WebIP How does it work? Earn free rubles with

WebIP How does it work? Earn free rubles with

IPweb is an advertising platform that allows you earn rubles watching ads, doing tasks, with your popular networks, etcétera. IPweb is a Russian platform that has been operating since 2004, and since then it has been characterized as a stable platform for the income generation and popular media promotion. You will be able to earn free rubles on IPweb every day.

In IPweb You cánido earn free rubles by watching ads, with your popular networks and with different tasks. You will earn rubles for subscribing to popular networks, giving likes, following, etcétera. For this you must backlink your popular networks with IPweb, in such a way that you begin to receive paid jobs to do. You cánido also purchase advertising of different types.

IPweb Basics

  • Platform management: IPweb has been operating since 2004 No problems with users.
  • Withdrawals: They perro be requested from 3 rublesand the means of payment are: Payeer, Perfect Money, AdvCash, Visa/Mastercard, WebMoney, Yandex.Money, QIWI, Russian SIM cards.
  • Deposits: You cánido make deposits vía Payeer, Perfect Money, AdvCash, Visa/Mastercard, WebMoney, Yandex.Money, QIWI, Russian SIM Cards.
  • Referrals: It has a referral system of up to 6 depth levels.
  • Languages: English, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese, but it cánido be translated with the Google plus Google chrome translator.
  • Accepted countries: Users from all over the world cánido earn money.
  • Activity: Advertising, Tasks, Popular networks.
  • Pay? Yes, IPweb make the payments No problem.

registration and first steps in IPweb


The registration in IPweb is easy and free, and you perro do it by clicking here. When entering you must translate the page, entrar registration, choose if you want to register as an advertiser or as a performer (earn money), complete the information requested, accept the terms and proceed to registration. You must go to your dirección de correo electrónico and activate your account with the message that IPweb has sent to your correo electrónico.

Registration Form

You cánido register in IPweb from the following backlink: Go to IPweb.

First steps

Once you are registered in IPweb you must log in and then adapt your account to start earning money, in such a way that you perro receive your earnings. For this you must go to your account in the left menu.

Upon entering you will see your referral backlink and several tabs to access different parts.

account tab

  • here you cánido verify your correo electrónico in case you didn’t do it in the registry.
  • You must place some personal data that they ask for;
  • Changing your password.
  • Deletion of your account.
  • Add a profile photo.

Payment processors tab

In this tab you cánido add your payment processors account that IPweb emplees to pay you your commissions. After you register your accounts you must write your password and save the changes at the bottom.

In this tab you must backlink your popular networks with IPweb. If you do not make this backlink, you will not receive tasks to earn rubles, so start linking the different popular networks so that you start earning money. If you don’t have some of these popular networksthen you must create one and then backlink it, and thus receive tasks.

Salary adjustment tab

In this tab you cánido indicate that types of tasks you want to reach you so that you cánido do them without any problem. After this you must save the changes at the bottom.

How does it work IPweb?

IPweb splits into two different serviceson the one hand you cánido earn free rubles on IPweb and on the other you cánido advertise your website and your popular networks.

Earn money: You cánido earn free rubles on IPweb by performing different tasks with websites and popular networks, where such tasks may be subscribing, joining, following, liking, viewing ads, surfing ads, viewing correos electrónicos, etcétera.

Advertisers: Cánido buy visits for your website, you perro buy subscribers, followings, likes, you perro advertise through dirección de correo electrónico, etcétera.


In IPweb there are some elements called credits. Credit is the currency used on the platform to pay for the promotional services offered by the platform. You perro get them when you visit websites through the program IPweb Surf , as well as buy them on the top-up page. Credits cannot be cashed. They are intended solely for the exchange of views, not for earnings.

Are needed credits to exchange visits, so the most correct thing is to spend them on promoting your site. You perro earn credits by browsing on your own or by earning them from income from your referrals who are between levels 3 to 6 deep, and then convert them into visits to your site. If you do not want to receive credits for viewing sites, go to your personal account and check the box “Do not espectáculo sites for loans”.

How to earn free rubles on IPweb?

You perro earn free rubles in IPweb in different ways. You will be able to receive rubles with the display of ads, reading correos electrónicos, tasks in popular networks, implementation of tasks, the IPweb Surf program and with referrals.

Here we present the different ways to earn free rubles in IPweb.

display of ads

You perro earn 0.50 rubles or more for display paid ads, where there are always ads to see. Browse the websites and follow the landing page, where you will also be able to perform interesting tasks by browsing the ads, where you will earn even more commission.

reading correos electrónicos

You cánido earn 0.09 rubles more for each dirección de correo electrónico you read, where contenido publicitario does not exist here. Read the correos electrónicos from your dirección de correo electrónico or through the IPweb Surf program. Follow the destination website of the correo electrónico.

You perro earn 1.5 rubles or more for each action they take with your popular networks. Like, follow, subscribe, comment, join groups. Perform the tasks that advertisers tell you on popular networks. For all this you will get remuneration.

Task Implementation

You perro earn 5 rubles or more for perform other tasks. The tasks that you cánido do to obtain this remuneration are:

  • Vote on popular networks or websites.
  • Install games or applications.
  • Register on websites or forums.

