We Ward | earn money exercising

We Ward | earn money exercising

WeWard is a new application with which we are going to make money exercising.

More specifically for walking or running.

We have previously talked about other applications of the same type in this blog.

Among them we perro remember runtopia, sweatcoin and SuperVank.

All of them claimed to pay for exercising, or even some of them gave gifts, and although in some of them some colleagues managed to get paid on some occasion, I did not.

Either because I didn’t have time to walk the necessary steps or because they removed it before, I couldn’t charge in any of them.

Now that I have gotten into the habit of walking every day, I have been lucky enough to discover WeWard, a French application that arrived in Spain a few days ago.

And what, according to what he says, perro he do to us? make money exercising.

But since I don’t want to bore you with my things, let’s get down to business, I’m going to explain the operating method of WeWardthe aplicación that pays you to walk.

Ready? So let’s go to trouble.

What is WeWard?

First of all tell you that Weward is a fully legal application, based in France, at Bulevar André Maouris 6, 70516- Paris.

Registered under number 85361417000019 in the Paris Trade and Companies register.

It currently has more than three million users already landed in Spain.

The ultimate goal of WeWard is to combat the sedentary lifestyle, encouraging users to walk the 10,000 steps recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization) to stay healthy.

Thanks to the geolocation and the pedometer of our móvil, the application will automatically count the steps.

Through a reward mechanism, this aplicación that pays you to walkit will make our walking trips healthier, cheaper and more fun.

The application has challenges and levels (which I will explain later), the more we walk, the more points (the so-called wards) will give us Also, the aplicación has a mascot (a nice panda) called Wardy that will motivate us every day with messages in the application.

According to the creator, Gabriel Mulko, the whole experience of physical activity has to become a real game that you cánido play alone or with your friends or family.

Download and first steps with WeWard

The application Weward is available for both devices android as ios.

We will have to download it to our móvil inteligente, register and the application system will detect all the steps we take with the phone on top.

As I said before, it is available for both ios and andriod, you cánido download them in these two backlinks.

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Once downloaded, and to get your first 30 Wards you must go to the upper right wheel (parameters) and search for “entrar my sponsorship code“.

In my case, I would appreciate it if you put my code (you perro cut and paste) MLxR-EV*Ra

This way we perro start with some profit.

Although later it is very easy to add steps and wards, yes, never forget to take your mobile with you when you are walking or running.

If you’re at home (for example) and you don’t take it with you, it won’t account for it.

How does WeWard work?

The operation of Weward it is extremely fácil.

Thanks to its pedometer and geolocation, it counts the steps we take throughout the day.

Then we will have to deal (usually at the end of the day) to pass those steps and exchange them for wards.

These wards will add up, and when we reach a number we cánido exchange them for money or gifts (or if you’re feeling generous).

The gifts and prizes cánido be found in the “gifts” section of the lower menu.

But that is a topic we will touch on later.

As you cánido see, the operation of this application that pays you for walking is very fácil.

Putting your cell phone in your pocket (or wherever you want) and starting to walk or run, has little more mystery.

Earn more on WeWard

The aplicación also has a cashback section.

If we want to buy something related to sports or health (among other things), we should take a look at this section.

We will find it in the option “good offers“There they will refer us to stores like Samsung, JDspots, Nike, tec…

On all these pages you perro win wards for every euro you spend.

Keep in mind that for your purchases to count, you must make the purchase from the same backlink that they put in the application and without browsing any other site so as not to “contaminate” the cookies.

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Prizes and minimum collections in WeWard

The prizes that we perro get in the application perro be seen at the bottom of the dashboard, in the “awards“.

If we go there, we will be able to see the prizes that we cánido opt for and the number of Wards that we will need.

In Spain we will have money available to our bank account and teléfonos inteligentes like the iPhone 11 64GB.

Also, if you’re feeling generous, you cánido plant 15 trees for 1,600 wards.

The minimum Wards to collect by bank would be 5,000 for a transfer of €15 to our bank account.

The next step would be 10,000 wards to send us €30 and so on.

It will depend on our needs and our desire to walk.

In my case, for example, it has been installed my 15 year old daughter wants to get an iphone 11.

With what he’s up to, I hope he gets it in a while.

I will definitely put it on popular media.

referral system

This application has all the appearances of being one of the best applications that pay you to walk in Spain.

It is already doing very well in France, and here it is running as one of the best.

Of course, it also has a referral system.

We perro sponsor our friends, family or anyone who wants to earn some money doing the same thing they do every day.To do this, we must share our referral code with other users, through popular networks, weblogs, or however we want.

You have to be careful, because our code will be deactivated if it is shared on opinion sites such as the Apple Store, Google plus Play or Trustpilot.

The operation is very fácil:

  • we share the code with a referral
  • after the creation of your account you will have to entrar your code and you will earn 50 wards in your account
  • to entrar the code, the referral will have to go to “setting” and then “entrar my referral code

As I told you, referrals they will win 50 wards when they entrar the referral code, we, as sponsors, we will earn 20 wards when the referral reaches 150.

There is no limit on referrals, we perro invite all friends or whoever wants to take care of themselves without any limit.

WeWard Reviews

This aplicación perro be very useful for earn money on internet.

If we are one of those who like to walk, we cánido get high-value products and money by steps, just walking.

If it has been working perfectly in France for several years, I don’t understand why it won’t work in Spain.

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As far as I know, it still only works in Spain, it has not yet been exported to Latin America.

As soon as I find out that it works on the American continent as well, I’ll let you know.

For now, I will go for a walk every day.

And as I told you before, when my daughter gets enough Wards for a new iphone 11 (one of the gifts offered for Spain) I will also let you know.

If you want to know other articles afín to We Ward | earn money exercising you perro visit the category Applications.

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 We Ward |  earn money exercising
  We Ward |  earn money exercising
  We Ward |  earn money exercising

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