We are testers, earn money with surveys

We are testers, earn money with surveys

Good morning friends!!, today I come to introduce you We are testers .

A survey page where you perro charge for opinion And it’s getting better day by day.

They send us more and more surveys and they are very entertaining!!

The page in question is the iniciativa of ​​some boys from Bilbao, it is, as they say, a community of users who express their opinions on web pages and companies that request it.

Currently they only work with Spain, hopefully will soon spread to Latin America.

What I found most interesting about this page are the polls themselves. They are not long and boring surveysif not that they are made up of about 15 or 20 questions (I have not found any of more than 20) on current issues, and that really affect us.

We are testers As I told you before, they are located in Bilbao, on their page you have all their data, which are the following: WEARETESTERS, SL, c/ Uribitarte 6, 48001 Bilbao – Bizkaia (Spain), info@wearetesters.com.

As you cánido see, we perro locate them without any problem.

Be a tester

To register in We are testers It is only by invitation, if you want you cánido send me your dirección de correo electrónico and I will send you an invitation.

You perro invite all the friends you want, but for all 10 they will give us 0.50 watcoins (which is equivalent to €0.50).

Also, if you register using the code that I am going to give you here below, you will participate in the draw for a 4K televisión and also an annual subscription to Disney Agregado.

Hurry up to register, since I don’t know how long this offer will be on.

Once registered, they will ask us for the typical data, our name, surname, and a contact dirección de correo electrónico.

You will also have to fill in your profile so that they cánido send us the surveys that best suit us.

We are testers login

Once registered, and when we have filled our profile, we perro start receiving surveys.

From time to time (as I tell you, less and less time) we will send, through our dirección de correo electrónico, very fun and fast surveys.

With each of them we will add as much WATios as watcoins.

What are watcoins?

The watcoins with the points to exchange for prizes (the hard cash, come on…).

Each WATcoin equals one euro. When we have enough watcoins to be able to exchange them for Paypal money or Amazon cards, we will do it.

If you have the soul of a benefactor, you cánido also donate it to charities.

What are Watts?

The WATios are level points, which serve to see our progress within the community and establish our position in the top.

The testers with the highest level will have priority in answering the tests.

Each tester has a Status that provides them with privileges, within the platform, there are three available:

  • PadaWATit’s a apprentice as a tester and you will have to earn WATios to go to the next Status, which is
  • WATpro what would he be professional tester and it will allow you to earn more WATios and WATcoins.

    Which will allow you to go to the next status that is

  • WATguru, you will earn many more WATios and WATcoins, but without trusting yourself.

    You always have to be at the foot of the canyon.

Application we are testers

We are Testers taalso owns application for android and to ios, in this aplicación you cánido solve surveys of certain businesses of our cities.

I’m sure this also interests youOne of lime, another of sand and the second payment of clixsense

From this application we perro have access to everything related to our community tester.

We will know the wacoins and the watts that we have.

Also in the application they will notify us of all the surveys that are sent to us and we perro carry them out directly through our móvil inteligente.

Minimum payment and times

to redeem our cómputo We have to have more than 10.70 WATcoins(equivalent to 10 euros removing commissions from PayPal).

However, if we charge for amazon, we will only need 10 watcoins.

I’m sure this also interests youMy first payment of clixsense and other herbs

We perro charge it directly to our account PayPal, redeem for points to redeem at Amazon I normally always charge for Amazon, since I have to spend less watcoins.

Also, as I said before, if you have a kind spirit, and if you want you perro donate it to any of the NGO associated with your program.

As for the collection time, they have up to 8 weeks to pay us, sometimes it seems that they have forgotten about us.

It is not like that, do not worry, you have to pay, they always pay.

Final conclusions we are testers

Well, that’s We are Testers, a Spanish page, which I really liked.

The tests are fast, entertaining and easy to finish.

In a short time I hope to do another articulo writing about the first charge of this page.

With the times that we have, we must take advantage of all possible opportunities to earn money on the internet, and surveys are one of them.

I’m sure this also interests youHow to make money with surveys

Its speed in completing the surveys, the fun of them and the speed with which the points are added make it a good candidate to be one of the best survey pages.

If you dare, leave me your dirección de correo electrónico, remember that you perro only register by invitation.

Do you dare? Well then, here I leave the backlink.

ORGreetings and until next time!!

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 We are testers, earn money with surveys
  We are testers, earn money with surveys
  We are testers, earn money with surveys

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