Valued Opinions Review: Is This Site

Valued Opinions Review: Is This Site

Taking surveys en línea is quickly becoming a very habitual sideline. Everyone from stay-at-home moms to busy executives enjoy the opportunity to earn cash, y también-gift cards and other rewards just by clicking en línea survey responses. However, it cánido be difficult to know where to put your efforts. Which market research companies should you consider signing up with, and which sites should you forgo in search of greener pastures?

One of the many en línea survey sites to choose from is a company known as Valued Opinions. We’re going to take a look at what you cánido expect from this site, and whether or not it’s worth your precious time in this full Valued Opinions review.

Without further ado, let’s get down to business!

What is Valued Opinions?

Valued Opinions is an established en línea survey site that has been around since 2004 and is based in Chato, Texas. The site has over 3 million members from around the world, although Valued Opinions panel membership is currently only available to residents of the United States. Unfortunately UK residents and others are no longer eligible at this time.

The Site is owned and operated by Dynata, LLC. Dynata describes itself as the “world’s largest first-party data company” and claims to have a global reach of more than 62 million consumer and business customers through its various business platforms and solutions. As a leading market research company, Dynata operates more than a few en línea survey websites, in addition to Valued Opinions.

Is Valued Opinions a legit site?

Valued Opinions is definitely a legit and trustworthy website to start your en línea survey side job. While your experience may vary, you cánido be sure you won’t be scammed.

The company has a 3.8 rating on consumer review website Trustpilot, with most of the 1,500 reviewers giving the company a solid “Average”, “Excellent” or “Excellent” rating. Valued Opinions claimed its Trustpilot profile in 2016 and verified company details, allowing them to respond to consumer complaints and increasing their transparency.

Dynata, LLC has an A+ rating on the BBB website, which is a great indicator of its trustworthiness.

Although there are some negative customer reviews and complaints on the BBB, most of these have nothing to do with the Valued Opinions brand or site. It seems these complaints are mostly about other survey sites operated by Dynata or with other aspects of the Dynata organization, such as receiving a large number of contenido publicitario calls.

The company remains dedicated to data privacy and is a member of the Marketing Research Association (MRA) and the Market Research Society (MRS).

Additionally, the site has a permanent monthly donation of $10,000 to the American Red Cross, a charity focused primarily on disaster relief and other humanitarian aid.

How does Valued Opinions work?

The site works in the same way as other market research survey sites. Brands partner with the organization to obtain valuable information and consumer retroalimentación from a select group of respondents.

For the consumer, being part of the Valued Opinions market research panel gives you access to several opportunities, including en línea surveys, product tests and focus groups. The rewards you perro earn on the site range from gift cards and airline miles to magazine subscriptions and charitable donations. When you’re ready to “cash out” your rewards points, there are over a dozen brands to choose from.

Valued Opinions: Getting Started

To join Valued Opinions, you simply need to create an account and fill out your profile information. You must also verify your dirección de correo electrónico address by clicking the verification backlink within your first welcome dirección de correo electrónico and confirming your account. All of this is estándar in the survey site industry.

The more information you provide in your profile, the more survey opportunities you will receive. Those who reach 100% completion of their account information will receive the most surveys offered.

It is important to note that Valued Opinions members must be at least 17 years of age. It’s always free to create a Valued Opinions account.

Valued Opinions Rewards

Once you have completed your account registration, available surveys will begin to appear in your member panel. New surveys will also be sent to you periodically vía dirección de correo electrónico. Each survey invitation will let you know what to expect by providing a time estimate of how long it should take. you to complete the survey and how much you will earn for your efforts.

Survey invitations have a deadline to respond and a quota for the number of participants, so be sure to respond quickly before the survey has reached its maximum responses or time limit. New surveys are usually only open for a few days, so act fast!

The surveys you’ll be matched to will depend on your profile information, so be sure to fill out as much information as you cánido to receive the most relevant surveys. You may not qualify for a survey based on the demographic information provided.

Be sure to always be honest with your survey responses and take your time submitting the correct responses. Systems are in place to verify that cheating and dishonesty are not taking place.

Surveys cánido be accessed and completed from computers and mobile devices, making earning some plus money on the go very convenient. Most rewards are distributed to your account immediately, with the exception of some longer market research activities like focus groups or product reviews.

Valued Opinions Badges

Valued Opinions has a somewhat unique points system known as Badges. This membership level system allows active members a way to “level up” to complete various activities. While there’s no real perk or advantage to earning badges on Valued Opinions, the levels are a fun way to stay active and engaged on the site.

