Volutic: Earn money with correos electrónicos

Volutic: Earn money with correos electrónicos

Volutic: Earn money with correos electrónicos This method is very easy to apply since you only have to receive and read Correos electrónicos to start generating income.

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Volutic: Earn money with correos electrónicos you will be able to generate income automatically and easily just by receiving correos electrónicos and reading them.

The benefits of getting paid to read correos electrónicos include the fact that you perro do it from anywhere at any time and it’s an easy task to complete.

If you are a person who checks your correo electrónico for updates, this platform will pay you to read them, in this article we will address several aspects to know if this website to earn money is reliable.

The official website volatic.com all they wrote is that “you make money reading correos electrónicos fácil” as it is a pay per read (PTR) dirección de correo electrónico ad service that rewards people for reading paid correos electrónicos.

They also reward members based on the earnings of their referrals up to level 6 deep.

This is a fácil way to earn money even if you perro’t recruit people as you perro just open your mailbox and then read your correo electrónico to get paid but the truth is that the amount of money you get for reading these paid correos electrónicos is very low.

Next we will see the step by step of how to apply this fácil method to earn money en línea easily by simply receiving correos electrónicos.

The page that we will see is about:

What is Volutic?

In this site it is very easy to earn money since you do not need to make any kind of effort just receive and read correos electrónicos wherever you are, either by PC, Tablet or Cell phone.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.2 US cents through Payeer.

How to register in Volutic?

We just have to go to “Sign Up Now” We will see the registration form that we must complete with the data indicated to us, such as:

  • Usuario
  • Correo electrónico
  • Password
  • Confirm Password
  • Reference if available
  • Country (detects it automatically)
  • Accept terms and conditions
  • Register
  • Verify our account by e-e correo electrónico.

We will be able to log in once our account is verified with our Dirección de correo electrónico and password by sending us a code that we must make private and we will be able to entrar.

Manage a referral program giving you a backlink that you perro share with your acquaintances, friends and family to start earning very good commissions and we just have to wait for the correos electrónicos to arrive.

How does Volutic work?

Getting paid to read correo electrónico is not new in the space of making money en línea, here is how these types of rewards websites work:

  1. They charge advertisers who want to advertise to their members a certain amount of money.
  2. Advertisers are charged based on the number of correos electrónicos they want to send to members.

They then send their ads to the PTR dirección de correo electrónico service providers (in our case Volutic) and the PTR dirección de correo electrónico service providers in turn send these ads or paid correos electrónicos to their members rewarding them with a portion of the amount of money they charged advertisers.

Volatic pays you to read correos electrónicos you must clic on the ad and stay a certain time to receive payment.

Your advertisers buy newsletters by correo electrónico, we send them that newsletter and we share the income, earning 10% of the amount paid by advertisers in addition to a commission for your referral program that you manage if you invite your friends, acquaintances and family.

This referral program manages 6 levels and the following percentages:

How to recommend the Volutic referral program to increase our earnings?

This site pays 1 dollar for each referral (limited time promotion) when your referral earns his first dollar it will also be credited to us automatically.

How Much Money Perro You Earn With Volutic?

The amount of money you perro earn from this reward or pay to read correos electrónicos website depends on your activities, the number of correos electrónicos sent to you per day, the amount of money attached to these paid correos electrónicos and also the amount of active referrals you have on your team.

Let’s say they charge advertisers $100 for every 1,000 ads or correos electrónicos.

That means that each ad or dirección de correo electrónico equates to 0.10 US cents being charged to the advertiser.

If they reward members with 10% of the amount of money they charge for each correo electrónico paid by advertisers, that’s 0.01 cents you receive per paid dirección de correo electrónico you read.

This way you need to read 100 paid correos electrónicos to earn $1

Don’t expect to receive more than 5 correos electrónicos per day.

In fact, the number of correos electrónicos you perro receive every day varies depending on the number of ads they receive from advertisers and also the number of members they have.

The fewer ads they receive and the more users they have, the fewer correos electrónicos you will receive.

So less money you perro earn and vice versa.

Correo electrónico earnings range from 0.0016 to 0.01 cents per correo electrónico and the number of correos electrónicos you receive per day is 5 correos electrónicos.

How does Volutic pay?

The payment is made through Payeer the minimum withdrawal is 0.1000 and the maximum is 20.0000.

What countries are eligible to work at Volutic?

It supports almost all countries.

Another page where we perro apply this method is:

What is Paid to Read Dirección de correo electrónico?

Also on this platform they will be paying you to receive and read correos electrónicos But it has other options to increase your income, such as:

  • free en línea surveys (You must complete your profile to receive more where you cánido earn from 0.50 to 1 dollar)
  • Complete Offers

Payments are very fast, they take 24 hours, the minimum withdrawal is 15 dollars and just for registering you will earn 3 dollars.

How to sign up for Paid to Read Correo electrónico?

We just have to give it in “Sign up” to join us and fill in the box with the data requested, for example:

  • Name
  • Correo electrónico
  • Password
  • Confirm Password
  • sign up

Already registered we perro log in with our dirección de correo electrónico, password and solving a captcha.

How does Paid to Read Dirección de correo electrónico work?

This site works in three very fácil steps.

First you sign up, second you open the correos electrónicos and third you receive your reward.

Just by clicking on an dirección de correo electrónico you are already earning from 0.2 to 0.10 cents.

You don’t even have to read it, opening it for less than 10 seconds is more than enough.

It should be noted that not only reading correos electrónicos will you generate profits on this site.

You perro also take paid surveys, completing offers, etcétera.

How to earn money in Paid to Read Correo electrónico?

