Vivid Money, the best en línea bank?

Vivid Money, the best en línea bank?

Vivid Money is a German neobank that arrived in Spain with the intention of unseating other neobanks such as N26. Vivid Money It offers us the possibility of opening a free mobile bank account with which we will be able to manage all our finances in an easy, maleable, transparent way and completely free of charge.

With this neobank we will be able to make payments, transparencies, have savings accounts with a very interesting interest. You perro also have multi-currency accounts and you perro even invest in stocks and ETFs without even leaving the aplicación. And not only that, with Vivid Money has a great cash back system with which we perro get up to a 50% of your money back in shops like Mercadona and Carrefour.

The best thing about having a Vivid account is that everything is completely free, there are no maintenance fees, no card issuance, and transfers are completely free. If you are tired of paying abusive rates at your current bank, keep reading, the information that I am going to provide you will undoubtedly interest you.

Open a Vivid Money account en línea

Perro open a free Vivid account now. The process will be 100% free and the entire procedure is en línea. In a matter of seconds you will be able to enjoy all the benefits and advantages that the application offers.

The only thing you will need to register in this commission-free bank it’s an dirección de correo electrónico. From there you perro manage everything with your móvil, whether you have an andoid or an ios.

Once the application is downloaded, you must complete a fácil process indicating the information requested. You’ll have to verify your account sending a photograph of your ID on both sides and take a autofoto. Within a couple of hours you perro start using your Vivid account.

With its launch, this bank has a permanent promotion in which it will give us €5 to the new usuario who spends their first €20. The €5 will be given away to both the guest and the inviter. Our guest will simply have to top up €20 at this bank and spend it with your physical card.

the new usuario will receive the €5 in the form of Vivid. Vivids are used to buy and sell shares. You will receive that money in the depósito rewards section, you will only have to buy a share and sell it. You cánido also buy it and keep it, that depends on each one. If you want the cash you must sell it, if on the contrary, you want to trade, you perro keep the action and wait for it to rise.

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What benefits does Vivid offer us?

Currently Vivid offers us many advantages and benefits, much higher than other neobanks. I am not telling you if we compare it with traditional banks. Next I will explain the most interesting advantages of the benefits that it offers us Vivid Money.

Vivid Money cashback on all your purchases

They will return up to 50% of purchases from physical establishments. This is the main advantage that I see because there is nothing like it in a bank. If you become a Vivid Prime usuario (I’ll explain it later) you will receive a higher cashback on all your purchases. Every time you pay with your Visa card you will receive a refund instantly, with a maximum of 100 € per month.

free card

When you open a Vivid account you will have two options: either you only activate the virtual card or request a physical card. The latter, like everything in the application, is totally free and coincidente with contactless payments on Google plus Play (it will be on Apple Pay soon).

You perro request the card from your usuario area of ​​the application. One very positive thing about this vivid card is that it does not indicate the number, the expiration date or the CVV, but all this data is going to be kept safely in the application.

Free ATM withdrawal

You cánido withdraw up to €200 per month as a free usuario and up to €1,000 per month in the case of Prime. You perro withdraw cash at any ATM, yes, we must verify that it is an ATM. If we travel abroad we cánido withdraw up to 1000 euros at no cost. If we go over the limit, a small fee will be applied to cover the cost.

Instant transfers between users

Transfers will be free and instant between Vivid users. They will also be totally free of commissions and cánido be sent in another currency without paying anything. The transfers will be super fast.

Buy shares

The application will also allow us to access financial services that were previously only available to a few people. You perro invest from just €0.01 in any company in Europe or the United States. You will not need to have large amounts of money to be able to invest in stocks.

Vivid Prime

Vivid offers us a prime (paid) version in which the advantages and rewards are much more interesting and exclusive. Keep reading and I’ll explain:

  • Refund of 0.1% of all your purchases (direct debit included).
  • You will have up to 3% cashback on trips and 1% when buying outside the European Union.
  • Up to 10% cashback on en línea purchases.
  • Commission-free money transfers.
  • Forecast budgets and expenses.
  • Free virtual card.
  • Free metallic card (the second one costs €20).
  • Card issuance every 6 months for free.
  • Up to 15 free pocket accounts.
  • More than 100 currencies.

This option of Vivid Prime it only costs €9.90 per month, it perro be very interesting for people who use this card a lot, since as you cánido see, the advantages are very important. You perro try Vivid Prime for 3 months for free, enjoy all its associated benefits and earn money with all your expenses. You cánido save up to €140 per month between commissions and cashback. After the three free months, you cánido continue enjoying Vivd Prime for €9.90 per month.

Is Vivid Money reliable?

Without a doubt, it is totally reliable. It has the support that every company that is dedicated to banking should have.

Vivid Money acts as a collaborator of Solarisbank AG, a company related to banks as solvent as BBVA or fintech such as Rebellion Pay, for the subtraction of bank account and debit card services.

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your money in vivid It will always be guarded by a fully regulated European bank and backed up to €100,000 by the German Deposit Guarantee System.

Refering to Vivid physical card, it is totally safe. It is impossible to steal the Vivid card number, since your name, card number, or CVV does not appear on it. All this information is in the application, so your money will be totally safe even if you lose the card.

Vivid Money GmbH, for the provision of bank account and debit card services, acts as a subcontracted partner of Solarisbank AG. Regarding investments, Vivid Invest GmbH acts as a tied agent of CM-Equity AG for the management of operations in the purchase and sale of financial instruments.

Your money in Vivid is guarded by a fully regulated European bank and backed with up to €100,000 by the German Deposit Guarantee Scheme.

As for your physical Vivid card, it is extrasecure. It is impossible to steal the Vivid card number since neither your name nor the card number nor the CVV appears on the card. All this data is found in the aplicación, so your money is totally safe even if you lose the card.

Vivid money Spain reviews

Getting half of your spending back in the shopping cart is something incredible. Although it is true that it perro be something specific, currently no en línea or sin conexión bank offers it, so it is a great opportunity that we should not miss.

It also gives you the opportunity to buy Actionsat any time you perro access the financial market from very little money, trade and take your first steps buying and selling shares.

As for their technical support, it is very fast, and they also attend in Spanish, both things are very important, since on many occasions we need the resolution of a problem quickly and in Spanish.

Competition in neobanks is increasingly fierce, everyone wants to offer the best products to customers, if we add to this the cashback system that Vivid offers us, we find ourselves before one of the best banks that exists today.

If you are not yet a Vivid Money usuario, I leave you the registration backlink, it is totally free and you will do it in 3 minutes.

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 Vivid Money, the best en línea bank?
  Vivid Money, the best en línea bank?
  Vivid Money, the best en línea bank?

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