Verse APP What is it and how does it work? send

Verse APP What is it and how does it work? send

Send money to anyone with the Verse application without paying any commission.

In addition, you will receive €5 free for just registering with our promotional code.

Verse Aplicación is an application where you cánido send money to different people in Europe.

However, it has some peculiarities that differentiate it from many other applications of the same type.

The main thing is that you do not have to pay any type of commission per transaction.

In addition, it has different functionalities to help users to divide the accounts with your friends or family.

With these functionalities, a single person perro be in charge of dividing the bill, while the others are in charge of paying their corresponding part.

It is a very useful aplicación if you often go out with friends or family.

Would you like to know more? Look at the review that we have prepared of Verse Aplicación.

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Get €5 for registering on Verse

That’s right, this aplicación gives you €5 for just registering on your platform.

You must follow a few very fácil steps to receive this gift: download the application and entrar the following promotional code: (ENTER PROMOTIONAL CODE).

To entrar the promotional code you must go to settings and clic on the option “Entrar a promotional code”

Then, a notification like the following will appear:

That means that you have already received the €5 gift for registering.

Then, you must follow a series of steps to unlock these €5:

  • Add at least €5 to your account.

  • Pay at least €5 to one of your friends.

  • Verify your identity document.

After completing these steps, HE the €5 will be charged automatically to your own account.

And the person from whom you got the promo code will also receive €5.

You cánido also receive a €5 gift for each friend who registers and make him also earn €5 through his referral system.

Clic on the option that says: “invite friends”.

Then, it will give you the option to invite the contacts from your phonebook.

And you will also see an image like the one above with a especial promotional code that you cánido use so that both of you receive €5.

What is Verse Aplicación?

Verse is an application developed by three young Spaniards from Barcelona: Alex Lopera, Borja Rossell and Dario Nieuwenhuis.

It is basically an application to send money between users in a fácil way.

It is an application that aims to facilitate payments between users.

One of the most important advantages of this application is that does not charge any commission for making transactions.

It is very afín to Uphold that does not charge any type of commission for making transactions between users.

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Another particularity of Verse is that it was designed to make fácil payments between friends either split the bills.

Suppose you and several friends are going on a trip.

Sometimes it cánido be a mess how to divide the expenses or how to make the payments.

The application has several functions to create events where each of your friends perro divide the expenses in a fácil way.

One is in charge of paying and the others send him their part for the expenses incurred.

The application is only available for European countries: Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Finland, the Netherlands, Poland, the United Kingdom, Sweden, France, Denmark and others.

Basically, it is an application developed for European users.

American or Latin American users are not accepted.

That means you perro easily send or receive payments in different currencies: Euros, Pounds, Danish Kroner, Polish Zlotys and Swedish Krona. see also accept any mobile operator from any of these countries.

How cánido you activate Verse?

To activate the Verse aplicación you need to complete some fácil verification processes.

The first thing is that you download the application and entrar your phone number.

You will receive a code to activate your account.

Then you must confirm your ID number.

Go to the settings option and clic on the “Profile verification” option and a window like this will appear:

At the bottom appears the option “Start the process”.

Then, it will ask you for the country, the type of document and your occupation.

Having selected the options, you will be asked to take a photo with your mobile camera and then a photo of your ID.

Once this process is ready, you must affiliate a bank account or a credit card.

In settings, there is the option “Cards and bank accounts”.

You cánido add a card manually or through a QR code.

Regarding the bank account, you cánido also add personal bank accounts, other friends or a business account.

Having done all this, you are ready to use Verse 100%.

How does the Verse aplicación work?

Verse was created as an application to be used in a fácil way.

In fact, the application is very intuitive and easy to use.

The most important procedure is in the cómputo tab at the bottom.

There you will see the cómputo you have in your account and the option to invite new friends.

By pressing the blue button that has two inverted arrows, you perro make the different transactions:

There you will see several options:

  • Transfer to your bank. This option allows you to send money from your account to your bank account.

  • Add money in Verse. With this option you perro add money to Verse.

    It is important that you have a bank account or credit card on archivo.

  • Create an event. This is one of the options that Verse offers to divide the expenses between friends.

    You will be able to add a photo of the event, an event title, a description and the corresponding expense for each friend.

    For example, if they go to a lugar de comidas they could put a photo of everyone in the lugar de comidas and put the name of the lugar de comidas in the title.

  • Hit or split. Through this option you perro directly ask a friend to pay you the part that corresponds to him.

    As well as splitting an account.

    It will allow you to invite the contacts involved.

    A window like this will appear:

  • Pay.

    This is the option that will allow you to pay or send money to other Verse users.

The aplicación also has two other tabs: popular and groups.


The Popular tab espectáculos us in a general way the transactions carried out by the users who use the application.

Usually, only the subject of the transactions appears.

You perro use this tab to see what transactions users make as well as to see transactions made by your friends.


This option allows you to create a group with your friends to divide the expenses.

Basically, you create the group, add the participants, and split the costs.

Who is behind Verse?

Behind this application are three young Spanish entrepreneurs with great work experience for their young age:

  • borja rossell (director ejecutivo).

    He has a telecommunications engineering degree.

    Furthermore, he is an expert in Blockchain and en línea payment processors.

    A great entrepreneur, at just 18 years old he founded Minerfactory, a company that creates and sells Bitcoin miners.

  • Nieuwenhuis newspaper (CTO).

    He is also an engineer, but in computer science.

    In addition, he is an expert in algorithms.

    He has a work experience working with Google plus Maps.

  • Alex Lopera (COO).

    He has a degree in economic law.

    He is a specialist in financing and venture capital.

These entrepreneurs have extensive work experience and a high sintetiza.

For this reason, the creators of this aplicación had important investors for their application: Bernardo Hernández (he worked for Google plus and Yahoo), Michael Liou (current directivo of Goldman Sanchs), DFJ (it is a capital firm that has invested in Skype, Twitter, etcétera.) and Gred Kidd (He was the first to invest in Twitter).

In fact, this application featured $1.4 million in investments.

Verse is reliable?

Of course yes, Verse Aplicación is a completely safe application.

Thousands of people across Europe are using this aplicación.

In addition, both the creators and the investors are trustworthy people.

In fact, the aplicación is powered by Blockchain technology and security.

It also emplees an encryption system.

All of this helps keep all bank details, transactions, and other personal details fully encrypted.

You perro also activate a pin code in the application to give more security to the application.

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Perro you switch from Verse to Paypal?

No, you cannot transfer money directly from the Verse aplicación to the Paypal page.

There are other payment processors that allow you to send payments between different virtual wallets, such as AirTM.

Review of Verse

Verse Aplicación is an application with which we perro make transactions in a fácil and fast way.

The most relevant advantage of the application is that it does not charge any type of commission for transactions.

Besides, you receive €5 for registering with a promotional code.

And for each referral that registers with your code, both you and he will receive €5.

If you send money from the aplicación to a bank account, the waiting time is 1-2 business days.

Verse aplicación is a platform that has many similarities to Bizum.

For all this, we recommend you use this application to spend money among your friends and divide accounts.

And here we have come with this articulo.

If you have any questions, leave it in the comments and we will help you answer it.

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 Verse APP What is it and how does it work?  send
  Verse APP What is it and how does it work?  send
  Verse APP What is it and how does it work?  send

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