Ways to earn money with Telegram

Ways to earn money with Telegram

There are many people today who do not know that make money with Telegram it’s possible.

And not only is it possible, it also has enormous potential, thanks to the fact that we perro reach a large number of people in a very short time.

Being able to join channels and chats anonymously and create content that gives us monetary value through instant messaging is something that is increasingly engaging more people and not just influencers.

And it is that the telegram bot Although very habitual and used, they are by no means the only or best option to earn money in this network, there are a few more that we are going to review calmly.

Why use Telegram to earn money

Several advantages of using Telegram to earn money soon come to mind, but without a doubt the most important is the potential and speed with which a business perro spread.

It is a completely free service that perro be used by anyone with a mobile Android and iOSnot to mention that it is also available in a web version.

Privacy is far superior to other instant messaging applications, as it it is not necessary to backlink our account to a phone number.

Anyone cánido start earning money en línea without worrying about their nationality or popular status, you just need a network connection and a cell phone or PC, nothing more.

Another of the great advantages that this way of monetizing content gives us is that we don’t have to be tied to a site or to any schedule, it gives us complete freedom to spread our messages wherever we are and at the time we want.

How to make money on Telegram

There are several proven methods with which to earn money with Telegram, you just have to choose the one that best suits you or try all of them, in any case it is free, so it will not cost you a penny to mess with them.

Earn money by creating a Telegram channel

This is something that anyone who has Telegram cánido do, create a channel and start earning money quickly.

Creating it is free and will only take a few seconds of your time.

Create your own Telegram channel

If you have Telegram already installed on your mobile or computer and you don’t know how to create your own channel, follow these steps:

1-. Open Telegram.

2-. Select “Open new channel”.


Add the name of the channel and a short description of it.


Choose between public or private options for your channel.


Hit confirm to create your Telegram channel.

Once the channel is created, you will be able to upload content and make publications where you will be able to include any information or backlinks to monetize it.

Subscription or payment channel

Another good way to earn money on Telegram and that many influencers use is to create a subscription channel fixed or monthly

It is about offering your content in exchange for the payment of a subscription that cánido be permanent or for months.

In general, payment channels tend to be groups where valuable information is offered, such as depósito market investments, cryptocurrency trading or sports betting.

To create this type of channel and charge for a subscription, you have to be really good at something, since nobody is going to pay money for nothing.

There are truly valuable groups and others that they end up being a scam.

Receive donations vía Telegram

Although it is the easiest way to earn money on Telegram, there are many people who cánido receive donations from followers thanks to the fact that they offer content that provides great value.

It is not easy to receive these types of rewards, but if you have a large community behind you and offer a quality service, many will be happy to offer you a small incentive in exchange for it.

Nowadays it has become quite fashionable to receive these donations through some cryptocurrency, although it is also very common to receive them using Paypal or another wallet.

Earn with affiliation or selling products

Just like in a blog, in Telegram you perro earn a lot of money by publishing product offers and discounts and generate commissions thanks to affiliation.

Normally we usually find many restrictions on popular networks when publishing this type of content due to contenido publicitario.

In this sense, Telegram is much more permissive, so it is an ideal place to earn money with it.


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TradeTrackerVariety of products


daisyconmany themes

Earn money with Telegram bots

If you are already familiar with Telegram, you will know very well how bots work and how you perro earn money, since it is perhaps the most used way to generate income.

But if you don’t know, tell you that they are automatic chats that offer us a small profit for doing a certain action using the characters.

Although you cánido earn money, you have to take into account that the commissions are very small and we will have to work hard to make it worth it.

To all this we must add that it is a world full of scams and cheeks, so finding a bot that really pays is not an easy task, not to mention that 99.9% of them have a fairly short expiration date.

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 Ways to earn money with Telegram
  Ways to earn money with Telegram
  Ways to earn money with Telegram

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