Ways to earn money recycling in Spain

Ways to earn money recycling in Spain

Recycling has increasingly become a necessity in large cities. This is due to the fact that large amounts of garbage are produced in them, which cannot be adequately treated simply by being discarded. Recycling is done through industrial plants.

In these plants, products that are no longer used by anyone (generally using paper, cardboard, plastic or metal bases) are taken and turned into raw material for new products that are launched to the public or that are reused in the manufacture of afín products.

Looking for recycling options in exchange for money is something that is becoming a much more common practice. Spain is no exception, many repechage plants in La capital española pay to bring the materials. To find out how recycling earnings work, the best thing you perro do is investigate about it, and for this reason we are going to give you the best advice, so that you know how much money you cánido get through recycling and if recycling is a good option. start investing in this business that cánido be quite lucrative if it is carried out in the right way.

Earn money recycling cans Spain

There are several options to earn money recycling in Spain. One of the most curious was the campaign that he requested through change.org the installation of machines that exchanged each metal cánido for a 25-cent coin.

These machines would be installed in Spanish supermarkets, which are one of the main centers of contamination due to the large amount of waste that is thrown away every day. However, today this initiative has not been officially resolved, therefore, although some supermarkets already have machines installed, the majority still do not have them.

A company that has promoted a lot what is the recycling company in Spain is the one known as “we win by recycling”. This company created a machine in which every time you insert a metal material, it gives you a coin, or a coupon from one of the nearby stores that installed the machine. Most of these machines are found in the La capital española and Malaga area, so if you live in those areas, congratulations because you are likely to find them.

How to make money recycling garbage

Garbage surrounds us, practically wherever you put your eyes, it is highly posible that there is garbage nearby. Many times that garbage is not separated correctlySo you end up doing more harm than good to the environment.

For this reason, many companies allow people to take their garbage to be recycled, the same for which they pay money, on the other hand, there is also the possibility of turning your garbage into economic assets that allow you to earn some plus money.

Some of the best ideas that exist to be able to earn money through the recycling of garbage is through the following:

  • separate your trash: By separating your garbage you will be able to identify some things that may be of value and you perro sell them again (such as used products). Also another option is that you perro sell basic products such as paper, cardboard, cans and aluminum.
  • sell electronic products: In your house, electronic waste accumulates, old mobiles, old batteries, televisions that you always say you will throw away, but you never do. These products are sold en línea at quite good prices, so if you want to get plus money, it is a good option to sell them through pages like eBay.
  • Hold garaje sales: Instead of throwing away all those old clothes and everything that has to do with products like books, sell them instead. The garbage of some is the treasure of others, and there will be more than one person who will be willing to pay large amounts of money for something that you simply throw away because you no longer find any use for it.

How to make money recycling plastic

Plastic is one of the most common materials in homes. From plastic soda bottles to plastic plates and cutlery. The terrifying reality is that it is estimated that by 2030 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish.

For this reason, many recycling companies pay good sums of money in exchange for your plastic tools and supplies, in order to eliminate the environmental threat that plastic bottles are, while at the same time you perro get some plus income, it is a good way to be environmentally friendly.

What you cánido do is start accumulating bottles and other plastic supplies, gathering them on your own or that you find on the street. Once you have collected a acceptable number of bottlestake them to a recycling company or factory, which will be in charge of doing the recycling process properly and at the same time will give us money.

The main drawback of this alternative is that the payment you are given is really symbolic, it is not something that will make you rich overnight using plastic bottles. Even so, don’t do it so much for the income but because it’s a good deed, and that will give you enough satisfaction.

make money recycling paper

Paper and cardboard (which is a derivative of paper at the end of the day), are one of the elements that are used the most every day. For this reason, it is completely habitual that some people seek to disminuye the environmental impact that paper has to do with our environment. This is something possible if it is recycled in the proper way and at the same time allows you to earn some plus money that you wouldn’t get otherwise. The difference between this type of recycling and the others is that both as an intermediary and as a recycler.

There are a large number of containers that specialize in cardboard, so You perro take your box to one of the recycling centers and recycle. But you perro also organize them and take them to some companies.

Reusing cardboard is also a good iniciativa to earn money by recycling. Some companies are dedicated to reusing cardboard boxes to prevent them from becoming a landfill.

A third, slightly more complicated option is to use the recycled paper to make pulp and then more paper. For this You have to take your paper to one of the paper companies and they will take care of the processoften buying the paper by its weight.

Earn money recycling caps

Plastic caps are one of the most valuable parts of bottles. This is because they have much finer and heavier components compared to the rest of the bottle materials, which have lower quality polymers. Recycling bottle caps is an incredible option. So if you want to learn how to recycle them you should do the following.

In general, the recycling of plastic caps is usually a little more complicated to do. The prices of a ton of caps usually range between 120 and 180 euros per tonSo you have to take that into account. Collecting the caps and then taking them to a recycling center or factory where they will pay you money for them is your best option when it comes to recycling these elements, on the other hand, there is the possibility of making crafts with it, but It’s a very saturated market so it’s not really a good option.

How to make money recycling lids

Recycling plastic caps is afín to recycling plastic caps. You take the lid to an industrial refinery, which charges you by means of tonnage and the price ranges between 140 and 190 euros. The reason why plastic lids are a little more expensive than conventional lids is because they use a much higher quality type of polymer that also allows for quick recycling.

The second option is to use the caps for arts and crafts. Crafts with organic products have become a trend, for which you perro get some plus money by making, for example, bracelets or necklaces using plastic caps, which you cánido later sell. Although this option will not make you a millionaire, far from it, there is a possibility that you perro get some plus money with respect to that. It is without a doubt an option that you should consider.

How to monetize recycling oil

One of the things that seems to have no real use after one use is the oil. Something that many people do not know is that you cánido recycle the cooking oil that you have already used and earn money with it.. The way is really quite fácil, you just have to register on a website and that’s it.

This website is called “Recycle and Earn”. The premise is fácil, the first thing you have to do is register on their website, they will send you a card by e-e correo electrónico which you have to use in vending machines. In these machines you perro go to recycle any material from your cooking oil in plastic bottles to your old clothes using plastic bags. Once brought to the machine, you will be given a cash reward. Without a doubt, it is a pretty good option.

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 Ways to earn money recycling in Spain
  Ways to earn money recycling in Spain
  Ways to earn money recycling in Spain

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