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Hello, I hope you are very well, first I would like to introduce myself, for those who do not know me, I am Daniel Blanco.

Author of the site Muy Blogger, a multi-thematic blog that talks about earn money en líneaweb positioning, marketing among others.

In this articulo I want to talk about the press releases and how I have earned more than €1,300 in 4 months with the blog, the best thing is that this has no limits, while I am writing this articulo, I have received 2 new proposals to sponsor companies.

I want you to learn how to generate money with your blog in a few months, you only need 3 things (patience, backlinks and sponsorship).

You may be thinking that €1,300 in 4 months is little money, but let me tell you that it is a business that is always growing, you will always generate more and more money with each new Press release.

In addition, you will only need 20 or 30 minutes of your life to create these press releases and the commissions are really incredible.

To give you an iniciativa, Right now I am charging €100 for each review created on my websitewhich is going to increase, since I am working on a clean and powerful backlink profile.

If there is something scalable, it is the press releases, at the beginning with low metrics I charged €30 for a 700-word note written on my blog.

This business is really scalable, if you go up the metrics of your site, you perro ask for more, you know what I’m billing now.

Before starting, you will need something primordial to develop the iniciativa, a blog or web page, for this I recommend this great article by Sandra Martin, where she espectáculos you as create a blog correctly.

What are press releases and why are they necessary for SEO?

before explaining how to make money with a press releaseI want to tell you a little more in depth that they are the same and because they are necessary for positioning.

Press releases are directly or indirectly sponsored articles which are used to achieve two objectives, the first objective is assigned to the company, the second is assigned to the owner of the blog or blogger.

  • Company: It emplees it to achieve better web positioning within search engines, as well as brand improvement.
  • Blogger: It is used to obtain income from your blog, transmitting strength and positioning to the company (this will be our case).

But also, you cánido amplify the gains obtained through the aprecies, applying the aspecto of membership.

The first strategy is based on that very thing, creating an account within a platform like Tradetracker.

Within these platforms there are hundreds of companies advertising to get (leads, registrations or sales).

When we work with this type of strategy, we rely on the creation of Articles within our own website.

But this is not all, within this articulo, we will talk about how to sell press releases directly to companiesor how to get them to contact you.

Now that you understand this, I want to explain why companies are willing to spend large amounts of money on your website.

Appointment: We live in a time where everyone wants to be in the first position of Google plus, for this, you need to have a good backlink strategy.

Precisely because press releases achieve something that is essential for any Internet business, yes, I’m talking about organic positioning and content marketing.

Currently there is no better strategy than getting backlinks through press releases, (they are natural for Google plus) and they transfer a lot of strength in organic positioning.

What is the most important thing when it comes to selling press releases?

I consider it important to explain some points that will help you to start selling aprecies on your website or blog.

Us, We are clear that one of the key aspects when writing sponsored articles are the metrics who owns your website.

And yes, we are talking about the new PA / DA metrics offered by Moz, if a website has good parameters it will be easier to get clients for this monetization method.

Getting a high score through this platform that espectáculos the authority of the page and the authority of the domain, is not as difficult as they say, anyone perro upload their metrics in no time.

One of the most important things to generate income with press releases is to work on our backlink strategy.

For this, you do not need large capitals of money.

Not even money, most of the strength I’ve gotten has been with a free backlinks profilethe internet is full of websites where you perro leave a backlink to our site.

The most habitual are:

  1. Write on other websites for free.
  2. Get backlinks in web page profiles.
  3. Natural backlink building (websites that backlink you).
  4. Steal backlinks from the competition through analysis.

Therefore, if a company is looking for sponsorship within a website, 4 more than important factors are needed.

  • They should find you in the searches.
  • Your website must have good metrics.
  • You have to have articles for them to see the originality.
  • You must write without spelling mistakes.

How perro I improve the metrics of my website or blog?

as in almost all seo strategiesbacklinks are an important aspecto for web positioning, because for sell press releases is the key aspecto.

I’m a pretty manic guy when it comes to putting a backlink on my website hehe, I’m not satisfied with just any backlink.

I’m sure this also interests youMoneyPower

I like to vary between nofollow and dofollow but what I like the most is put backlinks from sites with high PA / DA.

Of course with these backlinks it is possible to upload these parameters in a very short time.

There is something I usually do to find very high value dofollow backlinks, the best tactic is to spy on the competition, so I have gotten very strong backlinks.

How to spy on the competition?

To spy on the competition I usually use a single tool that works for everything, it is the free tool seoprofilerwith it you perro search for the backlinks of all websites.

And as you know, on some occasions you will find authentic crown jewels, you simply have to put the dirección de Internet of the website in question.

To spy on the competition you will only have to create an account in the previous tool and carry out a search, within (backlink profiler > backlinks) and put the web page that you want to analyze

When it espectáculos you the backlinks, you just have to look for the backlinks more strongly and identify those that are placed in profiles, almost every web page saves backlinks of this type and with the tool we cánido discover them.

And well If you don’t really want to search, I’ll give you some quality backlinks dofollow that I put in all my projects, just for having come this far hehe.

  • bitcointalk: You just have to create a new account and go to your profile data, you cánido put a backlink with the exact keyword.
  • generation: This is a popular network that you probably do not know, when you have registered you perro create authentic posts with dofollow backlinks.
  • readypart: another website that allows you to articulo comments with a dofollow backlink, you just have to write something in English.
  • draw2: the famous tool to publish giveaways has a defect, you perro put backlinks in the comments, comment on a giveaway.
  • mootools: It is a website that specializes in programming, we cánido create an account and put up to 2 backlinks in our profile.