There are 5 levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. In order to advance to the next level, you must complete all the achievements required to move on. Additionally, you must maintain your current level of survey activity to maintain your current badge status. If you don’t complete the surveys, you will go down a level or 2.

For example, to achieve Silver status, members must complete at least 25% of their profile, complete their first survey, and have completed at least 1 survey in the last week. Once you reach Diamond status, you will have a complete profile, at least 4 weeks of consecutive activity on the site, and have at least 50 completed surveys under your belt.

Valued Opinions Affiliate Program

Valued Opinions also offers its members another additional way to earn money. By becoming an affiliate partner and referring others to join the market research panel, you perro earn a commission from Valued Opinions.

However, this program appears to be somewhat limited to brands, bloggers, and others with significant reach. The site requests that you contact them with “the number of unique visits you get to your website/blog” per month or “the traffic you think you cánido generate.” They also ask potential partners to submit the backlink to their website or blog.

Redeem rewards in Valued Opinions

Once you’ve reached $10 in rewards from your completed surveys, you perro start getting paid for a variety of gift cards and other rewards. Simply visit the Rewards tab to complete the easy redemption process.

To complete your reward redemption, you will need to verify your phone number before you cánido redeem your first reward. This cánido be done using a mobile phone number or a traditional landline phone. This is an additional step for security and data protection.

Most gift vouchers will be delivered to you electronically vía dirección de correo electrónico within 24 hours. In some cases, you will also be able to request a physical gift card be sent to your home, although this may take longer than 1 month to receive.

How much perro you earn with Valued Opinions?

While the amount you perro earn on a site like Valued Opinions varies depending on how active you are on the site and how many surveys you are offered based on your own personal demographic information and profile, you cánido easily earn a good chunk of change with the site. .

How much? Several users have commented that they have been able to earn more than several hundred dollars over time. It’s not a full-time income, but it perro all add up, especially if you cánido spend many hours taking paid surveys from multiple survey sites. Mezcle valuable opinions with other sites like Zap Surveys or Survey Junkie and you could definitely increase your take-home pay.

Valued Opinions Customer Service

There are a few different ways you cánido contact the company if you need help with your account.

Valued Opinions has a dedicated member support team that perro be reached by visiting the help page here or by calling 833-681-0436.

The help page also includes a large number of frequently asked questions to help you quickly find the answer to your question or query.

How does Valued Opinions compare to other survey sites?

Generally speaking, most survey aplicaciones and sites are very afín to one another in many ways, often making these companies almost indistinguishable from the competition. But there are some areas where Valued Opinions really shines.

Unlike other survey sites, Valued Opinions surveys are typically a higher pay per survey. The site averages around $1-5 per survey, which is a great reward! This means it will take a little longer to complete those surveys. The average Valued Opinions survey takes 10-20 minutes to complete.

In addition, the site’s functionality, reliability, and professionalism equipo Valued Opinions apart from the paquete. Some other survey sites perro be slow, outdated, and difficult to navigate. Meanwhile, the Valued Opinions website is not cluttered and very easy to use. This is an important part of the en línea survey experience, so it really matters when choosing which sites you want to spend most of your time on while taking en línea surveys.

The site also offers different ways to earn points other than just taking surveys, such as completing product tests, daily surveys, and other long-term market research activities.

On the other hand, the site is not perfect. One of the main disadvantages of Valued Opinions is that as a membership-based site, it perro be difficult to get into the panel. There are some periods of time when you will not be able to apply.

(In fact, at the time of writing this article in November 2021, a message appears when you try to register using the “Join Now” button. This message reads: “Thank you for your interest! Valued Opinions is not accepting new members at this time. Please check back later.”)

And while some sites pay in cash, Valued Opinions does not offer such a cash option. While some users enjoy and even prefer using survey sites to earn gift cards, for many people this perro be a deal breaker.

Also, many users prefer to take shorter and more frequent surveys instead of having to spend 15-20 minutes per survey. If you get bored easily and don’t like clicking through page after page before you get to your checkout, this may not be the site for you. But if your attention span perro change it, the earning potential with Valued Opinions cánido be very great.

final verdict

In short, if you manage to get onto the Valued Opinions survey panel when they have new openings, the site cánido be a great way to quickly and easily earn some plus income – in the form of gift cards. The site is comparable to many other survey sites, but it scores plus points for ease of use and reward levels.

Valued Opinions is worthwhile for those who enjoy taking surveys as a sideline.

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 Valued Opinions Review: Is This Site
  Valued Opinions Review: Is This Site
  Valued Opinions Review: Is This Site

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