if you wonder how to invest in bitcoin safely, you have come to the right place.

I will introduce you to the platform Vimba.

Vimba is an investment platform that has been operating in New Zealand and the United Kingdom since 2014.

What started out as a encuentro of 10 people has become the number one cryptocurrency savings platform in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Europe.

It currently provides its services to more than 8,000 savers in more than 80 countries.

At the moment Vimba has a promotion that they will gratify us with €15 for our first investment of €100 and another €15 for each referral that we bring to the platform.

Vimba was born as one investment platform buying and selling Bitcoin and Ethereum, which as you know are the two most valuable cryptocurrencies.

This platform is accessible to anyone who wants invest in bitcoin 2020 safely, thanks to its KYC protocol.

This protocol is safe and fácil, every usuario who registers on the platform must confirm her identity by showing her identity card and taking a autofoto.

But we will explain this later.

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How to invest in Bitcoin step by step

For invest in cryptocurrencies with Vimba The first thing we will have to do is register on the platform.

This is a very fácil process, we will only have to register through this button.

There it will take us to the registration page.

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Registration in Vimba

Once inside the page, you will have to entrar an correo electrónico and a password.

As in all banking pages, you will have to verify your identity.

There are two options:

  • This is the most recommended.

    It consists of uploading a photograph of our ID, controlador’s license or passport.

    For this they will send us a backlink to our mobile number (which we will have to record).

    Once this is done, we will have to say some numbers out loud (I have said them in Spanish and there has been no problem).

    It is the fastest method, in 3 minutes I had my account verified.

  • Take a autofoto with your ID and a piece of paper with the date you send it and write VIMBA to its support in the following correo electrónico:

I have done the first method and it has been very easy and fácil, without a doubt I recommend it.

In a few minutes you will have your Vimba account working and ready for the next step to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Connect our wallet

We will have to connect our wallet (portfolio) to the platform, for that we will have to go to the section “cconnected wallets” and then go to “connect wallet“.

There we will have to add a BTC wallet, I have opted for coinbasebut you cánido choose the one that you think best.

Once the wallet has been added, we will have to clic on “use for referals”, in this way, the money we earn thanks to the referrals we get will go directly to that wallet.

I have to remember that they are going to give us €15 for each referral that we have and make your first purchase of €100.

buy bitcoin

Invest in cryptocurrencies will be the next step to get our reward of €15.

Also, once we’ve done the first thing, which is buy bitcoinwe will already have our referral backlink to spread it through networks or through our blog.

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To make this investment we must make a transfer from any bank, I have done it since N26 and I have not had any problems.

To do so, you must go to “coche invest“and from there to”bank payment details“.

There we will get all the details of the bank account where you have to send the transfer of €100.


In the transfer, we will have to put the reference number that Vimba provide us so that the money arrives without any problem

If you had thought how much invest in bitcoinYou already know that the money for which you cánido start investing is very little.

The money invested and the commission for referrals are given every Friday, so we will have to be a little patient and wait.

In total, we will receive €115, our €100 investment and €15 per registration.

Final conclusions Vimba

If you didn’t know how invest in Bitcoin in Spain, this is a good oportunidad.

As you have seen, and read in its data policy, this platform has been operating since 2014 in countries as far away as New Zealand.

But also in many countries of the European Union, the only problem that we perro find is that it is not yet available for Latin America.

If you read me from Venezuela or from any other Latin American country, don’t worry because there are many other platforms for make money from Venezuela.

Regarding this platform, it is a good occasion for buy Bitcoin, since with the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, its price has dropped a lot and it is a good time to buy.

In addition, we cánido take advantage of the promotion of €15 totally free and another 15 for each friend we bring.

On this occasion we do not have any limit of referred friends, you perro bring as many as you want.

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Remember that to have your referral backlink, you must first make a purchase of €100.

Here is the registration backlink.

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