Does Valemedia pay? Do you know that you cánido earn money on your website working with Valemedia? This agency offers you the opportunity to advertise on your website. If you want to discover everything about this agency, its way of working, methods and payment time, here you will get everything you need to start.

In addition, you will also find a detailed explanation of what it is CPAs and the advantages and disadvantages of working with this method.

What is Valemedia and how does it work?

This is an ad network that, unlike many others on the market, specializes in CPA. Thanks to its marketing strategy it offers some interesting advantages. For example, you have a profit possibility that is 20% higher than your competitors, since they provide for the use of ad-blocks. For Valemedia these are not a serious obstacle as they work hard to stay on the White lists.

Today they pay 25 euros for each conversion, regardless of the country it comes from, which is a great advantage without a doubt. In addition, thanks to its impeccable referral system, you perro get 5% of what they bill forever.

How to earn money with Valemedia

As you already know, this network specializes in CPA. But What is CPA? These are the initials of “cost per action” and it is one of the most used ways to monetize on the internet. It works like a model in which advertisers (in this case Valemedia) pay only when a usuario, after seeing the advertisement, interacts with it. This means that you have to clic on the ad and take a complete action on the site.

Typically this action is about some type of purchase, but other interactions are also supported. For example, in this network registrations are enough, since these increase the possibility of getting more clients in the long term.

The CPA works in a afín way to the affiliate marketing. In this way, the different sites refer to the service or product and obtain a commission for each of the transactions carried out through outgoing backlinks. Such backlinks perro be seen as subtle recommendations or frank and direct advertising.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Valemedia?

The biggest advantage of using this platform is that no matter what type of ad it is, they will all generate a payment of 25 euros. This is valid even if the interaction is generated from somewhere outside Europe. In fact, Valemedia accepts absolutely all types of traffic regardless of the origin or the device from which it comes.

Of course, your referral system permanent is extremely convenient and the more people you incorporate into the system, the more chances you have to increase your income. Of course, you must take into account that as part of its management, the minimum to be able to convert your earnings is 300 euros.

This cánido vary a lot, but in principle the biggest impact depends on whether or not you have enough traffic to your site. However, the primordial thing will be how much of that traffic is converted into action, so you must take this into account in your business strategy.

Valemedia pays, payment method and minimum withdrawal

This innovative company has earned the respect of many over the years, Valemedia pays today without problems, the payment methods Available are PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney, Skrill, Bank Transfer, SEPA, ePayments as well as Bitcoin and Litecoin, the withdrawal minimum is 300 euros and the payment frequency is NET-15.

This platform has several payment methods at your disposal, withdrawing the money earned is not a problem, it has payment vouchers and it is not scamIf you are willing to earn money with Valemedia, you cánido register and start working in this company today. Sign up here.

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