Usf-Ví Pay $120 Dollars to watch Vídeo

Usf-Ví Pay $120 Dollars to watch Vídeo

Does Usf-Ví pay or is it a scam? This is yet another page that claims to pay to view YouTube vídeos, like other platforms like Sa-Ví, use-ví, and other afín ones, this company, which is a contesta of the previous ones, does not pay and we will explain why you will waste your time on it.

Usf-ví What is it and how does it work?

Usf-Ví has the same theme as its clone pagesearning money is just as fácil as having a glass of water, you just have to go to its official page and register, it does not even ask for dirección de correo electrónico confirmation.

Once registered you cánido start watching YouTube vídeos to earn money, it should be noted that this company has nothing to do with YouTube, simply the vídeos that are promoted are hosted on said YouTube platform.

It is true that you cánido earn up to $120 dollars per vídeo

As you cánido see later in the vídeo that is at the end of this article, you will see a vídeo with nothing more than a value of $120 dollars Just to see it, that means that vídeos with a high value appear on this page, very exaggerated to be honest, which makes anyone doubt its veracity.

Taking this into account, in addition to the fact that there are many vídeos worth $50, $70 and $80 dollars reaching the $1,000 dollars in one day It is not difficult at all, in fact it cánido be done easily, the question is if we will get to collect that money earned.

Usf-ví payment method and minimum withdrawal

Unlike other platforms, in Usf-Ví the minimum charge is a bit high since it is $200 dollarsbut if one takes into account that this money cánido be earned by watching only two vídeos, then that minimum withdrawal is very low.

However, this website also asks you to have a minimum of 30 referralswhich are also easy to get, because who is not going to want to register on a page like this that pays so much money.

The problem here is that once you have 30 referrals then you have to wait 60 days to activate your accountsomething very illogical to put it that way, because I would have to wait 60 days for my account to be activated, but since the web does not have support, we have to wait.

The funniest thing is that they give you an option to activate your account quickly, and it is by paying about $25 dollars for bitcoins to them, it seems like a joke taken from a horror movie, but you know, well at least I know that You are going to lose your money because they are not going to pay you.

The forms of payments that the platform has are PayPal, Bitcoin, Wire transfer, Western Union and Cómputo to your Mobile Phone. in case you want to put some recharge.

Does Usf-ví Pay or is it Scam? total fraud

Obviously, after all that we have been saying, it is because Usf-Ví does not payyou are only going to waste your time on this page because it is not going to pay you, nor will you have a support to complain to.

Usf-ví Analysis (Explained in a Vídeo)

Usf-ví Opinions and Suggestions

This type of platform is shared a lot in groups of Fb and Telegramalso in business forums, so if you come across platforms afín to these or their famous clone websites, water at the same time and do not remain silent.

Since there are many people who really want earn money en línea and they come across this, on the internet there are many pages that pay but unfortunately this is not one of them.

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 Usf-Ví Pay $120 Dollars to watch Vídeo
  Usf-Ví Pay $120 Dollars to watch Vídeo
  Usf-Ví Pay $120 Dollars to watch Vídeo

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