VirWox What is it and how does it work? exchange of

VirWox What is it and how does it work? exchange of

VirWox (Virtual World Currency) is a trading platform Austrian exchange, created in 2007, which cánido be used to transact Second Life game tokens (known as SLLs), and more tokens for other en línea games.

VirWox is a registered trademark of Virtual World Services GmbH.

You perro trade on VirWox different types of coins.

With the incorporation of Bitcoin in 2011 and the growth of the cryptocurrency market, is one of the most recognized exchanges.

Technically, the platform only handles the exchange between Bitcoin and SLL, the game tokens mentioned above.

However, the usuario has the alternative of trading on VirWox by first purchasing the Linden Dollars and later use them to buy Bitcoin.

VirWox Basics

Platform management: VirWox has been operating since the year 2007.

Withdrawals: They perro be made through bitcoin, Skrill and bank account.

Deposits: They cánido be done through bitcoin, SofortBanking, PaySafeCard and Skrill.

Languages: Spanish, but it perro be translated with the Google plus Google chrome translator.

Accepted countries: Users from all over the world perro use this exhange.

Is trustworthy? Yes, VirWox is a reliable platform for trading virtual currencies.

Activity: Cryptocurrency exchange.

Registration and first steps in VirWox


Registration in VirWox is free and fácil, and you perro do it by clicking here.

When entering you must go to register here, where you will have to complete the Registration Form with the data requested (the Connection with the avatar (optional) part does not need to be filled out), accept the terms and conditions, complete the captcha and send the information.

VirWox will send you a confirmation dirección de correo electrónico with a temporary password.

This password is temporary and must be changed, otherwise within the 24 hours the account will be deleted.

To change your password, log in and entrar the Change Options section, where you perro change your password and some other information.

Registration Form

You perro register to trade in VirWox from the following backlink: Go to VirWox.

First steps

When logging in you must finish equipo up your account.

For this you must entrar Change of Options, where you cánido entrar the general information of your account.

Here you cánido change your password, improve the security of your account with Multi-Aspecto Authentication, fill in your personal information, modify the part of your avatar and you cánido also add a Terminal Identification Number.

How does VirWox work?

VirWox is a virtual currency exchange that you perro use to buy and sell virtual currencies through different means of payment.

You cánido trade on VirWox using Second Life Lindens (SLL) and other virtual currencies used in en línea games.

The only cryptocurrency that cánido be purchased on VirWoX is BTC.

Technically, you perro trade on VirWox only with exchanging bitcoins for linden dollars, which is the virtual currency used in the en línea virtual world Second Life.

You cánido work around this by buying Linden Dollars first and then using them to buy bitcoins.

What perro you trade on VirWox?

Cánido market in VirWox with Cryptocurrencies, Digital Currencies, Fiat Currencies, Currency Exchange and Advanced Trading.

Below are these ways to market:


The only one cryptocurrency that you cánido buy on VirWoX is BTC.

digital currencies

VirWox supports four digital currencies: SLL (Second Life Linden Dollars), OMC (Open Metaverse Pennies), MVC (My Virtual Community), and ACD (Avination c$).

fiat currencies

VirWoX users perro trade four fiat currencies: USD (US dollars), EUR (Euros), GBP (British pounds) and CHF (Swiss francs).

Currency exchange

VirWoX offers 12 pairs of foreign exchange different: EUR/SLL, USD/SLL, GBP/SLL, CHF/SLL, EUR/ACD, USD/ACD, SLL/ACD, SLL/OMC, EUR/OMC, USD/OMC, BTC/SLL and EUR/MVC.

advanced trading

Although VirWoX is thought of as a cryptocurrency exchange for jugadores, it does offer some cryptocurrency features. advanced negotiationsuch as various order types (market and limit) and extensive API support.

There are three API available: Basic, Trading and MicroPayment.

The basic API cánido calculate exchange rates, display charts, and trigger alarms.

Advanced traders cánido equipo up trading bots using the Trading API.

The MicroPayment API was designed to integrate VirWoX into Second Life.

Coin exchange on VirWox

Initially your account in VirWox is at zero all around, so it is necessary recharge cómputo by means of a deposit.

In VirWox you have three cómputos in different currencies: Dollars (USD), Second Life (SLL) and bitcoin.

All deposits you make to your VirWox account will be placed in one of these three cómputos depending on the payment method used to make the deposit.

If you have cómputo in your account you perro transfer the cómputo you have to any of the available currencies.

If you have a cómputo in dollars, you perro transfer it to an SLL cómputo, and then you perro transfer that SLL cómputo to bitcoin for withdrawal.

You cánido do the following exchanges: EUR/SLL, USD/SLL, GBP/SLL, CHF/SLL, EUR/ACD, USD/ACD, SLL/ACD, SLL/OMC, EUR/OMC, USD/OMC, BTC/SLL and EUR/MVC.


