Verse: send money to your friends and earn

Verse: send money to your friends and earn

see each other It is a Spanish application born at the end of 2015 by the hand of three young entrepreneurs: Borja Rossel, Álex Lopera and Darío Nieuwenhuis. A few months later, an investment of 1.8 million dollars was achieved, making Spark Capital one of the largest shareholders of Verse. Its director ejecutivo is currently Bernardo Hernández, leaving the three founders out of the company. In June 2020, the American fintech Square announced that it had acquired Verse.

After a little history of this application, who owns it, we are going to explain what is this aplicación for and what party cánido we get using it. Tell you that to use it only you have to meet two premises pretty easy:

  • physically radica in Europe
  • have a mobile with a European number in which you perro receive messages (mensaje de texto), this will be necessary for you since to validate your account they will send you an mensaje de texto with a unique code

see yourself download

seeing yourself is available for both android devices and iOS devices. If you want to earn money with seeing each other, you must download the aplicación. you perro easily download it through the Play Store or iTunes. Here I leave the backlink so that you cánido do it without any problem and you perro start earning money with the Verse card.

Once we have the application downloaded, we will have to associate a credit or debit card, to receive payments and to also make payments to your friends. Also We will have to confirm that it is us by uploading some photographs. This way the application makes sure that there are no multi-accounts nor deceit

For backlink your card you will only have direct you to “credit card/add new card“. Once the card is added, a charge of €0.01 will be made to our account as a check that will be returned to us in a few days.

See how it works?

If you don’t know how to make money seeing yourself, I’m going to teach you how to do it, since it’s quite fácil. Seeing yourself perro be better understood if I tell you that it is a kind of combination between PayPal and WhatsApp. You cánido send and receive money using your credit or debit card that you have associated or also the cómputo that you have in the application. Only you will be able to send or receive money from people you previously have in your phone book and that they also have the application installed.

It’s a easy way to pay what is owed to friends or to pay the bill in a lugar de comidas or bar. This way we will avoid owing small amounts of money to our friends and family, in addition to avoiding carrying money in cash.

He Verse operation is extremely fácil. we shall get into the two arrows that we will see below on the left, the following menu will appear. From this menu we perro do everything we want in the application, transfer money to our bank, add money, etcétera… I’ll explain it to you.

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  • transfer to your bank. You perro send the money you have to see your bankthe amount sent usually take between 24/48 hours to arrive.
  • add money in verse. the same, but in reverseadding money from your account is immediate.
  • create an event. You create an event and divide the cost among the friends you wantthey will have to pay you to share the expenses
  • ask or divide You perro ask for money owed to you by friends or family or split an expense.
  • pay. You cánido pay your debts to your friends. The transfer is immediate.

Verse gives away money

Why does Verse give away money? because wants to expand to europe and wants to be one of the best fintechs out there. And how do you earn money to see yourself? Well, with the commissions they earn when making purchases with their card.

It is what we are interested in, earning money on the internet. If you are wondering if you cánido see yourself inviting friends, the answer is no. We have to do it by ourselves through the aplicación. see us you will pay €5 for each friend who registers with our invitation code. Eye! to register and move at least €5. This is how to earn 5 euros in Verse. A good way to do it perro be by sending them to me and me returning them to you. If you want to register, I’ll give you the registration backlink here.

If by oportunidad you have downloaded the application and have not put any friend codedon’t worry, you have seven calendar days to put itin case it has happened to you, you I leave my code here: PF6CP8. In this way, if you send me the five euros, I will return it to you instantly and we will both earn another €5.

At first, we will only have one invitation, but as we add our card and use the application, we will be able to invite many more people.

Applications to earn money how to see

Here I present other applications afín to Verse, in all of them they will give you a welcome gift of a few euros per registration. You cánido also recommend it to your friends and family and be able to earn money with them.




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see card

for a short time we cánido request a Verse VISA card that is not going to suppose us no cost or commission hidden. It will not be necessary to make transfers every two by three to your linked bank account. You perro request the card and use it to pay at any store.

You do not have any obligation to take advantage of the promotion of 5 euros. If you want to ask for it, you perro do it, you should know what it is ideal for en línea shopping and spend in stores.

In addition, you perro withdraw at ATMs a maximum of twice a month without any commissions. The card accepts any currency, so you cánido also use it to travel.

If you lose the card, for whatever reason, you don’t have to worry, you cánido “freeze” it from the application itself in a very short time and if you perro’t find it, you perro request another one at no cost.

How to earn money in seeing each other without inviting friends

there really is a option to earn money by seeing each other without inviting friends. You don’t really make a lot of money with this option, but it’s something. The option to earn money by seeing yourself without friends is doing quiz that they put us from time to time. In these quiz (questions) we will have to answer some questions that we are asked and bet money (usually one cent).

The earnings that we will have will be one or two centsIt’s not much, but something is something if you perro’t or don’t know how to invite friends.

see opinions

I have downloaded this application since my beginnings in the world of earning money en línea, back in 2016. At the moment the application is much more active than before, They give away more money and from time to time they put on an event they distribute money with it. In addition, every day they ask questions with which they distribute a certain amount of money, with which little by little you perro scratch some money.

Verse is a functional application and adapted to the new era of en línea banking and cardsYou will be able to control everything from the aplicación. you’re going to be able to use to pay your friends, family members and not to carry money with them. Besides, with its promotion of €5 for every friend you bring who moves their first €5 we perro get good money. If you don’t have it yet, I recommend you download it quickly. I guarantee you that you will not regret. Regards and until next time!!

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 Verse: send money to your friends and earn
  Verse: send money to your friends and earn
  Verse: send money to your friends and earn

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