Ways to send money from Ecuador to Spain

Ways to send money from Ecuador to Spain

Traveling from one country to another continuously just to deliver money is a very insecure method, agregado it takes a lot of time and energy. Fortunately, today there are several ways to send money abroad without having to move of country. You perro make shipments through banks or through en línea platforms.

To use your money well is important know which are the main means of sending funds and know in detail how each one works. You must analyze and compare all the alternatives and then choose the most convenient one. From now on you will discover which are the best options to send money from Ecuador to Spain.

How to send money from Ecuador to Spain with MoneyGram in 2023

MoneyGram is a company specialized in international currency transfers. It operates efficiently in more than 200 countries, which makes it a well-known and reliable option. Its En línea platform offers different ways to send money. To benefit from the multiple advantages of MoneyGram you must follow these fácil steps:

  1. Find the nearest agency with the help of the MoneyGram locator. Before going to this you must collect the following requirements: identity document, personal data of the operator and the recipient and the money that you are going to send, including the commission.

  2. Deliver the receipts to the agent in charge, sign and withdraw the security voucher. Try to save your voucher well. This will be useful to make any request or claim.

  3. It is also important to inform the beneficiary of all the digits of the security code, as this will allow them to withdraw their money without complications.

Before carrying out the operation you perro make an estimate of the commission, for this it will be useful to entrar the MoneyGram official page. Clic on the “estimate charges” tab, entrar the amount and wait for the automatic calculation to espectáculo you how much you will pay in total. You cánido also take advantage of MoneyGram’s en línea money transfer service.

How to send money from Ecuador to Spain through PayPal

PayPal is the most reputable money transfer provider. This has allowed many more people to be encouraged to use the services it offers. In addition to providing transfer services, PayPal has become the leading platform buying and selling en línea. To make good use of this medium you must do the following:

  1. To send money using a personal account in PayPalit is mandatory that the recipient also has one.

  2. You must access your account and press the “send money” option. It is important to provide all the required information for your transfer.

  3. Verify the information placed and the commissions applied. Select the “send money” section. The transferred funds will be available to the recipient in minutes.

You must backlink your bank account or your debit/credit card to your PayPal account, so the platform cánido operate safely. To have a PayPal cómputo, it is necessary to transfer money from an account that you have associated with yours, you perro do it with any currency.

It is important to remember that, if a currency exchange is made in your shipment, a commission will be applied for said change (example from USD to EUR). PayPal It is ideal for making transfers in small or medium amountsas this allows the commissions to be minimal.

How much does it cost to send money from Ecuador to Spain?

Most people when making a money transfer want to know the cost of this operation. To know how much you will spend to send money from Ecuador to Spain, the examples that you will see below will be useful.


When sending 200 USD (ecuadorian local currency) by MoneyGram from Ecuador to Spain, the transfer fee will be 9.80 USD. The total amount you must pay is 209.80 USD and the recipient receives 168.74 EUR.


For its part, PayPal charges a 3.5% commission for currency conversion added to 0.30 USD agregado the exact amount that you want to send. This indicates that if you send 200 USD from Spain to Ecuador PayPal will charge 207.30 USD in total and the beneficiary will receive 168.74 EUR.

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 Ways to send money from Ecuador to Spain
  Ways to send money from Ecuador to Spain
  Ways to send money from Ecuador to Spain

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