IPweb Surf Program

It is a program that perro be installed on Windows and Android. This program cánido totally replace the use of the website, since in the program you will be able to find everything that is on the web and much more. The main features of this program are:

  • With this program you will receive many more tasks than on the websince all the tasks and actions that advertisers ask for are mainly directed towards this program.
  • The program does not allow sites to open popup windows.
  • The program perro be equipo to automatically search for new browsing sites.
  • It is convenient to read advertising letters in a separate tab, you will immediately see a new paid letter;
  • You cánido confirm the reading of some advertising letters only with the Ipweb Surf program.


So that receive more tasks you perro download the program IPweb. For this you must go to left menu/win/download IPweb Surf. Here you cánido download the program for both PC and Android. In that section it gives you all the information you need about the program.


The Ipweb platform offers the opportunity to earn profits with your referrals. This part will be presented later.

referral system on IPweb

IPweb has a affiliate program in which you cánido make profits from your referrals up to 6 levels deep. The income that you will obtain for your referrals depends on whether your referrals registered as an advertiser or as a usuario to earn money.

The following is the obtaining of income by your referrals.

Referral registered as a usuario to earn rubles

With these referrals you cánido earn a percentage of the earnings that they get up to 6 levels deep. These gains are described below:

  • You will earn 7% of the profits obtained by your referrals from the first level.
  • You will earn 2% of the profits obtained by your referrals from the second level.

Earnings in the form of credits

From the 3rd to 6th level deep you will get credits by those referrals. Remember that the credits will only be used to advertise a website. Credits perro be spent on promoting your site. You will also receive credits for references 1 and 2 levels (10% and 5% respectively), if they do the work with payment in the form of loans.

The earnings on credits You will get them whenever your referral does some work whose payment is in the form of loans (credits). You will get the following earnings:

  • 4% of the earnings in credits obtained by your referrals from the third level.
  • 3% of the earnings in credits obtained by your referrals from the fourth level.
  • 2% of the earnings in credits obtained by your referrals from the fifth level.
  • 1% of the earnings in credits obtained by your referrals from the sixth level.

Referral registered as an advertiser

for these referrals you will earn commissions up to one level deep, that is to say that you will only earn profits from your direct referrals, as long as they are registered as advertisers. The profits that you will obtain from them are described below:

  • If your referral spends 10,000 rubles you will get 550 rubles as profit.
  • When referral spends 500 rubles you will get 50 rubles as profit.

If you want to focus on search advertisers you will be able to use your referral backlink intended solely to attract advertisers, as there are different referral backlinks for different purposes.


You perro see your referrals in the left menu, in the part that says referrals. In that section you cánido find your referral backlink to promote it and find referrals. in the option of affiliate program or associationwhich is in the menu on the left you perro find your referral backlink, but you perro use them for different purposes.

There is a referral backlink that works perfectly for attract people who want to make moneybut there is another one that is specifically for advertisers who only want promote your website. This part also presents an explanation of the referral program that IPweb has. Go to the ways to get referrals.

Payments on IPweb

He minimum withdrawal in IPweb it is 3 rubles. Once the withdrawal is made you will receive your earnings in less than 1 hour. The means of payment that you perro use in IPweb to withdraw your earnings and invest as an advertiser They are: Payeer, Perfect Money, AdvCash, Visa/Mastercard, WebMoney, Yandex.Money, QIWI, Russian SIM cards.

You perro withdraw your winnings from the left menu in the profit/withdraw funds. You perro add cómputo from the upper right, where you cánido use the different payment processors to perform this action. From the left menu in the earn/transfer credits section, you perro transfer the amount of credits you want to other users.

Advertisers on IPweb

In IPweb you perro advertise your website and popular media for low costs. This platform provides you with different legal services for the promotion you wish to carry out.

The different services offered by this platform are described below:

Visits to your website

You cánido buy 1000 visits to your website for 99 rubles. These visits are from real usuario, which will interact with your website, so they are quality visits. You cánido receive up to 10,000 daily visits from unique users.

  • You perro buy 1000 likes for 148 rubles.
  • You perro buy 1000 subscribers to any of your popular networks for 295 rubles.

Correo electrónico Promotion

You perro buy up to 1000 viewed correos electrónicos for 130 rubles. Contenido publicitario is not carried out here, so they will be correo that will not have any problem. The usuario will last at least 30 seconds viewing your correo electrónico.

Task Implementation

  • You cánido buy 1000 votes on popular networks for 295 rubles.
  • You perro buy 100 registrations on some website or forum for 196 rubles.


To advertise you must go to the left menu in the promotion option, where you will find everything you need to promote your website and your popular networks.


You perro earn free money on IPweb in an easy way. The platform is paying smoothly since 2004 which clearly indicates that it is a reliable platform to generate income in different ways. It is important to note that this platform also allows you promote your brand en líneaso you cánido also use it for this.

The long time that the platform has been operating makes it a sustainable way to get free rubles easily. In addition, IPweb has a very lucrative referral system, which you perro use to increase your earnings exponentially. This is considered one of the best pages to earn free rubles.

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 WebIP How does it work?  Earn free rubles with
  WebIP How does it work?  Earn free rubles with
  WebIP How does it work?  Earn free rubles with

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