We Ward | Walk and receive euros in exchange

We Ward | Walk and receive euros in exchange

Walking is something we do daily to a greater or lesser extent, WeWard is an application that will allow us to earn money while we put one foot in front of the other, something that may seem hard to believe but is completely true.

In fact, there are many applications that pay us to walk, depending on our daily activity they give us money or various prizes, something that undoubtedly encourages physical exercise, highly recommended in these times, where a large part of the population has subscribed to the sedentary lifestyle

Before we begin to explain how WeWard works, it is important to know that these types of applications are not designed to get rich, rather they are designed as an incentive, since most of them have a daily cap, unless you get a large amount of Referrals you are not going to earn much but, if you are going to walk anyway, why not receive money for it?


WeWard is a pedometer that offers us rewards for our daily physical activity.

We perro also further increase earnings with various added features in the aplicación.

Entrar the following invitation code and start with 100W as a gift.invitation code CARM-PG+tR

Sign up for WeWard

We are talking about a totally free application, therefore when it comes to installing and using it we will never have to pay anything.

By entering the invitation backlink you perro download the application in the Play Store and Aplicación Store.

When you download it, all you have to do is create an account by entering your data.

If you want to start with 100 coins, you just have to entrar this code CARM-PG+tR in the section Entrar my sponsorship codeIn this way, not only do you not start from scratch, you are also helping me by offering this information and I thank you in advance.

That’s it, now you perro start earning money walking, for this remember to give permissions to the application, especially to use the GPS.

How to make money walking

Although it has other interesting features, it is obvious that the main one is to get money by walking.

The pedometer works simply by having the location of the phone activated, it is not necessary to have the mobile running, we cánido carry it in our pocket when resting and the steps will be added automatically.

Walk and unlock rewards

The application works with its own currency (W), which we will have to earn until we accumulate enough to be able to exchange it for gifts or real money.

When walking the pedometer will add steps automatically, if you look you will see that just below we have a button that reminds us redeem my steps, by pressing the button we will receive the reward based on the steps that we have done.

We perro do this action whenever we want and it is of escencial importance, because no matter how many steps you take, if you don’t exchange them, it’s worthless.

You perro activate the notification as a reminder, in this way you will never forget to redeem.

Depending on the threshold of daily steps that we have reached, we will receive an amount of W, which cánido be 1 when reaching 1,500 steps up to 25W for reaching 20,000 steps in a day.

Other ways to earn money on WeWard

Walking is a pretty fun and healthy way to earn money in WeWard, but there are others where we cánido increase our earnings considerably.

Win more

In the section “win more” We will have several options to increase our cómputo more quickly.

From watching vídeos, playing vídeo games, taking surveys or spending money in some stores.

Earn more money

By doing some of these actions we perro add a good amount of coins to our cómputo, many of them are very easy to complete and we perro do them several times a day.


This section is very cool.

Within WeWard there are different levels that we are going to unlock by completing various challenges, some challenges that in themselves are going to leave us many rewards in the form of W.

These challenges cánido consist of doing a number of steps on a certain day, in a few minutes and even redeeming an exact number of steps.

By successfully completing one of these challenges, we will receive a number of coins and when we complete all of them, we will level up and have new challenges to face.

Invite a friend

At WeWard we will also be rewarded for each friend who enters your invitation code, specifically we will receive 50W for each of them.

To receive those 50W, your friend must entrar your invitation code in the aplicación and then reach at least 200W earned in WeWard.

The best part is that you not only win for it, your friend gets a nice reward of 100W, otherwise he will start from scratch and that is not very nice.

If you want you perro entrar my invitation code and instantly receive 100W, even if you are already registered and have not entered the code you perro do it and you will receive it instantly.

invitation code CARM-PG+tR

how to charge

At the time of charging we have to reach a minimum of coins, then we go to the section Gifts from the lower menu of the application and we see two sections called donations and transfers.

As is obvious in donations we perro donate our money to various organizations and in transfers withdraw the money to our bank account.

To withdraw the money to our bank we have 3 options:


Bank transfer of €15 upon reaching the minimum of 3,000W.


Bank transfer of €30 upon reaching the minimum of 6,000W.


Bank transfer of €60 upon reaching the minimum of 12,000W.

Additionally, we may have other types of gifts to redeem our cómputo, such as discounts in some stores or gift vouchers in others.

To be able to charge, remember to go to your account settings and fill in your bank details first.

You will also be asked to verify your identity by uploading a photo of your ID or supporting document, this step will only take a couple of minutes.

Does WeWard pay?

WeWard pays.

We are talking about a serious company that has been running smoothly for some time, in fact I myself have already received a payment by bank transfer.


WeWard Proof of Payment

I must also say that they are quite fast when making the transfer, in my case it only took a few hours, which gives even more confidence in the application.

Opinion about WeWard

As I said at the beginning of the articulo, there are a good number of applications to earn money walking, the problem is that many of them either do not pay or it is very difficult to reach the minimum payment.

WeWard is different, in addition to being a serious and reliable aplicación, the minimum payment is very affordable, since in addition to getting good rewards by walking, you perro also get others by doing different tasks or challenges within it, which makes it quite an entertaining aplicación.

I usually go for a run or a walk every day, so an application of this style is very useful for me, being rewarded for doing something that you like and that is also healthy will never be frowned upon by me.

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 We Ward |  Walk and receive euros in exchange
  We Ward |  Walk and receive euros in exchange
  We Ward |  Walk and receive euros in exchange

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