: nick certificate, formal certificate, initial certificate, personal certificate and professional certificate.

When a usuario registers in WebMoney, they obtain the nick certificate.

To obtain several of the certificates it is necessary to add your passport data, and for this in your wallet You must entrar the “Profile” section, select the passport part and follow the steps to load this data.

Below are the different types of certificates that exist along with their description:

nick certificate

The nick certificate is suitable for small transfers to system participants fully identified, paying bills and making purchases in en línea stores.

This certificate is good for beginners studying the capabilities of the WebMoney Transfer system.

This certificate is obtained when the usuario registers in the WebMoney payment system.

formal certificate

A formal certificate It is suitable for active users of electronic and autonomous payment systems.

Among other things, it perro be used for regular payment of various utilities and transfer funds to cash.

This certificate it is achieved free of charge, through the WebMoney Transfer Certification Center (wallet), after the participant enters their passport data and downloads to verify the passport scan.

initial certificate

An initial certificate is recommended for small businesses and employees of Internet companies.

A initial certificate it will distinguish you from an anonymous usuario of the system, but it still does not guarantee unconditional trust in you from experienced participants.

Conditions for obtaining this certificate: It is issued for a fee after the verification of passport data by the Customizer (participant of the Certification Center partner program) or automatically (free of charge) if certain conditions are met.

personal certificate

It is recommended a personal certificate for companies and advanced private users who want not only to spend and transfer funds, but also to earn money en línea using the entire equipo of services of the WebMoney Transfer system.

A personal certificate provides a high degree of confidence from other participants in the system, as Your passport data will be personally verified with the provision of the original (or notarized copies) of the documents.

Conditions for obtaining this certificate: Issued for a fee after verification of passport data by the Recorder (participant in the Certification Center affiliate program)

professional certificate

The WebMoney Transfer system provides professional certificates the receipt of which is necessary for the work of legal entities, programa developers and participation in the system as a guarantor, registrar and arbitrator.

There are several professional certificates that the usuario perro acquire.

Below are these professional certificates:

seller certificate

He seller’s certificate allows unlimited acceptance of funds in automatic mode through specialized interfaces.

The owner of a personal certificate is issued automatically (free of charge) after registration in the Megastock catalog.

capital certificate

is issued a capitaller’s certificate for the WMID of a quote machine registered with the Capitaller service.

The owner of a personal (and higher) certificate is issued automatically (free of charge) after the budget machine is created.

Payment machine certificate

is issued a payment machine certificate to representatives of legal entities for self-integration with the specialized interfaces offered by the WebMoney Transfer system.

Issued to the owner of a personal certificate (and higher) automatically (free of charge) after the conclusion of a corresponding agreement with one of the System Guarantors.

developer certificate

is issued a developer certificate to a developer who creates programa for WebMoney Transfer or in conjunction with WebMoney Transfer specialists.

It is issued to owner of a personal certificate automatically (free of charge) after a reasoned appeal to the technical support service of the WebMoney system.

registrar certificate

He registrar certificate it is the highest in the state among the certificates issued to the participants of the WebMoney Transfer system.

A prerequisite for obtaining a Registrar certificate is participation in the affiliate program from the Certification Center for the issuance of personal certificates or participation in the work of the arbitration service.

This certificate is issued to the owner of a personal certificate after a personal encuentro with a representative of the center of certification in Moscow, the conclusion of the “Assignment Order” with the system operator WM Transfer Ltd. and making a security deposit of 3000 WMZ.

WMT Service Certificate

For an effective exchange of business and information, the system provides various services that allow participants to provide the necessary level of transaction security, automate closeoutskeep records, trade various settlement funds, quickly find partners in your region without leaving your computer.

These certificates are issued by projects of the WebMoney Transfer system.

WMT Guarantor Certificate

The guarantors they provide deposits / withdrawals of funds to / from the system on behalf of the owners of WM wallets of the corresponding type.

They are issued to legal persons after the fulfillment of certain requirements.

WMT operator certificate

The organizational and technological integrity of the system, its uninterrupted operation and the accounting of all operations carried out in the system are carried out by the operator WM Transfer Ltd. , who is the owner and WebMoney Transfer system administrator.

He operator ensures the registration of new guarantors in the system, organizes their interaction with users, maintains a cómputo of the system with the provision of statistics for each of the guarantors, as well as general activity in the system.

Operations in the WebMoney payment system

All users regardless of the certificate they have cánido perform various operations in the WebMoney payment system.

The operations that cánido be carried out in WebMoney are: deposit cómputo, withdraw cómputo, pay services, work with loans.

