We are testers pay

We are testers pay

Good morning friends! We are already almost halfway through August.

It seems true lie.

A few days ago, those of you who follow me on twitter saw that I had received 10 euros from We are testers, a Spanish survey page.

Specifically We are testers pay €10 vía PayPal.

It’s been quite some time since I told you about We are testers.

You will remember that it is a Spanish page.

Based in Bilbao, they sent us quick, easy and fun surveys.

You cánido read the entry I wrote back in November 2016 (it has rained a bit) here.

And why did it take me so long to get paid? Well, simply because of the minimum number of surveys that our friends from We are Testers send, they usually send us one every couple of weeks.

That is the only but that perro be put on this page.

For the rest everything OK.

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Without further ado, here I put the charge for PayPal, €10, which would be equivalent to 10 Watcoins (the currency in which we are paid for the surveys in We are Testers), although the total cost was 10.70 Watcoins, 0.70 remains. as commission.

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As you cánido see, the payment was made a few days ago, but being on vacation I had late work.

But here is We are testers pays.

As in all survey pages, registration is completely free, there are two ways to register.

By direct invitation to your correo electrónico or by invitation from someone who already has an account in We are testers.

That is my case.

If you want, you cánido register for free here.

You, as my referrals, will receive 0.50 Watpoints and I another 0.50, it starts with something, right?


We are testers is an interesting page to take into account if we want to earn money en línea.

The only thing I ask of you is patience, a lot of patience, because as it is expanding (let’s not forget that it has been in less than a year) and is only valid for Spain, its surveys are still few.

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One piece of advice I give you so you don’t miss a single survey is to follow them on twitter (@wearetesters) and activate their notifications.

This way you will be aware of all the surveys they do and you will not miss any.

Well that has been all for today friends, I hope you continue enjoying the summer and earning a lot of money en línea!!

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 We are testers pay
  We are testers pay
  We are testers pay

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