Vozgana paid surveys

Vozgana paid surveys

Good morning friends!! Today I come to present a survey page that I have been working on for a long time, it is called voicegana and I have seen that it is one of the companies that pays the most money per survey carried out.

This survey portal belongs to Cint, a large portal of the most important surveys in Europe.

Cint was founded in Stockholm (Sweden in 1998) and currently operates in more than 40 countries.

It has more than 2,000 clients around the world.

Vozgana is perhaps one of the survey panels that cánido pay us if you are one of the big opinion polls you cánido get great benefits in this porta.

I myself have carried out many surveys of 0.80 and even more than one euro, reaching up to 40 euros, which seems to be the maximum remuneration.

At the moment I have only carried out surveys of up to 2.40 euros, which is very good.

Voice Login

Registration in this panel of surveys, as well as in others very afín such as Give your opinion and win either Opinion Center it is extremely fácil.

To register we will only have to do it through this backlink or from the bottom banner.

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As always, registration is very easy, you just have to fill in your nick, your information and you will receive a confirmation correo electrónico.

Once you have received it, it is important that you fill out your profile completely.

This is important, since the more complete your profile is, the more chances you will have to receive surveys.

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Minimum payment and referral system in Vozgana

He minimum payment is 10 eurosthat you cánido charge easily through your verified account PayPal, at the moment it is active only for spanish users (Spanish IP, hopefully in the future it will be extended to Latin American countries).

voicegana It’s a little-known survey page, but is it really worth it? It doesn’t have referral systemIn other words, you will not earn anything for recommending it.

Once we have filled in our profile, we must fill in our account PayPalverification dirección de correo electrónico and choose how long we want the surveys to be sent to us (I have put about 6 a month, which is the maximum).

This survey panel has the positive point that the remuneration for each survey carried out will be quite high.

Of course, paid work, work done, their surveys are usually somewhat longer, but it is certainly worth it.

Vozgana is currently only enabled for Spanish IPs, if you read me from Latin America I advise you to read this articulo.

In it you will find all the pages with which you cánido earn money on the other side of the pond, especially Venezuela.

Vozgana pays?

Yeah, vozgana pays and, furthermore, tol being such a fácil page, its payment method is also fácil.

We will have to choose three types of payment methods: Paypal, Amazon from €10 and Codes from €11.

I have always preferred to collect through Paypal.

Payments usually take about two weeks, although sometimes they are advanced.

The Amazon check is sent to the correo electrónico with which you have registered.

As for Codes, I’ve never charged for that system, and I really don’t recommend it either.

voice opinions

Well, little more, if you like to fill internet surveys, voicegana It is one of your essential pages, especially if you read me from Spain.

It is a fácil page in which we perro earn money since your opinion counts paid surveys.

And nothing more to tell friends, just wait for the surveys to arrive, and complete them, voicegana It is a page that we have to add to the 22 essentials to continue winning en línea money you cánido register for free in this articulo or in the bottom banner.

All the best!!

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 Vozgana paid surveys
  Vozgana paid surveys
  Vozgana paid surveys

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