utility It’s a new aplicación that I’ve added to I get out of the crisis.

With this new application we cánido earn money walking.

I have been wanting to have an application of this type for a long time, I have tried others but they have not paid or to get the first dollar you would have to walk from Spain to China (more or less).

with the aplicación utility you perro win gifts completely free, doing physical exercise.

Any type of movement will add Fitys.

The fitys They are the points that we will add for exercising or any type of movement.

I use it to walk.

At the moment the application has been running for a few days.

Was released to Google plus Play on August 5th and it already has more than 1,000 downloads.

Not bad at all in just over a month of life en línea and for this type of application.

First steps in the application

The first steps (and never better said) is download the aplicación from google plus play if you have an Android mobile or in iTunes if you have an Apple mobile.

Then you will have to register, I recommend that you do it through a Google plus account.

Now I will tell you why.

You You will have to download Google plus Fit, and synchronize it with Ufitywe do that by putting the same Gmail nombre de usuario for Google plus Fit and for Ufity.

Here you have why it is better to register with your google plus account.

Once this is done, you perro get moving to start winning gifts.

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Types of gifts available at Ufity

Gifts at Ufity perro be divide into totally free and discounted gifts.

Walking for a couple of weeks we cánido win our first gift.

All of them are related to the world of sports.

From 80 Fitys we will be able to access our first gift.

If you want to know the gifts that we perro opt for, we will have to go to the shopping cart in the aplicación.

There we cánido find everything from free coffee in Barcelona, ​​sports shoes, bracelets to wear our Móvil inteligente when we do sports and Apple Watch Nike+

Here I leave you Some of the gifts that we perro choose and the points needed for them.

By doing what we do every day, we perro get some great sneakers at a very low price or with a fantastic Apple Watch Nike+.

Once you have obtained the necessary points to get your gift, you must go to the wheel, in the main screen and put your shipping address.

They will send it to you in the shortest possible time.

If, on the contrary, one of the gifts has enchanted you so much that you cannot wait to get the necessary Fiftys to send it to you for free, you perro buy it through credit card.

Always at a great discount.

In this way they will send it to your home.

If you like sports, without a doubt this is your application.

referral system

As in most of the pages that I recommend in salgodelacrisis, Ufity has a referral system.

Exactly we will earn 10 Fifty for each friend to join this fantastic application.

You perro share your referral backlink from your own Móvil inteligente through the main popular networks in the initial tab in the section “Obtain 10 Fitys”.

If you clic on that option you cánido share it through Fb, Twitter, Instagram and all the programs you have installed on your Móvil.

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If you are reading me, you want to download the application and you do not know how, you cánido do it through the button below.

Final conclusions Ufity

Ufity is an application that I have been looking for for a long time.

That getting paid to walk is something very interestingsince a lot of people (me among them) cánido encourage to do some physical exercise.

The incentive of a gift is important to get to it.

Also, for those of us who spend a lot of time in front of the computer, it is an application that we should have, in this way, we never stop earning money from home.

I haven’t received any gifts from Fifty yet, but since it’s been around for so little time and being such a specialized application, it’s difficult to hear of negative or positive opinions.

I’m going to try it, I’m not going to lose anything.

What’s more, even if they don’t send the gift, we will gain health.

As soon as I get my first gift I will put it on popular networks, especially twitter.

If you think like me, here tounder I put the download backlink of the application so you cánido earn money easy and fast As always, totally free! Regards and until next time!!

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