The various transactions that are carried out are carried out in the “More/Transaction history” section.

Below are the various operations that perro be made in your WebMoney account:

Deposit money

The money that you deposit in your account is added to one of the wallets that you have in your account.

You will have at your disposal many ways of add cómputo to the wallet that you want from those that you have added to your account.

For to deposit cómputo you must entrar your wallet, go to the “Start” section, select or entrar the wallet you want to make the deposit on, and finally clic on “Recharge your wallet.” You must choose the way to add cómputo from the forms that are presented.

Also from the “Start” section, from the request funds option you cánido deposit cómputo in the ways indicated.


You perro withdrawals of the various wallets that you have added to your WebMoney account.

For this, in your wallet you must entrar the “Start” section, from the “Transfer funds” option.

You perro withdraw your money to another wallet, to a bank card, to a bank account, and the other forms that are presented.

pay services

The WebMoney payment system allows you pay different services, such as telephone services, Internet, programs, among many other services.

To work with service payment you must entrar the “Service payment” section, where you perro choose the service you wish to pay for.

This is a very important tool, since with this you cánido cover different services that are frequently consumed by people.

work with loans

WebMoney users cánido apply for loans, which will then be paid from time to time.

To request loans you must entrar the “Start” section, in the “Request loans” option.

In this process, several agreements are made to be able to require this service.

Once they are done, then you cánido have the money of the loan.

You cánido see the details of your loans from the “More/Loans” section.

WebMoney Systems

The WebMoney payment system has a systems series of which the usuario perro be a part.

These systems are: Attestations, arbitration, registrars and fundraising.

These systems are presented below:


He crowding is the process of registering users’ passports.

Those who do this are the registrars, who are participants in the WebMoney Transfer system, which carry out attestation activities in the system.

Registrars may also participate in the operation of the arbitration service as arbitrators.


He arbitration is a permanent dispute resolution service between participants in the WebMoney Transfer system.

With arbitration disputes, one seeks protection of the rights and interests of participants in the system and the system itself, speed and cost-effectiveness of resolving disputes and maintaining associations of disputing parties.

Users who do arbitration register disputes, register contracts, among other actions to certify the veracity of everything that is done.


The platform offers a section for the fundraising for charity and for collective financing (Crowdfunding).

To participate in these, you only have to entrar the “Fundraising” section, where you will see the options to participate.

Fundraising helps entrepreneurs raise the funds needed to get their business up and running.


Many low-income people are also benefited from this program.

Commissions and fees in WebMoney

For the completion of each transaction, the system charges a commission 0.8% of the payment amount, but not less than 0.01WM (for WMV payments: not less than 500 WMV).

At the same time, the maximum commission constitutes:





















The commission is not charged when making transactions:

  • Between purses of the same type of the same wm-identifier.
  • Among the purses of the same type of a single Certificate (for the participants, who have at least an initial certificate).

For the realization of credit agreements with the owners of type D wallets the system charges a commission of 0.1% of the amount of each credit granted, but not less than 0.01 WMZ.

For the operations of introduction/withdrawal of the resources in/from the system, collect a payment based on current agent rates.

Companies in WebMoney

The companies you cánido use the WebMoney payment system with the benefits and features it offers.

He WebMoney payment system It is available for stores, websites, exchange locations, common, banks, dealers and payment systems, capital, WebMoney opportunities and developers.

Below is everything that companies cánido achieve when using the WebMoney payment system:


  • Merchant: make a store
  • Prosecution: receive payments.
  • Megastock: store catalogue.
  • Digisell: product catalog.


  • Fundraising.
  • Mestcom: buy the ads.
  • Cashbox: buy the shares on the website.
  • Digiseller: agency store vidget.
  • Login: authorization by WMID.

exchange premises

  • Megastock: Participation in a catalog
  • Geo: participation in geolocation services
  • API: Applications
  • Agreements.


  • mass payment: bulk payments
  • exchanger: money exchange.
  • Contracts: registration of the texts of the agreements.
  • Arbitration: resolution of debates and disputes.
  • Escrow: protected transactions.

Credit bags.

  • Informs presentation.
  • Financial support service.


  • API: exclusive to receive payments.
  • Telepay: pay utilities.
  • Transfer of funds.

Dealers and payment systems

  • Receive payments for the system
  • Telepay: pay utilities.


  • Shareholder: use funds.
  • INDEX: fund bag.
  • Sell ​​the debts.
  • Capitaller: manage funds.

