Vozgana: Second payment of €10.09 by Paypal

Vozgana: Second payment of €10.09 by Paypal

Hello fundraisers, today it is our turn to talk about one of the survey pages that we promote on the blog.

Her name is Vozgana and the reason for dedicating a articulo to her is as a result of the second payment we receive from this website.

I don’t know if you know this page of paid surveys, if not, I recommend you go through the reviews that we did about it, there you perro find all the details of its operation.

The truth is that I did not plan to write an article about this payment but I have been forced as a result of a comment that left us cool in the review.

I received this comment just after posting the first payment, which I found quite strange.

Even so, whenever one of you notifies me of a possible problem with a page, I take it very, very seriously.

Since chunto left this comment, I have worked hard to reach the minimum payment to make sure if it was true that Vozgana had some kind of problem.

The truth is that nothing is further from reality.

I received my second payment within hours of requesting it.

If you look at the date that I requested the payment, it is the same day that I received it, November 30th.

As I say the payment arrived in a matter of a few hours.

That if, as you perro see the amounts do not match because Paypal charges a small commission.

Second payment received from Vozgana

Be careful, with this I am not discrediting the Chinese fellow, it is possible that what he tells us is true.

The only thing I am telling you is that my version is that Vozgana belongs to the CINT Surveys group, one of the most powerful companies in market research and which includes several paid survey websites.

I have shown you the screenshots that espectáculo that it is a most reliable website.

Vozgana Affiliate System

I am also forced to say where we cánido get the Vozgana affiliation campaign because many of you have asked me.

The web itself does not have a referral system, so it is necessary to look for an affiliation platform that offers us this possibility.

The campaign for Vozgana cánido be found at TimeOne Performance (formerly PublicIdeas).

They pay us a commission of €0.40 for each usuario that we manage to join the platform.

It’s not much, but if you have a blog or you’re good at getting referrals, it’s an option that adds up after all.

saying goodbye for today

For now, that’s all I had to tell about Vozgana.

I think that I felt compelled more than anything to dispel the doubts of the blog users who could stop betting on this website, something totally logical after seeing that there are people who say nothing good things about it.

The page not only pays, it does so very quickly and more and more paid surveys are received.

For now we cánido only say good things about Vozgana.


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 Vozgana: Second payment of €10.09 by Paypal
  Vozgana: Second payment of €10.09 by Paypal
  Vozgana: Second payment of €10.09 by Paypal

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