To perform the exchange of coins In the menu on the left you will see the change section.

This section espectáculos all the types of exchange that you want to carry out.

Remember that these currency changes will depend on the three cómputos you have in your account.

You just have to clic on the exchange you want to carry out and follow the steps.

At the end you will see the exchange made in the cómputo of your account.

You perro also see the statistics of the exchanges that you make in your account.

To see these statistics you must go to the Order Status section, where you perro see the different currency exchanges you have made.

Deposits and withdrawals in VirWox

Perro make deposits to your VirWox account vía bitcoin, SofortBanking, PaySafeCard and Skrill (VirWox owns its collection percentage rates for deposits).

Cánido make withdrawals from your VirWox account to your electronic wallets through bitcoin, Skrill and bank account.

For security reasons, trading on VirWox with respect to the bitcoin withdrawals they are subject to manual review, which typically delays the withdrawal process.

This is especially true for new accounts.

VirWox usually delays your first bitcoin withdrawal by 48 hours.


For deposit cómputo in your account VirWox You must go to the deposit section, choose the payment method to use to deposit cómputo, and then follow the steps for each payment method.

For withdraw cómputo from your account VirWox You must go to the withdrawal section, choose the payment method to use to register, and then follow the steps for each payment method.

You also have the possibility of view statistics of deposits and withdrawals what you have done To see this information you must entrar the Transaction History section.

You perro see all the transactions that you have made, both deposit and withdrawal, in this part.

You cánido see your cómputo in the Account Cómputo section.

Fees in VirWox

The rates in VirWox they are tall compared to other exchanges, so it is necessary to analyze the costs well.

Below are the main fees charged by the platform:

  • VirWox charges 50 Linden dollars (about $0.20) agregado 2.9% for bitcoin/Linden Dollar (BTC/SLL) market orders.

    The fee for limit orders depends on the volume, but generally ranges from 0.78% to 3.9%.

  • VirWox charges 0.001 BTC for bitcoin withdrawals.
  • Bitcoin deposits are free.

Referral system in VirWox

VirWox has a 2 level deep referral system, which allows you to earn money in your VirWox account.

You must have an account with VirWox where referral commissions will be paid.

The accumulated commissions they are paid at the beginning of each month for the previous month.

Under habitual conditions, commissions will be paid in Linden dollars (SLL).

Go to the ways to get referrals.

Referral Commissions

The referral commissions are calculated in Linden dollars each hour.

These consist of two parts:

Direct Referral Commission

If usuario “A” touches an ad object placed by you, and from there visits VirWox and registers within 24 hours after the visit, usuario A is considered your referral.

In the same way, if a usuario enters with your referral backlink and registers, this usuario is considered your referral.

You will receive 20% of the commissions paid to VirWox for your referrals with no time limit.

Commission for indirect referral

If your referral “A” later decides to become a partner, you will also receive 20% of the referral commissions earned by usuario “A.” If usuario A then refers usuario B, you will indirectly participate in the commission paid by usuario B.

If B later becomes a member, you will also participate for usuario B’s referrals, and so on.


The part of referrals It is presented in the Partner Network section.

In the Summary / Statistics part you cánido find statistics of your referrals.

In the Partner Information part you perro find your referral backlink and promotion methods.

You perro also find more information about the referral system.

Advantages and Disadvantages of VirWox


  • One of the oldest exchanges related to virtual currency and bitcoin.
  • Good privacy rules.


  • High charges compared to other platforms.
  • Negative reviews about high fees and seemingly random account bans
  • Smooth usuario interfaz.

Some considerations about VixWox

To combat fraud, VirWox takes a very conservative approach to safeguard your platform.

For this reason, many account holders have been banned from using the service.

Unlike other exchanges, VirWox requests a modest amount of information from personal identificationwith the promise of keeping the details private.

The website purposely avoids giving too much detail about its security policy.

However, since the accounts are merely password protectedmay be less secure than those on other platforms that use two-aspecto authentication.

Is VixWox a reliable platform?

Yes, Virwox is a platform reliable operating since 2007Therefore, it cánido have a high degree of reliability.

It may not be the best site to conduct business due to high fees, long transaction times, and late support, but if it’s your only option, it will work.


VirWox is a platform that carries operating since 2007 in the virtual currency exchange market, so it is a good option to buy bitcoin.

The platform with has the best customer service systembut even if it’s late, the platform helps you with any problem.

VirWox is really an option to consider for buy bitcoin through different forms of payment.

It is important to note that VixWox allows you to get remuneration for the referrals you have.

If you need to buy bitcoin then VixWox has the ability to do this.

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 VirWox What is it and how does it work?  exchange of
  VirWox What is it and how does it work?  exchange of
  VirWox What is it and how does it work?  exchange of

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