Wanderu Analysis: Flights and Tiques?

Wanderu Analysis: Flights and Tiques?

Autobuses and trains are undoubtedly some of the cheapest and most sustainable ways to travel in many countries. Each mode has its pros and cons, but they are ideal options for backpackers who want to experience the best of the world on a budget.

We previously reviewed Busbud and BlaBlaCar, both en línea platforms that help you book colectivo tiques and get around the city. If you are looking for another alternative, you should consider Wanderu.

Unlike Busbud, Wanderu helps you find colectivo and train tiques, which is useful for those who use a combination of these modes to travel efficiently. But,is legit Wanderu?

Read our Wanderu review to find out if it’s the right option for you.

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What is Wandero?

Wanderu is an en línea search platform that helps travelers find, compare and book cheap ómnibus and train tiques. It was founded in 2011 by Polina Raygorodskaya and Igor Bratnikov, who wanted to overcome the hassle of ómnibus and train travel.

Currently, Wanderu covers routes across North America and Europe. Wanderu has partnered with many travel industry giants like Greyhound, Megabus, Amtrak, VIA Rail Canada, BoltBus, etcétera.

You cánido book tiques through the Wanderu website or the free mobile aplicación available for iOS and Android devices. Wanderu supports 10 languages ​​and 15 currencies.

What are the services offered by Wanderu?

The main services offered by Wanderu are the ability to search, compare and review the prices of ómnibus and train tiques and book them through the carrier’s website.

In addition, you perro also search for cheap flights, ferry tiques, car rentals, hotels, and BnB. In this review, our focus is on ómnibus and train booking, their most habitual service.

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How does Wandero work?

  1. Visit the website or aplicación and entrar the departure and arrival locations and the dates of the trip, specifying whether it is a one-way or round-trip trip.
  2. You will be given a list of options: schedules, routes, fares and duration of tours offered by different train/autobús operators based on your search details to review.
  3. You also have the option to specify the mode of travel: train, ómnibus, or a combination of both. However, it depends on availability. Specify the time and services (Wi-Fi, bathrooms, power outlets, and air conditioning) to further narrow the search results.
  4. Once you have selected your choice, clic on «Select«. Then you perro include the number of passengers and clic on «Reserve«. Once redirected to the carrier’s website, you perro make the payment and make the reservation. A confirmation dirección de correo electrónico and y también-tiques will be sent to you.

Wanderus Benefits

Based on many Wanderu reviews, the usuario-friendly website/aplicación does a solid job of helping travelers book tiques quickly and easily. The information provided about times and schedules is well detailed. It is also one of the safest ways to buy multimodal travel tiques.

Without a third-party platform like Wanderu, booking ómnibus or train tiques could be a difficult task, especially when you plan to travel to a new destination. For one, you would need to know the name of the autobús/train company to book tiques through their website. Next, you need to visit different websites and spend significant time comparing rates for yourself. Wanderu adds all the required information for your convenience!

Wanderu has a unique feature that automatically combines ómnibus and train journeys to help you easily get to where you want to go. It’s perfect for backpackers planning an affordable itinerary in North America or Europe. Currently, it is one of the most habitual features that make it stand out from its competitors like Busbud.

Wanderu usually offers many options, so you perro easily compare and review prices and select one that fits your budget. Many have managed to book tiques at cheap prices through Wanderu. If you want the best deals, we recommend you book in advance. However, keep in mind that ómnibus operators usually do not publish schedules for two months.

Agregado, since Wanderu doesn’t charge you any booking fees (since you’re directed to the operator’s website), you don’t have to incur any additional cost!

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Disadvantages of Wanderu

Lack of a refund/cancellation policy

It should be noted that Wanderu is simply an en línea search platform, and the reservation is ultimately made through the carrier’s website. Therefore, we do not offer a refund or cancellation policy outside of the ómnibus/train operators policies. Therefore, be sure to read the carrier’s terms and conditions regarding refunds, rebookings, and cancellations beforehand.

We just want to let you know that Wanderu’s customer service, like many other service providers, is far from perfect. There have been cases where users experienced issues due to poor customer service, aplicación crashes, and errors in the booking process. Fortunately, it is only a minor proportion of the total number of users.

Although it is not a scam, we believe that the aplicación would be more useful and habitual if it expands its services to other continents. We haven’t seen it yet. If you’re looking for a ómnibus ticket booking aplicación that covers Africa, Asia or South America, check out Busbud.

Is Wanderu worth it?

In summary,We think so! We came across a ton of positive reviews highlighting how convenient, easy, and quick it was to book autobús/train tiques through Wanderu. It will also help you discover colectivo and train routes that you didn’t know about before! The fact that it is a free service is another agregado.

However, that is not to say that they are without flaws. Many Wanderu reviews have pointed out their poor customer service and refund/cancellation policies, so make sure you are aware of that before purchasing your Wanderu tiques.

If you’re specifically looking for cheap flight deals, check out our review on Going or Google plus Flights as well.

Our rating: 4.1/5


  • reliable service
  • Great routing function
  • Fantastic deals to choose from


  • Bad customer service.
  • Limited coverage.
  • Refund/Cancellation Policy.

To end

Wanderu is a useful and easy-to-use travel search platform that offers a variety of options for traveling by plane, colectivo or train at affordable prices. With its intuitive interfaz and price comparison feature, Wanderu perro help frugal travelers find affordable transportation options without compromising on quality and service. While there are some limitations, such as the limited availability of destinations, overall, Wanderu is a good option for those looking to save on their next vacation or business trip.

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 Wanderu Analysis: Flights and Tiques?
  Wanderu Analysis: Flights and Tiques?
  Wanderu Analysis: Flights and Tiques?

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