Ways to withdraw money in London

Ways to withdraw money in London

LondonIt is one of the most visited places by people from all over the world. Its rich history, its architecture and the variety of places, make this a fabulous city in the eyes of tourists.

A trip to the capital of England and the United Kingdom cánido be of great benefit if you are ready for any event, such as withdrawals. Because despite the fact that in many of its establishments you cánido pay by card and electronic means, sometimes it is necessary to have money on hand.

If you are going to travel to this city and you don’t know how to do it, here we will tell you what you need to know to get money in londonand that this is not an inconvenience for you.

Best banks to withdraw money in London with a Spanish card

Many banks that operate in Spain, give their clients certain facilities, so that their withdrawals abroad do not generate many costs, these are the most habitual:

  • With the evo smart card, you perro withdraw money from practically any ATM, and in addition to that, the first two monthly withdrawals will be completely free.
  • ING Directoffers you a commission-free account So that you cánido access your capital, from any ATM of this bank, without plus charges.
  • Bakia it also gives you this kind of facility, the only condition is that you perro only manage your account en línea through their website. But still, you cánido withdraw money for free from any of its ATMs.
  • Another alternative that you perro take is the account Citigold from Citibankwith her you perro make free withdrawals from any of its ATMs.
  • AND Banc Sabadell It also adds to this list with the expansion account. Customers creditors to it, enjoy the privilege of withdraw money at no costfrom any of its ATMs located in other countries.

If you are a customer of one of these banks, you are in time to enjoy all its benefits.

Where to withdraw money in London without commission

We have already mentioned the banks that offer you this possibility, but if for some reason you cannot use their services, we will inform you of another alternative with which you get physical money without costing you more.

❯❯❯ We talked about the cards without commissions that you cánido use all over the world. N26, Bnext and Revoult are the best known and most reliable, agregado they are easy to use.

Any of them is obtained through their websites or applications, providing some data and your shipping address. All of them give you the option of being recharged through bank accounts, and you perro use them in any cashier.

Other ways to withdraw money from London

With the banks and cards that we already mentioned, withdraw money from london it is doable. But if you find it difficult to use these tools, or you cánido’t access them, remember that you perro go to the exchange houses from the city.

Here are some places that charge you comfortable rates for this task:

  • Souvenirs: This is a gift shop that has a exchange houseit is located near Kensington Gardens and you cánido reach it if you take the route that goes to the Queensway station or Bayswater station tube stop.
  • Historic London: This is located near Hyde Park, you perro get there if you take a route that leaves you at the Paddington Station stop.
  • Souvenirs and Giftsn in London: It is located opposite the quensway metro station.
  • Surprise; The place is very close to the Oxford Circus Station stop.
  • Change Bureau: It is also very close to a tube stop, which is known as Gloucester Road Stations.

We already mentioned some of the many sites, in which you get pounds in exchange for euros, so it doesn’t hurt that you take a few tiques from Spain, so you perro get out of trouble in London. We advise you not to go to the establishments that are inside the airport, because they will keep a large part of the money you have.

If you take this information into account, it will not be impossible for you to take money out in this city since there are many alternatives. Now you just have to opt for the most comfortable one and enjoy your stay there without worries.

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 Ways to withdraw money in London
  Ways to withdraw money in London
  Ways to withdraw money in London

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