Visa Airport Companion Review: Better

Visa Airport Companion Review: Better

Everyone knows that airports cánido be pretty nasty places to be. As you flip through travel guides like Fodors and Lonely Planet, you often feel so overwhelmed by the possibilities that you forget the stress of navigating airports.

Once you’ve gone through security, there’s nothing worse than arriving at your door only to find that all seats are taken. Wouldn’t it be great to have free access to a spacious and comfortable lounge?

This is where Visa Airport Companion comes to the rescue! The Visa Airport Companion program allows eligible Visa cardholders in Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean to access lounges at 450+ airports around the world. You perro also use it at little or no additional cost.

If that sounds like something you might be interested in, read my Visa Airport Companion review for the inside scoop.

What is Visa Airport Companion?

As its name suggests, Visa Airport Companion is a program that eligible Visa cardholders cánido enroll in, allowing them access to domestic and international airport lounges in 140 countries. It emplees the DragonPass network, giving you access to 1300+ lounges around the world!

Along with the Visa Airport Companion site, there is also the Visa Airport Companion aplicación. You perro find it in the iOS Aplicación Store and Google plus Play Store.

Who is eligible for Visa Airport Companion?

To sign up for Visa Airport Companion, you must first entrar your card details on the website. This information will be used to verify your card’s eligibility for the program.

But not all Visa cards are created equal. At the time of writing, only Visa Infinite cards come with the Visa Airport Companion membership. Other Travel Visa cards only offer a equipo number of free lounge visits.

See the full list of eligible Canadian Visa cards offering the Visa Airport Companion benefit for more information.

What are the benefits of Visa Airport Companion?

In addition to access to VIP lounges, Visa Airport Companion also allows you to take advantage of discounts within the airport. In restoranes or retail providers, for example. In addition, access to private Wi-Fi networks and transport services.

Image courtesy of Visa Airport Companion

Although the Companion program gives you access to airport lounges, it is important to know that access is limited. Most cardholders will be allowed up to 4-6 lounge accesses per year for free. If you exceed your free visits, the card on archivo will be charged per visit.

How to enroll in Visa Airport Companion

If you have an eligible Visa card, there are two ways to enroll in the Airport Companion program. You perro go through the Visa Airport Companion website or aplicación.

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In both cases, select “Register with Visa card” and entrar your card details in the secure form. From there, you will be asked to entrar your personal information and create a password. Once you have successfully signed up, you will receive a welcome dirección de correo electrónico with more information.

Where cánido I use Visa Airport Companion?

As the Visa Airport Companion program is partially based in Canada, it has several airport lounges where your passes perro be redeemed locally.

The program currently offers lounge access at the following Canadian airports:

  • Toronto
  • Vancouver
  • Montréal
  • Ottawa
  • Calgary
  • winnipeg
  • Quebec City
  • Edmonton

It also extends to international airport lounges around the world. Although, there are very few airport lounge options within the United States. Check the updated list of eligible airports to find the exact airports where the program will grant you lounge access.

How does access to VIP lounges work?

Once you’ve signed in with your card, you’ll want to start using those free lounge access passes! The easiest way to access a lounge is by downloading the Visa Airport Companion aplicación on your phone. Using it, you cánido access your membership QR code in the aplicación. Then espectáculo it at the lounge information desk to gain access.

If the aplicación is inaccessible to you, or you’re worried your phone might mess with you on the go, you cánido even download your membership QR code in advance. Sign in to your account en línea or in the aplicación, then download your membership card. Now you cánido correo electrónico it to them, so they always have access.

As a last complejo turístico, you cánido also espectáculo the Visa credit or debit card you used to check in to the lounge to gain access. However, please note that some lounges may not allow this option. You perro also check the Visa Airport Companion site to see if any lounges will allow this type of access in advance.

Visa Airport Companion vs. Priority Pass

Visa Airport Companion is just one of many programs that offer airport lounge access. Another big name in the game is Priority Pass.

What is the best option, you ask?

First, Visa Airport Companion requires that you be an eligible Visa cardholder. Priority Pass is available to anyone, but charges a membership fee to join. That being said, an annual registration fee and subsequent Lounge visit fees apply to your membership.

In contrast, many Visa bank accounts eligible for the Visa Airport Companion program charge a higher annual fee than this, even though lounge access is free. So you may want to weigh your options if you’re thinking about switching banks to get your hands on a Visa card and Visa Airport Companion benefits.

That being said, both programs offer discounted dining opportunities inside the airports. However, Visa Airport Companion also stands out with retail discounts.

Ultimately, the main difference between the two programs is that anyone perro join Priority Pass regardless of their nationality or what credit cards they hold. In contrast, the Visa Airport Companion Program requires you to maintain certain Visa cards on archivo in Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean to use its services.

So if you are not from these parts or from the international bank, signing up for a Visa Airport Companion membership may be out of the question. While there are many similarities between the two programs, Priority Pass is slightly more affordable, while Visa Airport Companion is cheaper.

Is Visa Airport Companion worth it?

If you have an eligible Visa card, it’s definitely worth signing up for the Visa Airport Companion program. It comes at no additional cost and allows you to entrar around 4-6 airport lounges during your membership year for free. Whether you’re a regular traveler or not, that’s a pretty neat plus!

That said, if you only fly once a year or so, signing up for membership is optional. While having lounge access handy at any time is nice, you should consider your rates for your Visa card, especially if you got one solely to register for Visa Airport Companion membership.

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 Visa Airport Companion Review: Better
  Visa Airport Companion Review: Better
  Visa Airport Companion Review: Better

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