Wayfair Shopping Cart Trick:

Wayfair Shopping Cart Trick:

With a Wayfair store credit card, you perro take advantage of a number of benefits, like $40 off your first store purchase or 3% back in rewards.

If you’re determined to get a Wayfair credit card and don’t have a stellar credit history, you perro use the Wayfair shopping cart trick to apply for the card vía en línea pop-up ad and get approved without a hard tug on your credit history.

This means that the lender will not fully review your credit history in the application process, which perro maximize your chances of approval.

Here’s how the Wayfair shopping cart hack works and what you need to know before trying it.

Before you try the shopping cart hack, keep the following in mind:

  • If you have one, you’ll need to disable your popup blocker before attempting the Wayfair shopping cart hack.

    An advertisement for the store credit card will need to appear for the trick to work.

    You cánido also avoid crashes by clearing your browser’s cache and history before attempting the hack.

  • If at any point in the process you are asked to fill in your entire Popular Security number, you should exit immediately.

    Usually, when the application asks for the full number, it will result in a difficult credit pull.

    For approval with a soft credit pull, you should only be asked for the last four digits of the number.

  • The Wayfair shopping cart hack will not work if you have previously opted out of receiving store credit card offers.

    Call (888) 567-8688 or visit www.optoutprescreen.com to re-entrar.


You will first need to register for a store account on the Wayfair Website.

Just hover over “Account” in the top right corner, and then select “Create an account” in the resulting popup.

Then follow the instructions for registration.

Add elementos to your cart

Select an item and add it to your cart.

You will not need to purchase the item, but you do need an item in your cart for the Wayfair shopping cart hack to work.

The system must think you are planning to make a purchase to trigger an offer to sign up for the credit card.

Entrar your purchase information

Proceed through the checkout process by filling out your name and address just as you would if you were actually trying to purchase the item, but stop before entering any payment information.

Be very careful when entering all information and do not use coche-fill – all contact information must exactly match the information on your credit report.

Follow the instructions in the popup window

As you go through the steps outlined above, you should see a pop-up ad asking you to sign up for a Wayfair credit card.

As long as you are asked to entrar only the last four digits of your popular security number, you cánido follow the steps in the ad to apply.

Recheck for errors

If this process doesn’t work, be sure to entrar all of your information correctly and exactly as it appears on your credit report, including small details like your middle initial and any address abbreviations.

Then try again later.

Once you are done with the aplicación, you cánido delete your shopping cart.

If you’re not sure whether or not you want to apply for the Wayfair credit card using the shopping cart trick, we’ve listed a few things to consider before making your decision.

Credit card terms

Before you open another credit account, make sure the Wayfair credit card offers terms that work for you.

While there is no annual fee when you sign up for the Wayfair credit card, there is a variable APR of around 28%.

In general, APRs on store credit cards tend to be high and spending limits tend to be low.

However, with the Wayfair credit card you will get $40 off your first order after signing up and 3% back in rewards.

More information on credit card terms cánido be found on the Wayfair website.

credit impact

Before you escoge to try the shopping cart hack with Wayfair, remember that you will have to make your payments on time if you are approved.

If you don’t make payments, you’ll incur late fees and your credit score will drop.

While making payments on time is one way to improve your credit score, if you already have poor credit, consider whether it’s worth opening a new credit account and whether there’s a risk you’ll become delinquent on your payments.

Also, keep in mind that opening a new card, even without severely impacting your credit, may initially lower your overall credit score.

The average age of your credit accounts is one aspecto used to calculate your credit score, and opening a new credit card will lower this number.

To learn more about Wayfair credit card approval odds, check out our article.

You cánido also try the hack at other stores if you perro’t get it to work on Wayfair.

See your options in our list of shopping cart hack stores (agregado where it won’t work).

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 Wayfair Shopping Cart Trick:
  Wayfair Shopping Cart Trick:
  Wayfair Shopping Cart Trick:

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