Wallapop: Sign up and start earning money

Wallapop: Sign up and start earning money

Wallapop is a digital tool, with a presence on the web and as a mobile aplicación, designed so that you perro buy what you need and sell everything you no longer use.

It is an en línea market for second-hand products where you perro entrar and register at no cost.

If you have something at home that you no longer use, but you consider that it may be worth it in the market, it is time to sell it..

En línea commerce is growing thanks to how easy, fast and convenient it is to close a transaction.

However, it has its risks when doing business.

Currently, there are many habitual y también-commerce options, but today we will talk about Wallapop; a digital platform where you perro buy what you need and sell what you no longer need.

That is, it is an en línea store with second-hand products; a market that for many is in full growth.

In the following article you will learn how to register on Wallapop, how to start your first sale or purchase, where you perro download it and some usuario opinions.

It is time to buy or sell, and here we will tell you everything!

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What is Wallpop?

Wallapop is a mobile application, which perro also be managed from the web.

Used to buy and sell second-hand elementos.

One of its main features is the geolocation function, which allows you to access products closer to your location.

Know how far or close that seller is.

To sign up for the application, you just have to register on the platform.

It is completely free, and once inside you cánido start your search or offer of products.

Everything is categorized to facilitate the process of finding what you want.

You perro sort by price, location, recently published elementos, among other options.

When selling, you just have to take a photo of the product, publish it and wait for those interested to contact you.

It works afín to a popular network because you chat with users to provide more information..

Wallapop Record

Signing up for Wallapop begins with downloading the aplicación or going to their website.

You perro do it with your Fb account, Google plus or using your correo electrónico.

This last option involves filling out a form where three pieces of information are requested, such as:

  1. Name and surname
  2. Correo electrónico address
  3. Password

At the end, you only have to accept the terms of use and privacy policies.

Press the “Create an account” button.

Once registered, start the process to personalize your usuario account.

With it you perro buy and sell, so you don’t have to create a double profile.

How does the Wallapop Aplicación work?

The Wallapop aplicación works as a digital communication between two people (buyer – seller).

The negotiation is done through a chat platform – very afín to WhatsApp – where both parties exchange information about the product, prices, location and details that are considered relevant.

During the transaction, third parties are not involved, something that facilitates communication and a fair price.

In case they are nearby, this means allows them to agree where to deliver.

Or, on the contrary, if they are also very distant, they cánido agree on shipping methods.

The main feature of the aplicación is its geolocation function.

This allows the buyer to know how close or far he is from the product he wants to buy.

For example, if you want to buy some inline skates and you find two good offers.

What offer to choose?

Be guided by the location.

If one of them is miles away, while the other is only 30 minutes away, go for the closest one.

This data is indicated by the aplicación to facilitate your selection.

Another advantage of Wallapop is that there are no limits when it comes to selling or buying a product.

You cánido find a wide variety of products (as long as it does not violate the policies) and ordered by category.

Sell ​​by Wallapop

Start your first sale on Wallapop by logging into your profile.

Then, you just have to locate the product to sell and take a picture with your mobile.

Publish it with the price, description, category, details, reasons for the sale and everything you consider appropriate.

Automatically, the article will be available and waiting for a usuario to contact you through the chat.

Sell ​​your second hand things

When selling second-hand products you must keep in mind some aspects.

Although everything cánido be offered, consider that others may also be selling the same thing as you.

That is why placing a fair price, a good description of the product and being attentive to the contact of the buyers, makes a big difference.

Regarding the photo of the product, make sure that they are well done.

It is not necessary to pay for a professional photo session, but it is important that they stand out.

In addition, you must take several photographs of the article, in different angles and where all the details cánido be seen.

To promote it, you should consider a headline that is fallo-free, straight to the point, and contains a keyword.

You perro do an exercise and place a phrase that you as a “buyer” would use to locate the product.

Also, don’t stop requesting ratings to increase your reputation.

Lastly, the location should be a strategic move on your part.

If you live in a town far away, your chances of selling are lower.

