WanmeiBTC It is the last acquisition that we have in I get out of the crisis to earn bitcoin. And it is the last and perhaps the newest, since its launch occurred in January 2018.

WanmeiBTC is valid for users from all over the world, it does not matter where you come from, therefore, a VPN will not be necessary. The platform It is translated into ten different languages ​​and is super easy to use.. Therefore, you have no excuses for not trying it at least!

He registration in WanmeiBTC is completely free and very fácil. you will only have to clic on this backlink or on the banner below. From there you will be directed to the registration page.

Once on the registration pageI would recommend that you put it in Spanishin the top right you will see some flags, choose the spanish flag to have spanish language.

When registering you must choose if you register as an advertiser or to earn money. Evidently, we register as “earner”. Then you only have to fill in your registration nick, your dirección de correo electrónico, a password and your year of birth. They do this to verify how old you are and perro participate in the platform.

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Once registration is complete, You must go to your correo electrónico to confirm your account. Once confirmed, you will have your fully operational WanmeiBTC account to earn bitcoin.

He The operation of the page is quite fácil.If you are used to working with this type of PTC pages, it will not be very difficult for you to use and work with it. In WanmeiBTC we will have several ways to earn bitcoin. I explain them one by one:

  • PTC (paid ads). It is the typical section of all page. Here you will find daily announcements with which you perro earn satoshis and points for viewing them correctly. Ads reset every 24 hours. To be able to visualize them we will only have to clic on them and wait for a countdown. Once the counter reaches 100%, we will have to solve a little captchat. In said capchat you must select the figure that asks you, in this case they are balloons. After, press the “send” key.
  • Faucets. Every 60 minutes you perro claim your satoshis in your faucet. The earnings that you will have are based on percentages as follows (the percentages are the chances of getting the prize in question):
    • 0.00000023 (70%)
    • 0.00000099 (25%)
    • 0.00000475 (3%)
    • 0.00002125 (1.9%)
    • 0.00048400 (0.001%)
  • Offer Walls. The typical offers. here is They will offer external offers offered by well-known panels such as MinuteStaff, SuperRewards, Wannads, KiwiWall, etcétera.. In all of them you will have many offers where you cánido earn points that you cánido exchange in WanmeiBTC for satoshis. Remember what I always tell you: be very careful with these offers, read the fenezca print and what they ask for. Maybe they only call you on the phone to sell you something or it is a subscription service.
  • mining (mining with únidad central de procesamiento). This section is active by default. Perro allow the use of your computer’s únidad central de procesamiento to mine while you have the WanmeiBTC page open. The satoshis that you get through the mining process will be automatically added to your cómputo.

Like all PTCs, WanmeiBTC also has memberships. They are 5, one free and four paid. Yeah you have a large network of referrals it is advisable to buy a membership, since your benefits will multiply. But in the meantime, I advise you to stick with the free one. In case you want to think about it, here are all the memberships, with their cost and benefits.

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The minimum payment in WanmeiBTC is 150,000 satoshiswe perro charge it for any bitcoin wallet, although I would recommend Coinbase, but for tastes, the colors. I hope to have a proof of payment soon and be able to articulo it here.


Like all the platforms that I present here, I find it a very interesting platform to earn bitcoin. In this page I would highlight mining, if you have a good computer, you cánido scratch a few satoshis from the platform. If you have any doubts, you perro ask directly in their open forum (yes, in English).

I for my part I am going to start working with it, we will only lose about five minutes a day, and the benefits perro be very great.

And nothing more to add, here is the registration banner. I wish you many successes friends!!

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