Visión Boards: A Powerful Tool

Visión Boards: A Powerful Tool

A visión board is a visual representation of your goals and aspirations that is created by placing images and words related to your goals on a board or a large piece of paper.

According to this TD Bank survey, people who keep visión boards are almost twice as confident that they will reach their goals than those who don’t.

Additionally, an astonishing 82% of small business owners who used a visión board early on reported having achieved more than half of their goals so far.

In this Gigonway guide, we will explain why a visión board it is an effective way to achieve your goals and aspirations in business and in life and how it relates to the Law of Attraction.

Detailed explanation of what a visión board is

A visión board is a tool used to help people visualize and focus on their goals and desires.

It is basically a image collection, words and quotes which represent what a person wants to achieve or manifest in your life.

Some of the names by which a visión board is known are: «display panel«, «dream board«, «dream notebook«, «objetivo map«, «goals collage” and “dream board«.

A visión board It cánido be made with different materials, such as cardboard, cork boards or even a digital platform.

The images and words that are chosen for the board are usually related to a specific goal or dream that the person has.

For example, if someone wants to buy a new car, they cánido choose pictures of the car they want, photos of scenic road trips, and quotes that inspire them to pursue their dreams.

The iniciativa behind a visión board is that, visualizing the things we want, we perro begin to manifest them in our lives.

The images and words on the board constantly remind us of our goals and help us stay motivated and focused on achieving them.

Although visión boards perro be a powerful goal-setting and manifesting tool, it’s important to understand their limitations.

It is not enough to create a board of ideas to make your goals come true.

You have to Act and work to achieve your goals.

A visión board cánido help keep you inspired and focused on your goals, but it cánido’t do the work for you.

The effectiveness of a visión board depends on the intention and effort put into it.

If used correctly, a visión board perro be a powerful tool to help people achieve their dreams and manifest their desires.

Are there different types of visión boards?

Yes, there are different types of visión boards that people use based on their preferences and goals.

Here are some of the most common types:

  1. Physical visión boards: They are the most traditional type of visión board, where people create a physical collage of images, words, and phrases that represent their goals and aspirations.

    They cánido be made using cardstock, a corkboard, or any other surface that cánido hold images.

  2. digital visión boards: With the advent of technology, people have started creating digital visión boards using various programa or en línea platforms.

    They are often created by combining images, vídeos, and text, and cánido be easily edited and updated.

  3. Mental maps: A mind map is a visual tool that helps organize information and ideas.

    People use mind maps to connect ideas, concepts, and information in creative, non-linear ways.

    Visión boards with mind maps perro be useful for those who prefer a freer, less structured approach to goal setting.

  4. Action Oriented Visión Boards: These types of visión boards are designed to help people focus on taking specific steps to achieve their goals.

    They usually include images of the steps needed to reach a goal, as well as motivating phrases and reminders.

  5. Thematic visión boards: Some people create visión boards that focus on a specific topic, such as health, relationships, or career.

    This type of visión board cánido help bring clarity and focus to specific areas of life that need attention.

In general, the type of visión board you choose will depend on your personal preferences, your goals, and the results you hope to achieve.

The benefits of having a visión board

A visión board is an incredibly effective tool for attracting the results you want in your life.

When you have a visual representation of your goals, your mind perro more easily focus on them, which helps you better devise strategies to achieve them.

Here are some specific benefits of a visión board:

  1. Promotes positive thinking: Visión boards cánido help you imagine what a positive future would look like and feel like, thereby increasing positive emotions and optimism.

    And positive emotions often lead to opportunities and increase your chances of success.

  2. Disminuye stress: The prospect of reaching new goals perro be incredibly stressful.

    After all, exploring unknown territories is scary.

    However, when you have a daily visual reminder of your goals, the unknown becomes familiar.

    This will help you feel more focused and less stressed.

  3. Create Clarity: Often one of the hardest things about goals is clearly defining them.

    Making a visión board perro help.

    As you begin to choose images for your board, you’ll likely notice that some naturally excite you, while others leave you cold.

    This will make it clearer what is important to you so you know exactly what to work towards.

  4. Improves motivation: Sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation to keep working on your goals.

    But with a visión board, you’re regularly inspired and reminded of what you want to achieve, which perro give you the momentum you need to keep going.

How does the visión board relate to the Law of Attraction?

The visión board is related to the law of attraction in that both are based on the iniciativa that positive thoughts perro attract positive things into our lives.

The law of attraction holds that our thoughts and feelings cánido affect the physical and material reality of our lives, and that focusing on the positive perro attract good things to us.

Similarly, the visión board is a tool for visualizing and focusing on our goals and aspirations, and it is believed that by doing so, we cánido attract the circumstances and opportunities necessary to achieve them.

In both cases, it is about using visualization and positive energy to achieve our goals.

Read our guide on the Law of Attraction

How to get the most out of a visión board

Getting the most out of a visión board requires you to create and use it with the right mindset.

Here we’ll explain to you how to do it.


Explore your values

Start by exploring your values.

If your visión board doesn’t align with your personal values, achieving the goals it represents won’t satisfy you.

Ask yourself what is truly important to you and what gives you purpose.

Who do you want to be? And how do you want to use your time? Considering these values-based questions will help you move to the next step of deciding your goals.


Choose your goals

When selecting images for your visión board, don’t do it blindly.

Escoge your goals in advance.

It’s okey if they refine these goals as you start selecting, but you should at least have something defined before you start.

Think big but also specific and write everything down.

Lastly, make sure your goals are SMART objectives: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound.


Select your images

Go through magazines to find images that relate to your goals.

The best method is to select those that evoke how you want to feel.

Don’t worry about keeping all the images aligned; keep the process fun and creative.

Once you have selected enough images, paste or place them on the board of your choice.

You cánido organize them the way you want.

You cánido choose to add the images randomly or arrange them ahead of time.

Do what seems appropriate to you.


Espectáculo the finished product

Place your visión board in a place where it is easily aparente.

Try looking at it for a couple of minutes at the beginning of the morning and right before you go to bed.

When you do, visualize yourself doing the work necessary to achieve your goals and imagine yourself enjoying the result.

Keep your eyes on the prize

Whatever your goals, if you want to make them a reality, a visión board is a fun but impactful strategy for success.

It is important to remember that you still have to work hard to get where you want to be.

Plan out the steps you need to take to get closer to your goals, and use your visión board to stay focused, optimistic, and inspired at all times.

And if after reading all this, this type of technique does not convince you at all, read our guide on the alternatives to visión boards that exist and give your future a oportunidad.

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 Visión Boards: A Powerful Tool
  Visión Boards: A Powerful Tool
  Visión Boards: A Powerful Tool

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