There are different ways to earn easy money and without making much effort through this platform, for example:

Reading correos electrónicos:

There is no fixed amount of e mails that cánido reach you per day.

You just have to be attentive to when one arrives in your correo electrónico and open it quickly from your cell phone.

Also if it bothers you that you get so many correos electrónicos you perro adjust the subscription by clicking on the top menu of the sidebar and then on Paid to Read Correo electrónico and there you cánido fix it.

If you like, you perro equipo it to only send messages on Saturdays and Sundays or equipo it from Monday to Monday and at all hours.

The maximum to put is 0.10 per correo electrónico, but it is not recommended, because you may not receive one or very few.

It is best to leave it at 0.05 cents and that’s it.


I’m sure you’ve already heard about cash back.

And if not, then the cash back or money returned is a discount that they give you for buying through certain platforms.

In this case, if you buy through Paid to Read Correo electrónico you will be earning up to 7.50% of the amount of money you spend on your purchases.

Some of the stores where you cánido buy en línea from Paid to Read Correo electrónico are All battery, Nearly Natural, Calendars, Libros electrónicos and NewEgg.

Completing offers:

Would you like to try a product or download an aplicación for around 2 dollars? If your answer is yes then Paid to Read Dirección de correo electrónico is the right platform for you.

You don’t have to pay anything to try one of these offers.

Otherwise you will be rewarded for it.

Referral program:

Another very habitual way to generate plus income en línea is through the referral program where you pay 15% of the earnings of your guests.

That is, if one of them makes a purchase or a survey for 30 dollars, you will earn 4.5 dollars.

You cánido invite your friends through your referral backlink.

You perro find it in the top bar by clicking where it says (refer friends) or refer a friend.

Then clic on Referral Banners and that’s it; There you will find the backlink.

Redeemable Points:

You perro earn points which you perro exchange for money as well.

You get these points by filling out surveys on other pages or survey panels, such as Peanut Lab.

Once you finish filling it out, your points cómputo will be credited to your paid to read dirección de correo electrónico account instantly.

1 dollar is equal to 100 points and you need a minimum of 50 points to redeem.

It is not mandatory to exchange them for cash, it cánido also be for Amazon cards, with a minimum of 1500 points or to receive more paid correos electrónicos.

In other words, for 50 points they will send you more e mails.

Paid Surveys:

There are two types of surveys; Those that are paid in points and those that are paid in cash.

Both are available on Paid to Read Correo electrónico every day.

Some of the platforms that offer these paid surveys are MyThoughtcounts, Your Surveys, Opinion Surveys, Dynata Surveys, Sanple Cube, among others.

So now you know what you cánido’t do by reading correos electrónicos you cánido do by filling out paid surveys.

Just by telling you that there are surveys that are worth up to 1 dollar.

In other words, you perro make the minimum withdrawal amount very quickly, if you want of course.

Otherwise you perro do it only by opening e mails, which will take more time.

What is GPE in Paid to Read Correo electrónico?

GPE stands for Guaranteed Paid Correos electrónicos.

Now, in Spanish, it means Guaranteed Paid Correos electrónicos.

In other words, the GPE is the maximum amount of paid correos electrónicos that you will receive on the platform if you work on it actively.

When I say work actively, I orinan that you must make an effort and participate in all the offers that the platform has.

For example: In paid surveys, shopping en línea, or earning points.

If you don’t do any of the above, then your GPE will drop to zero and you won’t be able to earn money for reading correos electrónicos.

For this reason, sometimes when you open an correo electrónico, no money is credited to your account and you get this message.

A GPE equal to 0 means that you will no longer be paid to read correos electrónicos.

This is because you spent all the GPE that the page gave you for free when you signed up.

Remember that when you register for the first time they give you a plus of 3 dollars for registering and 2 from GPE.

If at first all you do is open all the correos electrónicos that come to you and do not fill out surveys, then this GPE will drop to 0.

That is why it is always advisable to work the entire page.

Not just read correos electrónicos.

Why have they stopped paying me to read correos electrónicos?

Everything will depend on you GPE. If you have it at 0 it is obvious that you are no longer going to earn money just by reading correos electrónicos.

How do I Increase my GPE?

That’s very easy.

The fastest way to increase it is by filling out surveys and earning points.

After having many accumulated points, you perro exchange them for paid correos electrónicos.

Although making purchases on the page you cánido also earn points.

To realize how much GPE you have available.

Clic on the right sidebar and then Cash.

(This is if you are from the computer).

Payment methods:

The minimum withdrawal is 15 dollars and you perro withdraw it through PayPal, make sure to put your address in your profile or better yet, try to register on the site with the same dirección de correo electrónico address that you use in the virtual wallet.

Payments take 3 days, but when you make your first withdrawal it may take up to 15 days.

So don’t despair; Anyway you cánido contact the site and ask what you want.

Does paid to read dirección de correo electrónico pay, is it a legitimate page?

Paid to Read Dirección de correo electrónico if you pay and it’s legal.

What happens is that some people need to understand well how the GPE works and why you should stay active using the page.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the site:

The main advantage of paid to read correo electrónico is that it is a free site, agregado you cánido use it from your cell phone.

Another advantage is that the page is available in most countries in Latin America.

On the other hand there are the disadvantages and the biggest of them is that you are not going to make a lot of money with this method but the 15 dollars you get will do you some good.

Another point is the number of correos electrónicos that come to you per day.

It is actually a very low amount and if you do not take surveys or complete an offer you will not reach the minimum quick payment.

Also something I don’t like about the site is that to receive your first payment you have to wait fifteen days and that’s too much.

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 Volutic: Earn money with correos electrónicos
  Volutic: Earn money with correos electrónicos
  Volutic: Earn money with correos electrónicos

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