We are opinion testers, survey panel

We are opinion testers, survey panel

Here we present in CGD: We Are Testers a reliable Spanish paid survey page with which you cánido earn money for giving your opinion doing paid surveys in addition to other tasks.

This site is characterized by having multiple choice surveyswhich are very short surveys that you perro do in a few minutes and it will take us very little time to do them.

It also has a aplicación with which you cánido carry out surveys specially designed to be done from your mobile device.

In addition, all the money you earn with this page cánido be sent to your account for PayPalexchange it for Amazon gift cardsor even donate the proceeds to a NGO of the Red Cross.

Next, we are going to see the We are testers guide:

Data sheet

Created in: year 2016

Languages: Spanish

Accepted countries: Spain

minimum payment: €10.70

Payment method: PayPal, Amazon and NGO.

Referrals: 1 level of referrals.

Payment per referral: You will receive €0.50 for each person who registers under your name.

How to get started on Wearetesters

As in all pages of this type, such as Toluna, you need to register in a couple of fácil steps, as always, but with the difference that in this case you will receive 1 euro! (which equals 1 WATcoin) just for registering and creating a profile! Remember that confirmation by correo electrónico is necessary, so you should put a real dirección de correo electrónico ;).

It is also important to fill in the “Your interests” section in your profile, since in this way you will be able to access a greater number of Tests and you will get plus WATios.

Operation of We are testers

Most survey panel pages are normally quite fácil to operate and on this site even simpler due to the design and usuario-friendly interfaz.

It has two main menus.

In section “Your Tests” all appear surveys/tests available that we cánido do, although more than surveys are small testsfurther short than the typical surveys we are used to.”

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“Redeem cómputo” It is the section where you will have to go to collect money that you have won and exchange it for one of the three options that they give you: receive the money in your PayPalgift card Amazon or donate it to a NGO of the Red Cross.

-The minimum payment you perro extract for PayPal is 10.70 WATcoinsthat is to say, €10.7.

-The minimum payment that you perro exchange for a credit card Amazon is 20 WATcoins (20 euros).

-You perro too donate your income obtained from the red cross, redeeming a minimum of 10.7 WATcoins (10.7 Euro).

in each test the estimated duration time of the task appears and the amount of WATcoins and WATios that we will get after completing the survey.

What are Watts and WATcoins?

This page emplees a points system to assess effort and experience of the users when answering the tests with the WATios. And it also emplees another point system to receive payment for our effort, the so-called watcoins.

-Watts: It’s a point system for measure usuario experience level.

Based on these points we will receive a smaller or larger number of surveys depending on our “tester level”.

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You start at level 1 and as you complete tasks they give you points (WATios) and you increase in level. The higher your tester level is and more WATios you have more priority you will have in front of other users to get a survey.

-WATcoins: It is the currency ofWe are testers”, that is, they are the points you will earn every time you successfully complete any task and that you perro exchange for money or gift cards, or even donate them to an NGO.

Types of Paid Tests/Surveys

  • free test: Are the typical surveys which we are used to doing in almost all pages of this type.

    There is various types of surveys to answer such as giving our opinion about something, answering a series of questions, etcétera.

  • Web test: In this type of task we will have to carry out a series of activities at the same time that we visit a website to make an assessment of the same and value usuario experience or answer any questions about it.

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  • Localized test: They are quite unusual surveys, since many are to be carried out in public places.

    In addition, these tests are exclusively designed to be performed from our mobile devicetherefore we cánido only do them through the Aplicación of We are testers for mobile phone (both for Android and IOs).

Some tricks about We are testers

One of the things that most caught my attention from this panel of surveys is that for just filling out our profile we will get 1 WATcoin! That is to say €1 for filling out the information in our usuario profile.

It also has its own mobile phone application for iOS and Android, where we perro do other types of surveys that will be provided through the Aplicación.

He affiliate system is a bit quirky and the truth is that personally I think they could get more out of it, but hey, it’s not bad.

To invite your friends and be able to collect a commission, you just have to go to the section on the right, where it says very clearly… “invite friends” :D, in the tab that will appear you will have all the options to publish or send by dirección de correo electrónico your personal invitation.

How to get our referral/affiliate backlink

A little trick that perro be very useful at the time of earn referrals on this page It is obtaining the referral backlink from this survey portal, which by the way, could make it easier for us: D.

What you have to do to get referral backlink is to go to the “invite friends” tab select the option invite vía popular media:twitter and then a window will appear with a message and below that message, it appears our affiliate backlink:

In my case for example:

All you have to do is copy the backlink that comes out and paste it wherever you want, in this way we have our referral backlink to promote wherever we want!

Observations, recommendations

If you are one of those who like earn plus money per month doing surveysWithout a doubt, this site cannot be missing from your list of survey panels.

Personally, I think it’s very good and I was really struck by how easy things are on this website, both for doing homework and for to collect your paymentswithout deception or complications and very reliable.

The affiliate system of this site is not bad for get us a Plus money.

In addition to giving us plenty facilities for the promotion of our backlink (fb, twitter, correo electrónico) you will receive €0.50 for each person who registers through your referral backlink.

The bad thing about this affiliate system is that You perro only invite a maximum of 10 people…so, the thing loses a lot of charm, so you don’t need to bother much in promoting your backlink, since the number of guests is limited.

Another big drawback of this en línea survey panel is that it is only available for Spanish users/residents in Spainso if you do not meet this requirement, you will not be able to take the surveys.

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Proof that We are testers pay – Proof of payment PayPal

Here I leave you a little proof of payment We are testers made through PayPal account.

It is not a large amount, but even so, it is very easy to reach the minimum withdrawal of €10.70 by doing the tests that they send us.

If you like the theme of paid surveys You already know that this portal is a very good option.

For those of us who really like to squeeze the coconut with the surveys or find it a bit difficult to carry them out, don’t worry, this site specifically is quite easy and quick to do!

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 We are opinion testers, survey panel
  We are opinion testers, survey panel
  We are opinion testers, survey panel

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