Hello friends!!.

Today I am going to talk about vitrocoin.

Vitrocoin is a cryptocurrency.

One of the many out there.

I have chosen to talk about it, since is still in ICO phase.

A phase ICO is an initial phase, not yet launched on the market.

It is scheduled to launch on January 31..

As of this date the version of Vitrocin for Windows, Mac, Linus, iOS and a wallet for android.

As of this date, it will also be possible to exchange Vitrocoin directly from our account to another digital currency. The developers have more news, which seems to be coming to us in due time..

With the rise of cryptocurrencies, all we perro earn is little and this is a good opportunity to have a full cryptocurrency for us.

after only we will have to wait for its revaluation.

If you clic on the previous banner it will take you to the registration page.

Over there you will have to put our registration dirección de correo electrónico, a password.

We will have to solve a small capchat and that’s it! We will already have our account in Vitrocoin.

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Vitrocoin has had a spectacular rise in the last month.

From the $0.002 it was worth on December 20, today one month later, it has been revalued up to $11,353.

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When we access the Vitrocoin page we vea that many tabs and explanationswhat we indicates that administrators are taking the project seriously.

  • Referral program.

    We will have our referral backlink.

    To all the friends or relatives that we invite, we will get a 100% referral plus during your ICO phase.

  • Wallet.

    Here we will discover that this cryptocurrency has his own wallet (wallet).

    Also It has sections to put our etherum, bitcoin and litecoin wallets.

    This is focused on the purchase of Vitrocoin through these cryptocurrencies.

  • Refund Wallet.

    In case we regretwe cánido request the return of the Vitrocoin that we have purchased through any of the cryptocurrencies described above.

  • Inbox.

    Here we will receive messages from the administrators.

  • Contact.

    To get in touch with them or write them a question.

  • Settings.

    We perro change the settings of our account.

  • lending.

    Investment, we will be able to earn 100% of our investments in Vitrocoin, to be returned in 40 days.

  • trading.

    We perro exchange our Vitrocoin for Bitcoin, Etherum or Litecoin.


We have little more to tell you about this cryptocurrency.

I I would advise you to register, it will take little time and the profits perro be many.

We cánido only wait for the evolution of things and trust that this cryptocurrency will rise like foam.

Nothing more to say for today friends, tomorrow I will tell you about another cryptocurrency.

Regards and until next time!!

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