WebMoney Opportunities

  • Guía: task control.
  • Protected correspondence.
  • your archivos.
  • Send the paper letters.
  • News: newsletters.


  • API: Applications.
  • Design and styles.
  • Medium technical.

Security in WebMoney

WebMoney Transfer technology is developed taking into account the current security requirements, which arise from information management systems through the Internet.

Establishing the veracity of the information is a key moment in guaranteeing the security of any data that passes through the system.

The system architecture facilitates secure access to the WM-purses of the users and does not allow account arrangements using WM-purses, which do not have a cómputo.

In addition to the mechanisms incorporated technological Additional services are supported in the system, the configuration of which is carried out by the users themselves.

Authentication types and confirmation modes

WebMoney Transfer is provided with 3 main types of authentication:

Through login and password.

WMID, phone number or correo electrónico cánido be used as login, which was specified during registration.

An additional confirmation is normally used with this type of authentication.

Through a archivo with secret keys. To start WM Keeper Classic you need: a unique 12-sign WM-identifier, a password (created by the usuario), and also archivos with a secret key and wallet, which are stored in the computer’s memory.

Through personal digital certificates.

And two ways of additional confirmation of operations:

  • By sending a verification code in a mensaje de texto.
  • through the service Y también-Numwhich generates one-time passwords.

The identification

Upon registration, the WebMoney Transfer participant is awarded a unique number – a 12-character WM-identifier (WMID), necessary for work in the system.

WM-certification operates for identification of the owner of the WM-identifier in the system.

System users may use automated means for the identification and authentication of the participants by developing their own applications.


With the help of the WM Keeper program you perro cConfigure the display of your personal data (first name, last name, correo electrónico, address, etcétera.) for viewing by other WebMoney Transfer participants.

In this case, when making agreements, the other party will only be able to see the data that you yourself have chosen.

if your business partner requires you to provide some of the data listed above, and you agree to these requirements, then your personal security settings will allow you to make this information available.

with his wm-identifier it is impossible to find out the numbers of your used WM-purses.

If you wish, you perro install any number of versions of WebMoney Keeper on your computer and entrar the system with different WM-identifiers.

Collaboration in WebMoney

The platform offers users to be able to participate in their collaboration program.

Collaboration is available to vendors, credit organizations, exchange points, future guarantors, certification center partner program, system consultants.

Here is this:


The platform offers a series of fácil and secure possibilities to organize the payment of goods and services in your Web page.

The connection to the system is free.

credit organizations

The platform offers the banks a mutually profitable participation in different joint projects.

Among them: the acceptance of payments to WebMoney, the connection of the WebMoney wallet with the bank account and many other things.

change points

organize your own change point and get paid for Forex trading at your own rates.


In the system, the proprietary signs of a certain type are in use – WMR, WMZ, WME and others.

Each type of headline signs is an analogue of the currencies of some country.

The issuance of proprietary signs of a specific type is carried out by the Guarantor – an organization, which stores and manages the broadcast.

If the currency of your country does not have an equivalent among the main signs of the WebMoney system, you have the possibility of becoming a Guarantor.

Certification Center Partner Program

You cánido participate in the partner program of the WebMoney Transfer Certification Center and earn money, delivering certificates to the new participants of the System.

system consultants

If you are an advanced usuario of the WebMoney Transfer system and want to provide advisory services giving consultations How to register, use the system, use some services you cánido become an authorized adviser and collect your commission.

To do this, you need to obtain your personal certificate free of charge at the Verification Center and fill a log archivo.

When finished, you will appear on the authorized list of the WebMoney Transfer system, which is the official advisory list.

You will be able to give support to new users who cannot complete the registration in the system.

You also equipo your service fee and the mode of payment.

This information will appear in the advisor’s personal data.


WebMoney Transfer is one of the best electronic payment systems, since it offers services for private individuals and companies.

At a private level you cánido make payments, cómputo recharges, withdrawals, loans, raise funds, etcétera.

As to WebMoney companies It offers the possibility of making and receiving payments, managing the budget and carrying out transactions.

As a payment system, one of its advantages is the availability of en línea money and the ease of making transactions over the Internet.

Another advantage is that it is a payment method available on many broker platformsso you may not have a problem finding a trading platform that works with WebMoney.

WebMoney is a system that offers a lot of trust.

It is also possible to access WebMoney from various platforms.

The most used are the Keeper Estándar since it is a fácil wallet that works in all search engines and mobile phones.

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 WebMoney » What is it and how does it work?  System
  WebMoney » What is it and how does it work?  System
  WebMoney » What is it and how does it work?  System

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