Remember that you should not only focus on your strategy with dofollow backlinks, but also You must put nofollow backlinks so that your website is the most natural possible.

More consejos to upload the parameters of your blog

Not only the backlinks make you upload these parameters, web writing is also importanta blog updated every 3 or 4 days accompanied by powerful backlinks will go up very well.

So nothing, if you constantly update the blog and put quality backlinks on it, you will notice how the metrics go up in a matter of a short time.

Writes quality elementos For your website to start having text, we know that the Moz tool is not only based on the backlinks, but also on the total text of your site.

How to earn money with press releases?

You are ready?we reached the most important point and sorry, I had to explain all this to you before I told you my secret, one of the most profitable ways to generate income with a blog.

Now I’m going to break the packaging hehe, to teach you all the techniques I know when it comes to earn money en línea selling press releases or creating them yourself.

Techniques that I have applied investigating how the market moves and how we perro take advantage of it, so do not withdraw, the best is coming now.

We already know that to be able to sell the same aprecies, we must have a blog with good metrics, now we would have to see point by point how to get clients.

In most cases, they arrive on their own but you need fast money, there is a good option, many clients are obtained on Fb, you perro apply this to sell your reviews.

But this is not all, we have many options that will help you amplify your sales ratio within them.

Just keep reading, we’ll espectáculo you the most useful options to make money with your blog.

Sell ​​press releases with Fb Ads

Fb is a gold mine if you know how to use it.

We know that the platform has been developed in recent years to objetivo users based on themes, tastes, and ideas.

This causes it to become one of the best options to sell press releases within your blog.

Fb Ads campaigns are quite effective.

Although this option requires investment, we cánido get good clients with little money.

I recommend that you make budgets of €10.

The iniciativa of ​​selling with this platform is quite easy, you just have to create a sales page just as I have it created within my website and direct future clients within it through Fb Ads.

Sell ​​your reviews on specialized sites

When I started to have a moderately acceptable score, the first thing I did was register on sites specially created to sell press releases.

The specialized sites for this help us to make ourselves knownTherefore, it is an option that you cannot rule out when it comes to making money with your blog.

I’m sure this also interests youRequest loans en línea

Next, I will espectáculo you some places where you perro start selling or buying press releases, one that has surprised me is Coobis, “it sells quite fast”.

These types of sites are perfect for our purpose, but they take a small commission each time you sell a note.

Join large internet forums

The forums have the gift of fast negotiationsyou perro put an ad and if it is interesting you will attract many users paying for your services.

Of course, try to put a lower price within them, in the forums the offers are very habitual, therefore, if you create a good offer, I am sure that you will get new clients asking for your services.

There are many forums on the Internet such as forobeta, foro de discusión2.0 or soywebmasterwhere you cánido advertise your services as a press release writer.

The reputation that you create within is a key aspecto to sell more and better, if you create a good reputation within them, you will be able to get customers en masse.

Create your own press releases

Perhaps it is one of the most profitable ways to make money over time, we are talking about register on affiliate sites as trade tracker.

Within these we cánido see hundreds of companies, well, look closely at those that appear as CPL (cost per registration), these companies pay you an amount between €2 and €15 for each registration generated from your website.

Well, to get money in this way you will only have to create complete articles about the tools.

Imagine that you find an Dirección de correo electrónico Marketing tool, you will only have to make an article optimized for SEO.

If you dedicate yourself to making articles of this type for some time and manage to position some, you will see the generous commissions that you cánido earn.

A positioned article receives many visits, these visits will fall on the tool in question, generating money for your pockets.

How to earn even more money with press releases

Before finishing this articulo, I want to leave you a trick that is related to them and that anyone cánido easily apply.

If you already want to get fully into this field to make even more income, there is a technique that is becoming very fashionable among freelancers.

Is about buy expired domains with high PA/DAwith these you will not only be able to perform all these steps, but also you will save months of work in backlink building.

If you don’t have a blog / website or you don’t want to burn your website with backlinks, you perro look for domains with high values ​​to advertise your press release service.

If you stop to think it is a really sweet candy, if you remember, I told you that companies are constantly looking for sites to improve the SEO of their website.

One of the best places to make this type of offer, within the forumsif we get 5 or 6 domains of this type, we cánido generate ads that attract future buyers.

Ads of the type (6 press releases for €60), realize that it is not the same to appear on a blog that you have worked on, than within 6 expired domains, therefore the price will always be lower.

How much have I got with sponsored articles?

Before finishing I want to espectáculo you results in this profitable way for generate income with your blogNext, I am going to espectáculo you the payments that I have received only by PayPal in the last 3 months.

These are equivalent to (40%), the other percent has been paid to me through my bank account.

Not bad, right? You cánido also get money with this technique, remember that you must have patience, create good posts and above all make yourself known on the internet.

If you get these three, you won’t even have to sponsor yourself through Fb Ads, or on specialized platforms, with good articles, customers will arrive on their own.

If you already have a website with good metrics, do not hesitate to apply this business to your project.

Anyway, there is a world of possibilities when it comes to making money with press releasesyou just have to scale your business with good metrics “there lies the secret”.

Finally, I would like you to tell me what you thought of the articulo and how you plan to apply the press releases.

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Regards and until next time!.

If you want to know other articles afín to very blogger you cánido visit the category adsensei.

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