Webcompany | The best hosting on the market

Webcompany | The best hosting on the market

Webcompany It is the best solution to create or host your WordPress, website or register a domain that you perro find in the market in Spanish. It is a company with a great track record and quality when it comes to providing web hosting, all thanks to its security and premium performance.

When I decided to create a website with WordPress technology, I did it opting for price rather than quality and that is the main mistake that someone who wants to start a business and earn money en línea perro make. Soon after, my hosting was completely outdated and no longer offered me what I needed in terms of loading speed, security and support, the latter of escencial importance when a problem arises, believe me it will.

That is why I gave my trust to Webempresa thanks to the good comments and recommendations of other friends in the world. At first I had all my WordPress hosted on another hosting and that made me distrust and not escoge How was I going to move my entire website from one site to another without messing it up? For someone like me who had never done something like this, the doubts were logical, doubts that were dispelled the moment I became a customer, since you perro let them take care of everything themselves or do it on your own with a couple of clicks , it’s fantastic.

Webempresa is the largest hosting company in Spanish, it stands out for its great support, loading speed and premium security among many other factors. Take advantage of the 50% discount on all their plans if you open an account from the following button. Use the following code: friendswebcompany

The advantages of becoming a customer

The improvement options that you have in Webempresa compared to other hostings on the market are countless, so I am going to try to summarize everything I cánido for you.

▪ Security

When your business is en línea you need at least to sleep peacefully, much less… Webempresa in this sense guarantees it, since it has unique and exclusive security systems, in addition to keeping the hosting of each client separate from the rest thanks to the CageFS system.

Well, and you will say, and what do I gain with this? I already tell you that a lot. Most of the hostings on the market, especially the low-cost ones, will make you share the same server with a lot of clients and I perro tell you that it is not highly recommended. For example, if one of the sites with which you share a server has high traffic, it will slow down the loading of your site, your website will load more slowly, affecting your positioning and the usuario experience of your visitors, so this is very important. .

▪ Great support

Webempresa has many strong points, but it is undeniable that one of them is the magnificent support that they offer to all their clients, regardless of the plan that you contract.

Support all year

Any doubt or problem that may arise, you cánido comment on it by sending a ticket to support. They are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year and they usually answer you in a few minutes and they will always solve the problem you have, whatever it may be.

▪ The loading speed

The loading speed of a website is a topic to which Google plus gives tremendous importance, so it should never be taken lightly.

If you want to have a good SEO optimization to position your site well, you will have to pay special attention to the issue if you do not want to be penalized.

Webempresa has SSD hard drives and Nginx programa, you will notice this the first second of loading your website, since it is like going from going in a utility to riding in a Elabora 1.

To all this we must add that the hosting also offers a caching system at the server level (Varnish) with the nickname of magic cachewhich will further increase the speed of your site.

▪ Own image optimizer

As I have mentioned, the loading speed of your website is one of the main characteristics of Webempresa hosting and for this it has its own tool called Mejorador.io.

It is an image optimizer that allows you to disminuye their size without losing quality, this helps a lot when loading a website.

By installing this function, all the images that you already have uploaded will automatically disminuye their size, the same will happen with the new images, you will not have to do anything else.

▪ Copias de seguridad

This feature has saved my ass on more than one occasion, either due to a complemento malfunctioning or because you touch something you shouldn’t touch, sooner or later your blog will go blank and if you don’t have a copia de seguridad you will lose all your site, distresses.

The ideal is to make copia de seguridad copies yourself, but even in that Webempresa is special, since it makes automatic copias de seguridad every few hours, with which you will always be backed up and you will be able to recover your website in case of misfortune.

▪ Other features

To all this must be added the ssl certificatea security issue included in the estándar price when contracting the hosting service, something that not all companies include.

updated phpthe WordPress programming language which is constantly evolving, so it is essential to always have the latest update, in this sense we perro rest easy, since we will always be up to date, something totally necessary for the speed and proper functioning of our website.

Disadvantages of Webempresa

It has been difficult for me to find the disadvantages when contracting the services of Webempresa, the truth is that in the end I have not found any significant ones.

Maybe the priceLet’s say that for someone who is starting out there are other much cheaper alternatives, but as I have said, they are of much lower quality.

It is possible that you think that to begin with it is better to go easy and hire a cheap hosting (it is what I did) but with the perspective that time and experience give me now, I would never do it. In reality you do not save anything, it will be much more expensive and the only thing you are going to lose is time and this is very valuable.

That you perro hire the services of an average hosting for about €50 a year, yes, but you will not have the peace of mind, nor the quality that this offers you, which, believe me, at around €79 a year, I think it is very worth it. .

Save money with Webempresa

This is quite interesting for anyone who is not yet a Webempresa customer, since you cánido save notable money in your first year.

When opening an account from any of the backlinks that I am going to leave you in this articulo, you will receive a 25% discount whatever the hosting plan you contract.

To all this we add that if you also register a domain, it will be included free of charge in the hosting plan, so you not only save 25%, but also the price of the domain.

Use the following code: amigoswebempresa to receive that 25% discount, otherwise you will not receive it and you will pay the full price.

My advice is that if you are with another provider and you are not satisfied, change everything to Webempresa, if your website is powered by WordPress you will find a very powerful tool that will save you time and headaches.

Webcompany for WordPress

If your WordPress blog is hosted on another hosting and you want to transfer it to Webempresa, you are in luck, since you will find a tool called supermigrator where you cánido do it yourself quickly and without complications.

But don’t worry, if you don’t dare to do it because you don’t trust it, you cánido contact support and ask them to do it for you, one of their technicians will transfer the entire website to you at no additional cost.

In my case I used the first option, although it was very fácil and I didn’t have any major complications, I don’t know if I would do it again. The safest thing is that a technician does it and you avoid problems.

Opinion about Webempresa

The truth is that I changed hosting because I was not completely satisfied with the performance of my previous server. He had searched for information on different options and in all of them the name of Webempresa always appeared.

I made the decision still thinking that they could have sold me a pig in a poke, but the first day you realize the big differences just by entering your page.

The web flies, the treatment is exquisite and the features it offers are unbeatable, many of them have saved my skin more than once, therefore I only have good things to say.

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 Webcompany |  The best hosting on the market
  Webcompany |  The best hosting on the market
  Webcompany |  The best hosting on the market

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