Variations in the price of bitcoin How

Variations in the price of bitcoin How

During the last months we are observing how the price of bitcoin is clearly following an upward trend.

It is not the first time that this has happened and it will not be the last either, since the price of cryptocurrencies is changeable.

Hence, variations in the price of bitcoin occur.

As they say, everything that goes up comes down, and at one point or another the price of bitcoin, tends to go down or up in value.

This growth has become much more evident now, when just a few weeks ago it reached its all-time high of almost $2,700.

But why are there variations in the price of bitcoin.

It affects the pages we use to earn free bitcoins.

And to the money we have saved in our purses.

What perro we do to take advantage of these situations?

If you are familiar with bitcoin and/or work with faucets and PTCs that pay in bitcoin, chances are you already know the answers to these questions.

However, with the recent rise in the price of this cryptocurrencyThere have been several of you who have written to me with very afín doubts, and that is why I found it interesting to talk about it in this articulo.

I hope it helps to understand some bitcoin singularities.

«Variations in the price of bitcoin influence the profits that faucets and PTCs offer us.

Why are there variations in the bitcoin price?

In this other articulo we saw in depth what it was and what was the basic operation of bitcoin.

Among other things, I explained that bitcoin is a decentralized currency, which does not depend on any economic, political or popular organism.

Neither does the World Bank.

This fact implies, among other things, that the bitcoin trading price is self-regulating and is marked by the market situation.

Depending on the supply and demand that exists at any given moment, the price of bitcoin goes up or down.

As in any free market, the higher the offer the price goes down and the lower the offer the price goes up.

If we put an example using oranges, we cánido vea the following:

✅ In a market where many oranges are offered with few customers, the seller will be forced to lower prices If you want to sell everything.

It is clear that as there are few buyers, they will choose the option that is most economical and They will seek the lowest possible price..

This will ocasione a domino effect in the market that will genere a collapse in the price of oranges.

✅ Let’s analyze the reverse situation.

We are in a market where many people want oranges, but it has been a bad season and orange production has been low.

On the one hand sellers will tend to raise prices.

And on the other, buyers who want oranges will be forced to pay what the seller marks.

Otherwise they will run out of oranges.

“If the price of bitcoin goes up, it implies that our satoshis will be worth more dollars.

And if it goes down, they will be worth less.”

What to do in the face of these price variations

The example of oranges, although rudimentary, has helped us to better understand bitcoin price behavior.

Not surprisingly, every time the price of bitcoin changes, our purchasing power does too.

In all bitcoin wallets they espectáculo us the money we have saved in bitcoins and the amount in dollars that corresponds to making the conversion.

This information is updated in real time every second that passes

✅ If a bitcoin is worth $1000 and we have 20,000 satoshis saved, the result of converting to dollars will be $0.20.

✅ But if the price of bitcoin rises to $2000, the new result when making the conversion would be $0.40.

Having the same amount, we will have doubled our virtual savings.

Depending on the variations in the price of bitcoin and the risk we are willing to takewe cánido act in different ways:

The most conservative option is not to touch the bitcoins that we have saved in our wallet.

This is usually a reasonable option if our approach is with long-term goals.

Another option that we are faced with may be to transfer our bitcoins to dollars and withdraw them to our bank.

If we do it when the bitcoin price is rising, we will receive more dollars in our bank account.

The riskier option is to trade, playing with the price of bitcoin and its conversion to dollars.

Highlight that we run the risk of losing all the money if we make bad decisions.

We cánido also trade by playing with the price of other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Dash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, etcétera.

The last option could be to invest in certain businesses that are on the internet.

In this case, the risk is also very high.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice.

In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest.

Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research.

For more information do clic here.

Why earnings on faucets and PTCs vary

we have already seen why the price of bitcoin changes and how to proceed in certain circumstances.

But there is a question that is totally related to these variations in the price of bitcoin, for which you have also asked me.

Why when bitcoin rises in price, faucets and PTCs give us less satoshis? We have seen that on many occasions.

Whether they be faucets like bitcoin either moonbitcoinlike PTC of the style adbtc either Coinpayu.

If, depending on the price at which a bitcoin trades, our savings are worth more or less when converting to dollars.

Exactly the same thing happens with the satoshis distributed by a faucet or a PTC.

That is why to avoid an astronomical debt, these systems take the dollar price of bitcoin as a reference when valuing an advertisement or claim in a faucet.

Suppose a PTC offers 100 satoshis for viewing an ad when bitcoin is worth $1000.

Making the conversion we see that this ad is equivalent to $0.001.

Now we multiply that amount by 10,000 users who see that ad every day and we get a result of $10.

Now let’s use the same example with bitcoin trading at $2,000.

The PTC is still offering 100 satoshis for that ad, but in this case the conversion to dollars is $0.002.

Multiplying that number by 10,000 gives us a result of $20.

When the bitcoin is worth $2000, the cost of that ad for the PTC is multiplied by two.

Faced with this situation, what the PTC does is recalculate the reward and adjust it to the current price.

In this case, the most reasonable thing would be for the PTC to pay 50 satoshis to see that ad.

If the price goes down, PTCs and faucets offer better rewards.


No one knows what price a bitcoin perro reach as a ceiling.

Taking into account that in their day they were worthless and that today they are trading above $2,000, who would venture to predict something like that? My way of seeing things, since I began to be interested in bitcoin, has always been to equipo long-term goals and earn cryptocurrencies thinking about the future.

when i started using sites to earn free bitcoins its price was around $350.

I remember that at the beginning of 2014 bitcoin was trading above $800.

Its all-time high so far.

But during the year its price did not stop going down and down and it closed the course at $200.

Today, just 3 years later, it has not only gone back to trading at $800, but has multiplied by three the maximum price it reached that year.

It is always a good time to entrar this world.

Even if it is simply curious, it is interesting to know how cryptocurrencies work and get plus money in other ways different from the conventional ones.

To say goodbye, I hope that today’s articulo has served to clarify the reason for the variations in the price of bitcoin.

And as always, if you have any questions you perro leave me a comment or contact me on popular networks or through the Contact from the blog.

Until next time… and let’s rock bitcoin!!

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All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

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 Variations in the price of bitcoin How
  Variations in the price of bitcoin How
  Variations in the price of bitcoin How

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