Try to locate yourself in a central area, with mass access where you cánido make hand-to-hand delivery.

Thus, you increase your options, you position yourself better and buyers will take you into account.

How to charge for Wallapop?

Getting paid by Wallapop begins by linking a bank account with your profile in the aplicación.

To do this, you must do the following steps:

  1. Log in to your account and clic in the upper left corner, where the three horizontal lines are.

    Select the “Shipping” option.

  2. A kind of form will open to fill in your bank details.
  3. Once you fill in all the required fields, press the “Save” button
  4. After registering, you have to wait for the Wallapop team to verify your ID with the bank details.

    It is essential to perform the following steps to collect your products:

  5. Login to your account and clic in the upper left corner, where the three horizontal lines are.

    Select the “Shipping” option.

  6. Go to “Verify your identity”.
  7. Validate the data shown while you have a photo of your ID on hand.
  8. The identity verification ends, and you only have to wait three or five days to collect the money.
  9. In the same “Shipping” section you have the option to verify the deposits made for your sales.

    Also, the shipping status of the products.

How do shipments work?

Shipments perro be made at home directly from Wallapop.

Despite the fact that third-party postal systems are used, the aplicación has this option.

However, Different rates are handled for the service called “Wallapop Protect”.

Prices vary depending on the weight of the product.

For example, if it weighs less than 2 kilograms the cost is €2.95 per package.

If it is between 20 and 30 kilograms, the price is €13.95 per package.

Regarding the shipping process, it begins once the buyer pays for the product.

The seller then receives a notification and has around 5 business days to bring the item to the parcel office.

The company sends them a tracking code so that both parties are aware of the route.

Free shipping

Sometimes Wallapop offers special promotions consisting of send the product without shipping charges.

To enjoy these free shipping, you must have access to a code, which is fully redeemable at checkout.

Another way to have access to free shipping from Wallapop is for the seller to make a commitment to pay for it.

However, this is not that frequent, but it is an option available as a strategy to attract more buyers.

It is essential to ask before buying.

Wallapop Pro

The process to sell in the application is totally free.

However, there is a premium version called “Wallapop Pro”.

It serves exclusively for those who will use the platform as a sellerso if you are just a buyer, you will not need it.

It has an approximate cost of 40 euros per month in exchange for some benefits.

For example, improving the positioning of the product in the search lists, allows faster sales, the possibility of highlighting products for a longer time, different contact methods, better reputation, among others.

Although it is made for sellers with a sales website, distributors or recognized stores; Also, this pro version perro be purchased if you sell a lot through the aplicación.

Or if you consider that this type of business has become your new venture.

Download Wallapop

To download Wallapop you perro do it from the Google plus Play Store for Android, or from the Apple Store for iOS.

Also, it has a web platform where you perro manage your purchases and sales no matter where you are.

From all platforms where it is possible to use this tool for buying and selling second-hand products, you have the option to filter your searches.

Also, configure the account, consult transactions, shipping routes, among others.

Review of Wallapop

Wallapop has been in the market for 8 years, and since then it has added around than 15 million users.

Perhaps not all have left their opinion, but some of them have shared them on different platforms.

From comments like “the best aplicación to buy and sell second-hand products” to opinions where “it doesn’t work quite right”.

However, in the Google plus Play Store, out of 1,248,050 opinions, it has received an average of 4.7 stars out of 5.

In the Apple Store it has the same average, 4.7 stars out of 5.

In general terms, we cánido say that it is an aplicación that solves the process of selling what we have at home and that we no longer need.

Earn money easily, with home delivery and direct and real-time contact with the seller.

It has a security system to refund the payment (it is not free) in fraud situations.

If you want to start buying and selling second-hand products, Wallapop cánido be an option.

Learn how to use it well, start your registration and familiarize yourself with the functions.

It is easy to use and costs nothing.

Organize everything you no longer use and want to sell, take a good photo of it and upload it.

Surely someone needs it.

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 Wallapop: Sign up and start earning money
  Wallapop: Sign up and start earning money
  Wallapop: Sign up and start earning money

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