Valued Opinions: Earn money with surveys

Valued Opinions: Earn money with surveys

Valued Opinions is a survey platform where sponsors pay for the creation of surveys, which are answered by registered users.

Thanks to the answers of the users, the sponsors obtain information to improve their products or services, in turn the respondents earn money.

If you are a regular on our blog, you may already know Give your opinion and win; because both platforms are from the same company.

If you are a reader who wants make money in méxicothis platform is part of the paid surveys in México that you cánido use Also, it works for other parts of Latin America, exclusively Chile or Argentina.

If you are in another Latin American country or in Spain, you must use Opine y gane.

Registration and login of Valued Opinions

The registration is very fácil to do, in a few minutes you will have done it if you follow the steps that we detail below.

  1. First, go to the Valued Opinions website.
  2. Clic on «Join Now».
  • Keep in mind that you must be in México, Chile or Argentina to register.

    Put your data.

  • Solve the captcha.
  • Accept terms and conditions, also the authorization of data collection and privacy policies.
  • Clic on «Following».
  • Select a security question and type an answer.

    This is a way to keep your account protected in case you lose access to it.

What is Valued Opinions?

Basically, it is a survey platform in which many Spanish-speaking users cánido generate income just by answering fácil surveys about products and services.

It is one of the options that many people use to make money in méxicoalthough it really does not pay the same as before, something that we would like to clarify for you from now on.

According to the owners of this platform, it is a market research panel, which was founded in 2004; In this panel, studies are made every day of the experiences of people with certain products or services that they have used.

Experiences that perro be shared from home, as of today it is estimated that it has more than three million registered users.

How does Valued Opinions work?

It is a “friendly” interfaz with the usuario, very afín to to the Opine y gane survey panelWhat you should keep in mind is that there are two sections that you should pay close attention to: Surveys, Rewards.

  • surveys: In this section you will be able to see the surveys that are available according to your profile (which you must complete 100% of once you register).

    You should not be checking this section all day, since when there are surveys available to you, they will notify you by correo electrónico.

    The surveys that are available will look afín to the following image, you will be informed of the topic and the reward amount:

  • rewards: One thing that we have not told you is that the rewards are given in gift cards, better known as Gift Cards.

    In the Rewards section you will see what are the options with which you perro withdraw the money you have earned for completing surveys; they are generally: Amazon giftcards, Lugar de, Dominos Pizza,, Virtual Visa, Macy’s Gift Card, among others.

How cánido you make money with Valued Opinions?

Easy! Just wait for available surveys to appear according to your profile, take the time or necessary to give the correct answers and receive your reward.

Surveys cánido give a reward of 0.5 euros up to 3 euros.

Keep in mind that the ones that offer more money are longer and cánido take up to 40 minutes to answer them.

Does Valued Opinions have an aplicación?

Currently, it does not have an aplicación, so all the surveys perro be done exclusively from the web platform.

If you want to take surveys through your Android or iPhone mobile device, we recommend using the Toluna aplicaciónwhich you perro get on Google plus Play and the Aplicación Store, in both aplicación stores it has good reviews.

Is Valued Opinions reliable?

It has been running since 2004 and has more than three million users, so it is reliable.

However, it is not among the best reliable surveys in México, since there are some better options.

On the other hand, just like Give your opinion and win Not much money is generated and the time between payments is usually long, but we recommend that you have it as another option.

Opinion about Valued Opinions

One of the en línea pollsters with the longest track record that exists, but that has lost its quality over time, surely this is due to the large number of people who have registered with it.

In some moments the platform does not allow further registrations, many new users will not be able to register.

In terms of earnings, it is not the best, but it is possible to work for a while on a trial basis, since surveys often do not appear on the profile and without surveys, there is no money.

We say goodbye, we hope we have helped you with all the data and information that we provide here, do not hesitate to share the content.

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 Valued Opinions: Earn money with surveys
  Valued Opinions: Earn money with surveys
  Valued Opinions: Earn money with surveys

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